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12 Major Struggles of Travel Junkies with Full-Time Jobs

Traveling is truly the only cure for Adventure Junkies

Being a travel junkie stuck in a full-time job is a major struggle. Who else hasn’t found it hard to try to focus on the task at hand when the idea of paradise continues to lure?

Here are some of the things you’ve probably been through if you love to travel and go on an adventure but are stuck in the office cubicle:

1. Reading travel blogs

Reading travel blogs make up a huge chunk of your office hours. Office work is stressful. And even when it’s not, you spend a majority of your time trying to escape both boredom and stress by going places — online. Just the sight of white beaches, turquoise waters and green luscious forests is enough to make you forget whatever problem you were previously facing.

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2. Your traveling daydreams

Your traveling daydreams are what helps you get through the day. Although your next trip will probably not be happening in a month or so, you find yourself constantly dreaming of what you will be doing by then. And you count your days based on how far (or near) away that trip still is — and it’s what helps you go through every single one of your stressful days.

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3. Your epic adventures

Holiday on a Friday or a Monday? Awesome! Your epic adventures usually happen on a long weekend! It’s the perfect time to go out for an adventure. After all, these long weekends are hard to come by — spending it indoors would be a complete waste of opportunity.

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4. Vacation/ Sick Leaves

Your idea of revenge against your boss who let you work on a holiday is taking up a week — or even two — of vacation. Why not? And you use up leaves in bulk when they let you work on a holiday. You totally deserve it considering that you were the only one who had to come to work while the rest of the country enjoy their leisurely trips.

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5. Mondays

Sunday nights give you a major hangover from your recent travel but Monday mornings make things even worse, make you look forward to Fridays. Why weren’t Mondays created close to Fridays? Simply dragging yourself off of bed is already a huge battle you constantly have to wage against yourself.

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6. Travel and work

You might love business trips but it’s never the same when you go out somewhere for leisure instead. Travel and work feel like oil and water to you. So, you either revisit the place in the future — or take a day or two off from work to have more time to explore the new place!

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7. Save every penny!

While your office-mates and colleagues flash new gadgets and mobiles every single week, you find yourself constantly making sure that you stay on track with your budget. You scrimp every cent in your pocket to save up for your travels. You’ve just booked three flights around the country and one outside and there is no way you are backing out from any single one of these trips.

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8. Discounts!

Promos, discounts, miles — Discounted fares are a heaven-sent. Whoever thought of that should be crowned as the god of travel! You’ve probably already subscribed to every airline newsletter out there and you continue to rack up points in your credit card(s) just to get those valuable miles.

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9. Hard to stay still

An office job is clearly not the best fit for someone who constantly longs for travel and adventure. Being stuck for eight hours (or more!) every single day feels like being bound in chains and you probably always end up looking for excuses to get out of your chair to ‘explore’ your office. It’s hard to keep you still in one place for long periods, chatting with other office mates, visiting the pantry or even getting out of the building are already part of your daily routine.

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10. Staycations

Because money and time are always a big issue for a lot of travel junkies, staycations and visiting nearby attractions usually provide a quick-fix to the constant longing for travel. Staycations feel like a temporary fix to your growing want to travel. Of course, it’s never the same to go somewhere far, far away so you’d still eventually get that long getaway in a few weeks.

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11. Lists of to-go places

Office work is stressful. And even when it’s not, you spend a majority of your time trying to escape both boredom and stress by going places — online. Your list of to-go places continues to grow, just the sight of white beaches, turquoise waters and green luscious forests is enough to make you forget whatever problem you were previously facing.

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12. The ultimate dream

While you are happy with your current job, you probably are dreaming of leaving it one day so you can just travel and explore the world. You look up to people who have successfully done it and everything that you do is focused towards fulfilling that dream. Your ultimate dream is to quit your job to travel the world

Although a lot of people have shared inspiring stories about quitting their office jobs to travel the world full-time, it doesn’t always work for everyone — at least for the time being anyway. But, who are we to deny ourselves with pleasure?

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So, go out and explore the world! Just don’t forget to plan your trip with Trekeffect!

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