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12 Things Smart Travelers Do When Traveling

Traveling is truly one of life’s greatest blessings and pleasures. Life-changing, rewarding, exhausting and complex, there is just nothing quite like going on a journey. But, the quality of our adventure, whether alone or with a bunch of friends, will depend on how you experience it. And to help you forge a trip that’s worthy and unforgettable, we’ve listed down the things most great and smart travelers would do, as they travel the world. Know what smart travelers do? They always invest in multi-purpose bags and incredible travel accessories! Check out these cool bags and travel accessories hardwired for smart travelers and adventurers. 

1. They always interact with the locals

No one knows the place you’re visiting better than the folks living there, meaning there’s nobody on the face of the earth better to talk about it. It’s going to be a little tricky at first, especially since you and the natives are likely not speaking the same language. However, hand gestures and smiles are pretty universal, and you can have simple interactions with them without uttering a word. If they happen to speak your language, or your know how to communicate in their native tongue, try to know them on a personal, and open your mind to the intricacies and charms of every individual experience.

2. They always challenge themselves

Stepping outside your comforts zone can be a tough challenge, but escaping the norm and traveling beyond your boundaries will lead to more opportunities that will surely impact the rest of your life.  While it’s scary and daunting to escape the comforts you’ve accustomed to, the experiences you gain from these challenges are life-changing and enriching.

3. Smart travelers do their homework

For most travelers, the success of their trip is based largely on researching their best options. Sure, it can be pretty time-consuming to read travel forums and study guidebooks, but travelers who make this investment are almost rewarded invariably with a better and more memorable trip. Their thorough research not only highlights the top options, but also makes the disappointed and overrated ones more apparent. In addition, travelers are going to be saving money, as they take note of the prices.

4. Smart travelers shop around

The savvy travelers, in most aspects of their trip, take the time to seek out the best deals with regard to comfort, convenience and price. For the most part, it starts with the airfare, but virtually continues every day throughout the journey. These things, individually, may seem insignificant, but if the trip lasts for a few months, the saving will start to add up. A simple act like comparing two different hotel options is definitely a terrific idea.

5. They pack light

Never take unnecessary things on your getaway. Try to make your suitcase or backpack as portable and lightweight as possible, carrying only the essentials. When you bring too much stuff, not only will be a lot more difficult to move around, but there is also a higher chance of you losing a belonging.

6. Smart travelers know why they want to travel

Many of us, throughout our lives, are told that we have to travel and see the world, but not a lot of us ask ourselves why. To me, traveling is an opportunity to experience and meet other people, as we share this world in a small bracket of time. To others, traveling is about seeing the charms, beauty and eccentricities the world has to offer. So, why do you want to travel? Do you want to uncover everything the world has to offer? Do you wish to experience the utter joy and unrelenting freedom of your journey? Are you just curious? Before you start packing your bags, consider the reasons why you want to travel, and make sure to write them down. Then, let your list of reasons to travel be your guide to your adventure.

7. Seasoned and savvy travelers take care of their bodies

Traveling can be a rather exhausting experience, especially if you are moving every two days. Let’s face it, we sometimes travel a very fast pace that we tend to forget to take care of ourselves.  But as travelers, we need to get enough sleep and eat healthily, to ensure that we get the most of our journeys. And believe me, maintaining healthy habits will give you the energy that’s necessary to continue and complete the trip.

8. They travel with folks they connect with

Although most of them choose the daring path of traveling solo, some smart travelers feel safer with a little company. And when choosing a travel buddy, it is by far essential to pick someone whom you have a good connection with. Otherwise, your trip together will be dull and plain miserable. You and your companion should have respect, love and patience for each other. But, you also need to have the distance to understand each of your needs, so you can have a bit of freedom for exploration.

9. Bona fide travelers are grateful

Traveling is a beautiful experience not a lot of people get to enjoy, so be immensely grateful for this opportunity. I suggest that you keep a blog or a “gratitude diary” where you can list down at least a couple of experiences that you’re grateful each day. That way, you can cultivate an appreciative attitude that you may carry with you for the rest of your life.

10. Travelers go with the flow

From missed flights and flat car tires, there are some things that are simply inevitable and beyond your control, when you travel.  But instead of panicking and complaining, smart travelers just go with the flow, and accept things for what they are.  Even if they have a concrete blueprint of their trip, smart travelers oftentimes deviate from their itinerary to accommodate any unexpected things along the way. Smart travelers know that complaining when unforeseen events arise can ruin their mood for the whole duration of their trip.

11. Real travelers don’t judge others

In the real world, you can’t identify a person based solely on his or her appearance, origin or religion. Everyone is different, and like you, they don’t want to be approached with judgment and prejudice. So, be caring, kind and most of all, tolerant.

12. They use their common sense

As obvious as it may seem, common sense is a basic necessity that’s unfortunately missing in many of today’s travelers. It’s especially true for travelers who somehow feel that the local etiquette, culture or even laws of the place they’re visiting do not apply to them. It sometimes may seem like fun, but this kind of behavior is either illegal, disrespectful of both. Aside from personal strife, it creates a general distrust and bad reputation of subsequent tourists as well.

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