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10 Reasons To Move A Few Times In Your Life

If you aren’t happy, if you feel stuck, if you have reached a dead end, or if you just want something different, there is one simple thing to do: Move! Moving has all the bliss of travel, but without the heart wrenching ache of leaving. When you move a few times in your life, each new move just becomes a longer stretch of travel, an extended adventure before your next adventure. Instead of being afraid of moving, seek out opportunities to move. You won’t believe how moving a few times in your life will not only change you, but will define your life as well.

1. Your Wanderlust Will Be More Satisfied

Moving frequently literally means that your life becomes one long-term travel destination vacation after another. This is a truly godsend for those who are blessed and cursed with an insatiable wanderlust bug. Instead of being tied down to one place while all you wish is travel elsewhere, you are traveling, just for a longer period of time than a quick weekend trip. In this kind of travel, you have time to really experience and expose yourself to a different culture, perspective, or geographic area. You get to know a city well enough to get to know locals because you become one. You know where to eat and go, what to see, and what NOT to waste your time on. You are your own Lonely Planet travel guide. You know the area, and there is always something new to be discovered because you haven’t lived there forever. And when you run out of new things, you know what to do; move on to the next spot!

2. You Will Become Less Materialistic

There are usually a couple of steps that would lead to massive de-cluttering and simplifying of your stuff. First is the packing up stage, but even then some clutter still makes its way into the boxes (“I’ll never be able to live without it!”). But, by the time you get to the second stage where you actually unpack all those boxes, you will be wondering why in the world you thought you would ever need (insert random object from the back of the hallway closet). Even one big move is enough to seriously de-clutter and simplify your life. There are some great immediate perks to owning less stuff, like the money you can make by selling some of your possessions you can’t take with you. But there is also a long-term effect of owning less stuff. For one, you become much less materialistic. After a couple of moves, you lose things along the way, or sell items or have to replace ones that broke. You learn over and over again that all of this stuff isn’t really worth anything. Yes it can make you happy, but other things can too. More importantly, you can be happy without as well. The stuff you own can always be replaced, and something you thought was absolutely necessary really isn’t that critical to your everyday life. More and more people are realizing to place importance on experiences over possessions. Those who move a few times realize that every time they move, and their life is better and richer for it. When you own less, you will spend less money on stuff. You have more left over to save, travel, or give. Having less stuff can make you richer and happier? Try moving a couple of times and you will learn how true that is.

3. A Journey Of Self-Discovery

Moving is just traveling without the return ticket home. Much like traveling, moving and living in a new place helps you discover more about yourself. You will learn if it is the sound of a city rail late at night or the rush of a mountain stream in the morning that makes you feel alive. You will learn what kind of people you naturally find yourself attracted to. You will learn how outgoing you are, or how happy you are being alone. You will be influenced by others, change, and continue to learn about yourself as you move from place to place. You will also learn how to develop aspects of yourself that you wish you had. Packing everything carefully away so as not to get crushed cultivates patience. Stepping out to reach out to your new neighbors or roommates develops social skills. Navigating your way through a new city or on new roads teaches cognitive and logical processing. Move throughout your life and you will learn which of these come naturally and which you need to work on. You’ll also learn to appreciate skills that other people have naturally and which ones you wish you had.

4. You Will Be Smarter When You Move Often

Not only do you learn more about yourself, but you will also just learn a lot by moving. You learn how to set up leases, how to buy and sell a house, and how to negotiate a deal on your internet package. You quickly learn what are the most important things to figure out the first hour you move (where the cheapest grocery store is) and what kind of things can wait for a few weeks after moving. You also learn to have confidence in yourself. When you move, there is no one there to hold your hand and walk you through navigating a new place. You learn how to put yourself out there, who to trust and who to walk away from, and how to make friends. Not to mention, you learn great life skills like how to unpack an entire apartment in 2 hours flat or how to stack books in the most efficient manner possible.

5. You Will Become a Better Friend

Who’s the first person anyone calls when they need help moving? Their friends, of course; unless you’re one of those people who actually hire movers. Even then, a friend with a few cardboard boxes and a tape dispenser usually won’t be turned away.  When you move a lot, you naturally become an expert at the art of packing and unpacking. You know simple rules like what kinds of boxes are best for pillows, books, and how to expertly roll up a newspaper inside a glass vase in under 5 seconds. No matter where you move, everyone will be happy to have you as their friend. You’ve been there before, and you know how to pitch in, and help others move in an easy manner. You are the friend that sympathizes with the aching of leaving and can help load up boxes in the truck. Your comforting, knowledgeable, and have fun moving. Everyone needs friends who know how to pack. Whether they are packing to move, go on vacation, or packing away things for storage, you will be the friend they call. Better yet, you’ll know to bring along a permanent marker, tape, and a few extra newspapers as well.

