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Regardless of if you want to stay in huge hotels in the heart of the city or if you want a small bed and breakfast in the country, one thing everyone has in common is that everyone wants to save as much money as possible.  Let's face it though, you have to stay somewhere every night when you travel and  reducing the total expense of your trip can save you a lot of money. Next to finding a cheap flight, finding free or inexpensive lodging will have the biggest impact on your budget.

Lucky for you, travelers are able to find a decent place to stay without spending their entire travel fund. 

1. Save money with a hostel first

Think about hostels first, because if you travel alone, they are a wonderful place to meet people and are MUCH cheaper than hotels. Most hostels have private rooms so you can enjoy the comfort of your own space even if dorms are not for you AND the social atmosphere really makes hostels an amazing experience. 

2. Avoid peak season

There’s always a nice and cozy place to stay wherever you travel. If, however, you want a spotlessly, clean and affordable place to sleep, never wait until the last minute. Don’t try to book a hotel in New York City a couple of days before New Year’s Eve or plan on getting your favorite room booking it just before a summer weekend in Amsterdam.  But, outside the spectrum of holidays or high season, we recommend booking only a few days in advance. 

3. Don’t pay full price on hotels

Not fond of unique, cheap or quirky B&B’s, hotels or guesthouses? Want to stay in a big and classy hotel? We suggest that you, at least, don’t pay the full price. The app Hotel Tonight, Hotwire and Priceline have amazing bargained deals at brand name hotels. We always check them out before booking anything.

4. Earn points and miles for free rooms

Everyone loves a free stay at a nice and immaculately clean hotel room. If you really prefer to chill like a boss in a hotel, collect miles and points for hotel accommodations. Collect tons of miles, save them and then spend them when the opportunity calls.

5. Check your accommodation’s location

The farther out of the city center, the cheaper your accommodation will be. But, here’s the thing. How long and how much will it cost you to go to the center of the city from your accommodation? Trust me, you don’t want to stay in a guesthouse or hotel where the only way to get to the city center is to take a $60 taxi ride. Don’t make that mistake. Please, check the hotel’s location before you book.

6. Use apartment rental sites like AirBnB

There are plenty of apartment rental sites nowadays like AirBnB that let you connect with homeowners who rent out their apartments or homes. You’ll experience the comfort of home, meet a local, stay in a non-touristy location and pay a fraction of the cost of a lavish hotel room. If you plan on traveling with a group, you must consider renting a house instead of booking a multitude of dorm beds or hotel rooms.

7. Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is truly a unique form of accommodations available today. Established in 2004, the site connects travelers with locals who are more than willing to give them a local perspective on a destination.  Of course, Couchsurfing local hosts will also give travelers a free place to stay, via a couch, floor or room. It’s designed as a form of cultural exchange, and is now used by travelers of all ages and even families too. Not only do you get a free place to stay, but you’ll also have a friend who’ll show you around and give you a local perspective. They also have a terrific app that allows you to check out local events and meet nearby travelers.

8. Housesitting

Staying in a city or town for awhile? Why not watch people’s homes as they travel? We have buddies traveling the world, without having to pay a cent for a place to stay, thanks to Housesitting. Availability and accommodations vary and you definitely have to plan ahead. Still, it’s one of the top options for accommodations if you’re staying a long time.

9. Find a place to stay with a kitchen

Need to reduce your expenses for food when traveling? Then, find a place to stay with a kitchen! AirBnB, Couchsurfing, housesitting and hostels are great options that include access to a kitchen. You’ll save tons of money by making sandwiches for lunch and cooking your own breakfast. Although it doesn’t help save on your accommodations, it can reduce your overall travel expenses.

10. Know the type of place you want

Think about the type of trip that you want. If you're in the mood to meet people, stay in a hostel. If you prefer to be alone, use miles for a cushy hotel. And, if you need a break from the hostel life and don’t want to spend a fortune, just book an affordable AirBnB or guesthouse. Whether you’re traveling alone or backpacking with your family, don’t pin yourself into one kind of accommodation. Try to mix it up. Indulge on a rejuvenating hotel. Stay in a hostel, and get to meet a plethora of inspiring backpackers. Find the best accommodations that fit your mood.

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