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12 Romantic Experiences in Venice

Lovely- that is all there is to say about this storied city in Italy. In Venice, every winding corner and down every tangled street is worthy of hundred camera clicks. Whether it’s the rustic cobblestones crumbling nicely into each other, window boxes filled with colorful flowers, hidden courtyard gardens, classic arched stone bridges, or, the famous gondolas, Venice will literally make you jaw-dropped with its exquisite beauty, and will definitely take your breath away. What is more perfect than to spend your Valentine’s Day on a trip to this beautiful tiny city in Italy? Here are 12 experiences in Venice that will certainly fill your hearts with so much love and romance.

1. Calle de Spade

As far as I’m concerned, one of the most stunning spots in Venice is the Calle de Spade. This is where you can see the romantic Venice through the eyes of the one of the world’s famous lovers, Casanova. Here, you can sip intellectually satisfying wines at Do Spade bar near the Rialto Bridge, where he met his lovers. And, don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the main landmarks in Venice, the 14th century Venetian Gothic Doge’s Palace. → Click here to book your stay in Venice, Italy!

2. St. Marco Square

Empty your cup and be bedazzled at the sheer wonder of the domes of the St. Marco Basilica, and the romantic central square. Roam around the busy arcades past street orchestras to Caffe Florian for a soothing cup of tea on the terrace; perhaps the perfect way to commence an unforgettable Valentine’s night. → Click here to book your stay in Venice, Italy!

3. Dorsoduro District

Long before the Grand Canal flourished as it is now, this quaint and laid-back district in the northern Italy has already been established. In Dorsoduro district, the canals and streets narrow and the busy Venetian city becomes a quiet and calm village. There are plenty of finds for romantic gifts like Venetian masks and goblets, and Murano glass in here. → Click here to book your stay in Venice, Italy!

4. Torcello

Adrift on a Venetian waterbus over the marshes to the lovely island of Torcello. It is about 10 kilometers away from the central square. Explore the sophisticated old Byzantine cathedral to the very famous Locanda Cipriani restaurant for an authentic Italian lunch fronting the picturesque scene of the neighboring sestiere. → Click here to book your stay in Venice, Italy!

5. Campanile

There are considerably thousands of romantic spots in Venice, but St. Mark’s Campanile bell tower is one of the favorites by tourists who have already visited the place. Measuring up to 99 meters above the square, this is the best spot to look over the ornate red rooftops and the entangled lagoon. It is possible to see a vivid view of the Dolomite Mountains on this spot on a clear sunny day. → Click here to book your stay in Venice, Italy!

6. Teatro La Fenice

Adding to gushing romance on a Valentine ’s Day is witnessing a romantic ballet or opera performance of this restored opera house. Despite being torn down, not just once but thrice, this opera still remains to be standing strong. You may take a waterbus cruise past the palaces on the Grand Canal to Santa Maria del Giglio, the nearest stop to the theatre, and walk your way through along the lovely and well-lighted streets. → Click here to book your stay in Venice, Italy!

7. San Giorgio Maggiore

This island opposite the St. Marco’s square is home of the famous open-air theatre in Venice. Apart from the breathtaking views, the Palladian Church in San Giorgio Maggiore houses Tintoretto’s famous painting “Last Supper” → Click here to book your stay in Venice, Italy!

8. Chorus Pass Churches

Chorus Pass covers entry into 16 museum-churches that run the gamut in age, intricate architectural style, and lush artistic content. This is where you can find the famous and must-see frescoed Frari and the Miracoli. → Click here to book your stay in Venice, Italy!

9. Hotel Grand Canal

There are literally thousands of places to stay in Venice. From famous hotel brands and five-star hotels; name it, they have it. But for couples out there who want to experience an ultimate Valentine experience, Hotel Grand Canal is the best pick for you. Aside from being fairly priced clean, and well-adorned interior, this hotel have a priceless view of the Grand Canal, which is incomparable than in any other hotels. → Click here to book your stay in Venice, Italy!

10. The Jewish Ghetto

Up to for some adventure? Take the off-the-beaten path destination to the Jewish Ghetto. You may haven’t heard about this, but this place is perfect if you want to know a different perspective of the city by joining a walk tour through the museum and some historic synagogues and learn about the important role the Jewish Ghetto played in Venice History. → Click here to book your stay in Venice, Italy!

11. Venetian Canals

They say a Venetian trip wouldn’t be complete without experiencing a gondola tour. Though it may seem to be touristy and somehow overpriced, you will see Venice as it was meant to be seen – from the water. In order to avoid gondolas clashing along the canals at St. Marco’s, choose spots like San Toma to avoid the crowd and experience an intimate gondola tour. → Click here to book your stay in Venice, Italy!

12. Get Lost

No romantic spot can ever replace the experience when you get lost in a certain place. Getting into Venice is one terrific romantic idea already, why not wander around without an itinerary (but with a map, of course) and explore the main sights to see why Venice is one of the most romantic cities in the world? Cross some of the hundred bridges, spot houses with special emblems in it, and pass through the narrow lanes and sideways together with the person you love. Book a romantic Venetian tour, and be swept away by the beauty of Venice. With its exciting gondola rides, fantastic opera performances and lavish baroque buildings, this city is oozing with romance from every canals, piazza and bridges. → Click here to book your stay in Venice, Italy!

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