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17 Reasons Why You Should Date A Girl Who Climbs

Date a girl who climbs mountains for she will bring you to higher summits and awesome adventures with her trusty backpack and her muddy shoes. Girls who love to climb thrive on travel and adventure and are constantly looking for new thrills and challenges to conquer.Whether it’s the next mountain or the next challenge in life, you know that there will never be a dull moment when you date a girl who climbs. Are you ready to be tagged along, too?Looking for the perfect gift for your adventurous gal? Of course, there are tons of other gifts you can give to your girl. Check out these cool hiking gear and camping stuff that she will totally love. 

1. She knows that with every difficulty comes sweet success

A grueling 8-hour climb with a heavy 50L backpack can be extremely exhausting but she will move along and push herself to the limits because she knows there’s an amazing view waiting for her at the top.

2. She’s great at cooking, even with limited resources

How do you cook mouthwatering food with only a portable stove, tiny pots and pans, a sfork and limited raw ingredients? Trust a girl who climbs: she knows how to whip up a fantastic dinner for everyone to enjoy.

3. She knows how to think out of the box

Forgot to bring a rain gear? A girl who climbs will use her good ‘ol trash bag as an alternative. Whatever problems you meet along the way, you can trust that she’s creative and resourceful enough to come up with a solution.

4. She knows how to appreciate nature

Don’t be surprised when she suddenly spreads her arms, close her eyes and breathe in the fresh, sweet-smelling air: she simply appreciates nature and has a lot of respect for beauty in its rawest form.

5. She has a lot of great stories to tell

It might seem like she’s making a fool of herself but she’s not. She simply loves looking back at the mishaps of her first climb as well as the second, third and other subsequent ones she’s been to. She will tell you about the ants on her tent or that time she had to literally kiss the wall to get to the summit.

6. She easily adapts to changes

Whether it’s a change in terrain, in altitude or in the environment itself, a girl who climbs easily adapts. She is prepared mentally and physically and you can be sure she has the right outfit to go with this change in her pack. She can easily change from summit to sea or even the city in just a matter of minutes.

7. She’s always ready to pack and go

Don’t be surprised to see that she has a closet, or maybe a room, full of all her outdoor gears. She’s mastered the art of packing and when you tell her to go, she can get herself ready and all essentials strategically placed inside her backpack in just a short matter of time.

8. She can sleep anywhere

Need to take a quick break from the climb? She can sleep within mossy forests, on a hammock hanging by a tree, inside a tent in a rocky ground or simply under the stars. She can brave the cold — and she’s well prepared for it — and can totally sleep like a baby wherever she is.

9. She knows the difference between luxury and necessity

When you go to a climb, you can’t bring everything with you because it will only make the journey even tougher. A girl who climbs knows which items are a necessity and which ones she can do without. They do enjoy little luxuries but know that collecting things will only create clutter in life.

10. She doesn’t mind getting lost

So you took the wrong turn? A girl who climbs doesn’t mind. It’s an adventure after all and a chance to explore the off-beaten track that no one else has discovered.

11. She’s extremely patient

Sticking to itineraries are important for girls who climb, but being able to enjoy the views and the adventure itself can never be replaced. She doesn’t mind spending a few minutes more for a swim at the waterfalls you just passed by. There’s plenty of time and the mountain will always be there waiting to be visited.

12. She can be happy with any budget

A girl who climbs knows how to budget well — and she knows there’s really no need to spend so much just to have an unforgettable experience or watch and amazing view. So you are a little tight on money? Nothing beats walking into the sunset with your hands locked together.

13. She is low maintenance

She may know how to dress herself up when the occasion calls for it but a girl who climbs know that make-up and dresses are not really practical choices for her hobby. Who needs a blush-on when you will naturally flush during a climb? Girls who climb are perfectly comfortable and confident wearing their shirts, shorts, climbing shoes and a pack in their backs.

14. She can deal with the discomfort of life

Getting to the top of the mountain, or any other journey in life, is no easy journey and a girl who climbs is clearly aware of that. She knows how to quickly adapt herself to this discomfort and does not easily feel icky just because mud has splattered on her shoes.

15. She’s one strong, independent woman

A girl who climbs can bring her pack, and other burdens in life, all by herself. She does know that she can always call on others for help — but only when she truly could no longer do it on her own.

16. She’s a very positive person

Still in the trail and it’s nearly 10 at night? A girl who climbs is not one who gives up easily nor loses hope. The trek may be dangerous and difficult but she knows that it won’t last forever, rest is on its way and a beautiful reward is waiting at the end.

17. She’s always planning for the next big adventure

You have just reached the summit of a mountain, or a milestone in life, but she’s already planning for your next big adventure. A girl who climbs is restless and always looks for more challenges ahead. And she will drag you along because she wants you to experience all the pain and sweet success with her.Is a girl who loves climbing mountains worth loving? Definitely so! She will be the most positive influence in your life and you will love her for it. She will constantly climb mountains because they are there — and when you ask her why she loves you, she will hold your hand and put in her heart and tell you: “because you are here”.

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