6. You Will Get To Live More Than One Life

The greatest lesson moving frequently will teach you is that you are not stuck. The great American dream and promise of a better future still is alive, and attainable to those who aren’t afraid to move and do not believe themselves stuck. You aren’t stuck playing one role of a lifetime. You can be the broke college student in the Midwest, and you can be the big international city employee. You can even be the ski bum in Colorado, or the San Francisco yuppie. Obviously, you may not want to be all of these roles, and some of them you will fail at. But the good news is, you can always move and try new experiences. You are from wherever you are at. You can experience many different kinds of lifestyles, culture, careers, and play many different roles. In a new place, no one knows who you have been. You have the chance to completely reinvent yourself. If you are unhappy with whom you’ve been, try being someone new in a place where old acquaintances can’t drag you back into old habits. Begin again, make new resolutions, and live them out. No one will be there to judge you based on past mistakes or decisions.

7. You Can Move Ahead In Your Career

When you are open to moving, you give yourself more opportunity to move ahead in your career than just what is limited to your own town or city. Consider moving just as a working vacation that lasts as long as you wish. If you move frequently, you are more likely to find greater opportunities to climb up the career ladder faster than if you had to wait for the proper promotions and people ahead of you to get fired or quit before you can assume their positions. The idea of working the same old job for an entire life and retiring on the company’s pension is almost extinct. As a result, you don’t have to worry if your resume ends up dotted with different places that you’ve lived and the jobs you’ve worked there. As long as they generally move in the right direction, like more pay or a higher up position, you will still be a good candidate for future positions as well. Thanks to increased technology and global interconnectivity, people who are looking to move can even think of moving outside their own country. Always dreamed of traveling to a foreign country? Try moving, and you basically get paid to travel and experience a completely different culture. You also open yourself up to positions and promotions that might not even be possible in your country of origin.

8. You Will Better Understand Friendship- And How To Let Go

When it comes to traveling, the more you see, the better you see. The same is true for those who move. They have better perspective on what really matters. That is true when it comes to friends as well. When you move frequently, you learn to spot which friendships will last a lifetime, no matter the distance, and which ones are temporary, and which proximity is vital. You become at peace with both kinds, because you realize both friendships serve different purposes. You also learn how to be a friend, even if you see each other on a daily basis or not. Long distance or time apart isn’t enough to change you as a friend, and you can always easily pick up right where you are, no matter who from your past you run into. You also learn how to say good-bye. Moving a few times in your life helps you to be at peace with saying good-bye, and appreciating what was while looking ahead to what will be. When you move frequently in your life, you also realize how many other people there are in this world. You will look forward to moving, because it means you get to make new great friends and poker buddies.

9. You Will Own Your Opinions

When you move more, you are less swayed by what people say. You don’t have the same ideas as everyone else. As you continue to expose yourself to new ideas and places, you don’t have opinions just because that’s what everyone thinks or that’s what you grew up with. Even if you do still maintain the same ideas and principles, they will have been challenged, and you will have been forced to think about them and really own them as your own, not just as the social norm. Things like people arguing in political ad campaigns or Facebook debates won’t infuriate you as much. Granted they still can be quite annoying, but when you really own your own opinions, have had them challenged and have seen other people’s perspectives, you won’t be as gung-ho black and white about issues. You will be firm in your own opinions but more understanding about where other people may come from. You will be better able to comprehend why others think the way they think, and how their background influences why and how they think. Your opinions will also be challenged when you move to a new location. You may not fit in with wherever you move, and you might go from being the norm to being a novelty. The experience will force you to own what you think for actual reasons, because they will be challenged and you will have to defend yourself.

10. You Will Be Happy

Moving makes you happy, not because it fixes everything, but because it makes you appreciate things more. It enhances your enjoyment of life, stirs up your imagination, and challenges you in a way that leaves you feeling more accomplished. You can arise, do something, see new things, and find success not because of what you have done but because of what you are actively doing now. Travel. Get a different job. De-clutter your life. Get to know something new until it becomes familiar. Find your next favorite coffee shop. Become a local somewhere else. And if you’re not happy, you know what to do. Try moving. Want to find the next place you’d like to live? Use Trekeffect to find your next big move! Sign up for Trekeffect

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