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12 Best Asian Destinations For Female Solo Travelers

12 Best Asian Destinations For Female Solo Travelers

Planning on going on an epic solo adventure in Asia?

Female solo traveling is a chance to reconnect with ones’ inner self, to discover hidden abilities that only surface in the midst of the unfamiliar, and to push personal limits further. A solo travel escapade in Asia could be a woman’s first stop continent.

Its colorful mix of culture and history enriches a woman’s quest for that indescribable liberty. From its colorful culture and breathtaking temples to its luscious cuisines, Asia surely has a cornucopia of treats to offer to female solo travelers.

Here are twelve of the best Asian destinations perfect for female solo travelers:

1. Cambodia

12 Best Asian Destinations For Female Solo Travelers

Lara Croft, the spunky heroine in the box office hit Tomb Raider, has helped uplift the spirits of women adventurers as well as accentuate the already famous beauty of Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Aside from channeling their inner Lara Croft, female solo travelers have listed Cambodia in their bucket lists to witness its abundance in history and culture.

This relatively small country definitely has a lot to offer. Dipping in the waters of Sihanoukville beach, exploring the Angkor Thom Great Wall on a traditional Angkor Gondola boat, attending Khmer food cooking classes, and learning Cambodian meditation are just a very few of what female solo travelers can do in the country that was once called the Khmer Empire.

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2. Thailand

12 Best Asian Destinations For Female Solo Travelers

No backpacker drops Thailand in their Asian explorations, as this nation banks so much on their tourism. Like other neighboring Southeast Asian countries, Thailand is also adorned with incredibly beautiful white sand beaches, valiant mountains, tropical climate, and flavorful cuisine.

We could go on and on in enumerating the places to see and things to do in Thailand, but our top picks for female solo travelers include: exploring the golden palaces and floating markets of Bangkok, shop till you drop in the Night Bazaar of Chiang Mai, hit the beaches in Phuket, and immersing in a cultural experience in Chiang Rai.

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3. Vietnam

12 Best Asian Destinations For Female Solo Travelers

If you want to learn the cultural inspiration of the ever famous musical Miss Saigon, then test your history in Vietnam. Known for its beaches, rivers, and impeccable Buddhist pagodas, Vietnam pulls your heartstring with their magnificent natural treasures and rich heritage.

If you want to revisit Vietnam’s history through its famous sites, you would instantly notice the unique variety of pre and post colonial architectural designs. Don’t miss to lay your eyes on the beauty of the ancient Po Nagar Cham Towers. You can also see hints of France through the Hanoi Opera House and Café de la Poste. Complete your list by visiting the Hanoi Bay and test your bargaining skills in their affordable markets.

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4. Malaysia

12 Best Asian Destinations For Female Solo Travelers

When traveling in Malaysia, you can choose between the three distinctive tourism palettes: island discovery, city escapades, nature loving, cultural experiences—anything just to fit everybody’s interests and personalities. But for female solo travelers who want to try them all, here are my recommendations.

For your island and beach discoveries, you may want to soak up the sun in the islands of Sipadan, Pulau Redang, or Tioman. Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Tower is your top choice for your city escapades. Breathe in nature’s gift in Gunung Mulu National Park, Batu Caves, or Cameron Highlands. Grab the chance to experience Malaysia’s culture through the Sarawak Cultural Village and many more!

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5. Japan

12 Best Asian Destinations For Female Solo Travelers

If you are willing to splurge for an Asian trip, then book a ticket to Japan right away! Great things in Japan may come with a price tag, but it sure is more than what it’s worth. The land of the rising sun also just happens to be the land of the best cherry blossoms, anime, unimaginably high technology, and countless historical temples.

To explore the modernity of Japan, Tokyo is your best bet where you can unleash the kid in you in Disneyland, or look over the expanse of the city in Tokyo Skytree, or shop at Ginza. Osaka and Kyoto are a must-see too as both possess the urbanity of Tokyo infused with Japan’s old soul. Try Kyoto’s shrine of Fushimi Inari-taisha and the historic site of Arashiyama. To cap your wanderings, visit the Osaka castle.

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6. Laos

12 Best Asian Destinations For Female Solo Travelers

As a woman traveling solo, sometimes you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the corporate food chain or the stress from work. If you are searching for zen with cultural integration, then Laos is the place to be.

You may want to observe the country’s most popular monastery which was built in the 1500s—Wat Xieng Tong. You can also get a fair share of adventure in the eco-friendly Bokeo Nature Reserve Wilderness. Trekking and hiking which is a way of community immersion can also be enjoyed in either Phongsali or Luang Prabang.

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7. Myanmar

12 Best Asian Destinations For Female Solo Travelers

Clad in the beauty of its yesteryears, Myanmar—also known as Burma—is the best place to experience a non-commercialized culture. Although it seems pretty isolated since it can only be accessed through planes, female solo travelers can use this as an advantage to gain a more personal adventure.

No one should miss the photogenic and breathtaking ancient cities of Bagan and Mrauk-U. And sside from sightseeing, you can also swim in the premier beach of Ngapali, explore the maze of Bogyoke Aung San market, or trek and meet locals in the hill town of Kalaw.

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8. China

12 Best Asian Destinations For Female Solo Travelers

It is impossible for anyone to miss one of the world’s biggest and most populous countries in their bucket list—the outerspace can’t even help but notice its mark on the globe. The expanse of the dragon kingdom of China is so big it is so hard to choose where to start.

