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The Ultimate Travel Planning Tool
Trekeffect is a free, easy and fun way to plan your travel, create your itinerary and collaborate with friends.
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We believe you should always be able to get the most enjoyment out of your destination.
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We at Trekeffect bring in the solutions: for the first time ever, you are able to unify all aspects of travel planning under one app. You can research destinations and attractions, book flights and hotels, car rentals and much more. You can plan an itinerary by yourself or with your friends, and share this information with anyone you want, in any way you want.

Trekeffect is your plane to fast forward your research and give you enough time to prepare, pack and calmly choose the places you want to visit.

We’re all about revolutionizing travel planning. If there is a problem, we provide a solution, always meeting your travel planning needs.

Meet Our Team
We all start off with dreams, and Trekeffect is ours. Our team is full of ambition and we dedicate our very best to bring you smooth travel planning.
  • Jason Biondo
    When it comes to building businesses, Jason is your guy. He has worked on multiple startups engineering kick ass user interfaces and he also has extensive experience working with enterprise level applications.
  • Chetan Bhopal
    Senior PHP Developer
    With over five years of extensive experience in architecture, design and agile development, Chetan can build just about anything. He has worked with dozens of PHP Frameworks and is a true expert in the language.
  • Aldrich Infantado
    Content Manager
    Aldrich is a certified travel junkie and a bad-ass writing aficionado. He has written a ton of inspiring, informative and vivid articles on many different international magazines, travel websites and blogs.
  • Zajno Crew
    UI Designers
    Zajno is a digital design agency specializing in mobile and web. We make world-class app user interfaces and websites for startups and business and provide continuous value across all touch points of our organization.
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