Earn Commissions By Promoting Hotels Listed On Trekeffect 

Want to make more money from your blog or website? Earn passive income for each hotel booking you refer.

How it works...

When you join the Trekeffect Hotel Booking Affiliate Program we will provide you with affiliate links that you can use to promote hotel bookings. Every time one of your travelers clicks an affiliate link and purchases a hotel on Trekeffect, you will be paid a 50% commission on the profits generated for the booking.  The commission payments are sent out quarterly and will be added to your Trekeffect account and can be withdrawn directly to your PayPal account at anytime.  

Hotel Bookings

Why should I do this?

It's FREE to join, is a simple setup process, and is a way for you to make more money every month. 

It is likely that you already know travelers that are looking to book hotels. Our affiliate program provides you with a completely new way to increase your revenue, while providing people with an amazing hotel booking experience.    

The more you promote, the more money you make. There is no risk and it is a program that will resonate with your travelers.    

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