But as any travel guide books would recommend, it is essential to visit its famous sites like The Forbidden City, Great Wall, and the Temple of Heaven. Complete your China escapade by cruising the Yangtze river, marvel at the Yuanyang Rice Terraces, or traverse Mt. Huangshan.

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9. South Korea

12 Best Asian Destinations For Female Solo Travelers

The land of “Gangnam Style” and KPop has more to offer than their hugely followed entertainment industry. Behind the glitz and glam of the billion-time viewed music videos, lies a deeply rooted culture and inculcated history.

Historical sites like Gyeongbokgung and Jongmyo are good starters, but you might also want to explore the city hubs of Seoul and Busan. Spend your afternoon for a good bargain at the timeless market of Gwangjang. Travel the gastronomic journey of Korea through its Night Food Tour. Lastly, cap the trip with a whole new level adventure in Jeju island.

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10. Indonesia

12 Best Asian Destinations For Female Solo Travelers

A sprawl of beautiful islands across the Southeast Asian region, Indonesia’s countless volcanic islands translate to its unique and countless tourism treasures, making it an irresistible destination for female solo travelers.

Relish the breathtaking view of Arjuna-Welirang volcanoes, observe the solemnity of Java’s mysterious temple Candi Sukuh, or gasp in awe at the boat houses of Tana Toraja. But, if you want to get a natural tan at their world class beaches, then stop by Bali.

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11. Singapore

12 Best Asian Destinations For Female Solo Travelers

Singapore is a melting pot of several Asian cultures—Chinese, Malay, Indians, even Philippines. So if you want to just choose one among all Asian countries, Singapore is your great go-to. Female solo travelers can be assured of almost a hundred percent safety in this country because the crime rate is just incredibly low.

You can easily navigate from its shopping hub in Orchard, to the majestic man-made creation of Marina Bay Sands; to the cultural districts of Little Arab, Little India, and Chinatown.

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12. Philippines

12 Best Asian Destinations For Female Solo Travelers

Another magnificent archipelago in Southeast Asia, Philippines can win any tourists hearts because of its incredibly hospitable and optimistic people. Of course, there are plenty of awesome things female solo travelers can do in the Philippines.

Surf in Siargao, dive in the Tubbataha Reef, marvel at the sight of the Chocolate Hills in Bohol, or walk through time along the historic streets of Vigan. A travel guide could not even cover the massive amount of adventures you can have.

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So, let the travel planning begin. Book your flights to the next place on your bucket list, pack your passport and bags, and let your mind absorb the stress-free aura and creativity from your travel. But, don’t forget to plan your trip with Trekeffect!

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  • Arya Young

    This list is fantastic! I’ve been to all of these countries in Asia, and I must say you’re spot on with your selections. I really had a blast in Thailand and Vietnam.These countries are full of life, colors and tempting food. Even better, the people in these countries are pretty friendly, meaning they are ideal for solo exploration.

  • Emma Walker

    I, as a solo traveler, totally love the Philippines. Not only is it home to tons of stunning wonders, but it also has some tasty food. And, everyone practically speaks English, so communication is a breeze for solo travelers.

  • Briella Hill

    I had a plethora of wondrous moments on my solo trip in Indonesia. Personally, I think it’s one of the most underrated destinations in Asia. People always think of Bali, when they talk about Indonesia. But, there’s really more to it than Bali.

  • Charity Sanchez

    Seriously, no Hong Kong? That should be on top of the bloody list!

  • Jessica Harris

    Is Myanmar safe for solo travelers? I’ve heard some strange news about it on mainstream media. I know sometimes mainstream media is a little bias, but I just want to be sure.

  • Ava Allen

    Thailand is a paradise for all solo travelers. It’s safe, inexpensive and has plenty of friendly people. As an added bonus, food is cheap and tasty. Also, it’s a great base for anyone who wants to explore Southeast Asia.

  • Raelyn Nguyen

    Thank you for mentioning my motherland, Vietnam. It may not be as popular as France and other Western countries, when it comes to travel destinations, but it has a lot to offer to the female solo traveler. And, it’s quite safe too.

  • Catalina Walker

    Singapore is, no doubt, one of the best and safest destinations for female solo travelers. I’ve been to Singapore on a number of occasions, and I always have a blast there, even when I’m alone. Plus, it’s rather safe too, for a burgeoning metropolis.

  • Elizabeth Robinson

    Cambodia is getting more crowded every year. Still, I think it’s a worthy stopover for anyone traveling alone in Asia.

  • Madison Torres

    Except for Jeju Island, I think South Korea is made for solo travelers. It’s safe, and has plenty of cool attractions for female solo travelers. Jeju Island is a great, but it a bit romantic for a solo traveler like me.

  • Mia Scott

    Thanks! I’ve always been dreaming of going solo. Hopefully, these suggestions will give me the courage to travel alone in Asia.

  • Elsa White

    A great list! I would add Macau and Hong Kong on this list, though.

  • Sophia Scott

    I’m bookmarking this page! These are really great suggestions and for sure, it will come in handy when I have the courage to travel alone.

  • Emily Lewis

    When compared to Thailand and Vietnam, I think Malaysia is a little more underrated. For me, Malaysia has a lot to offer for travelers, from Penang’s tasty food to KL’s gleaming towers. It’s pretty safe too.

  • Doris Clark

    I’ve traveled solo to these countries, and they are all fantastic. I think Taiwan is a great option for female solo travelers too.

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