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20 Gifts That Are Perfect For Travel-Loving Souls

Choosing a gift for someone can be sometimes, tough

As givers, we want the receiver to like our gifts, while as receivers we hope that our givers thought about what to get us so we’d also like it.

Meanwhile, it’s everyone’s favorite time of year again (although for us travelers, anytime is our favorite time as long as we’re traveling). According to a recent study, there are 2,173,180,000 Christians, that’s 31% of the world’s population. With Christianity as the largest religion in the world, Christmas is one, if not the most celebrated season around the world! From west to east, millions have put up their Christmas trees. And what else is more appropriate to put under those Christmas trees but gifts, right?

If you’re a traveler like me, here’s a list of gifts you can give to your family and friends, or perhaps you can share to your social media accounts, so they’d know what to give you. However, if you’re not a traveler yourself (which is something I think you should rethink) but know someone who is and you want to give him or her some gift, this list is still perfect for you.

Here are things that are perfect gifts for travelers:

1. Globe/world map

This is a no-brainer. Any traveler would love to have a globe or a world map in their possession. It’s a great symbol of one’s desire to travel and conquer the world, and a wonderful reminder of which places one has gone to and which ones yet to visit. Like technology, much advancement has been had with globes and world maps. Now, there are cork globes and scratch world maps!

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2. Passport holder

Passport holders are cute and not all that expensive either, and it would really be more thoughtful if the design would either be customized, or something that would very well describe the passport owner. And trust me, no traveler knows what “too many” is when it comes to these things!

→ Style yourself with these accessories and seize your moment!

3. Packing cubes

Being organized in packing one’s things for traveling is a must. Packing cubes are perfect to help one succeed in this rather challenging task of fitting all the essentials for all the #OOTD (outfit of the day) sets needed for the trip.

→ Set your heavy dose of fun and excitement with this lovely collection!

4. Slippers

Traveling always has something to do with walking. A great gift to travelers would be a nice pair of slippers that would give those soles comfort like no other! It should both be durable and comfy – durable enough to use for outside walking, and comfortable enough to use even when at home or in the hotel.

→ Snag some elegant foot wear for your exciting trip!

5. Sunglasses

A beautiful pair of sunglasses is an ultimate go-to for gifts not just for travelers. They aren’t just something to spice up one’s outfit; they’re most useful especially when one loves to travel to tropical countries like Ecuador, or visit islands like Maui, or when one finds himself riding a camel in the deserts of Dubai.

→ Enjoy gazing the beauty of your travel with these superb options!

6. Waterproof shoes

Travelers know all too well to get ready for anything and everything, such as unexpected rains. Waterproof shoes will have anyone who wears it expect the unexpected! A pair of these babies would make a big difference – no smelly wet foot socks no more!

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7. Scarf

Though it admittedly is a fashion add-on, scarves are useful gifts for travelers. They can be used as hair tie, a bandanna or headgear, or a blanket during travel. It can even be used as a first aid tool. Aside from its multiple uses, scarves are also ideal because they can be used whole year-round; winter, spring, summer or fall – any season is scarf season!

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8. Swiss army knife

A Swiss army knife should be a must for every traveler. With plenty of tools compacted in this pocket-sized knife, the motto of its manufacturer, Victorinox AG, speaks only of the truth – “Those who need to be ready for anything take one of these with them anywhere.”

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9. Travel pillow

All traveler knows anywhere is a good place to sleep. What more could a good gift be to a traveler than a nice, comfy travel pillow that’s easy to carry?

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10. Collapsible water bottle

As they say, water is life. As humans, we need to keep hydrated, especially when one consumes a lot of energy when traveling. A handy water bottle would be a delight for a traveler! Not only is it useful, but it’s a hitting-two-birds-with-one-stone kind of gift because it is also eco-friendly. Imagine how many plastic bottles one can avoid using when he or she has a portable, collapsible water bottle!

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11. Thermal flask

Coffee is the next most important drink in the world next to water. It’s essential for a traveler to be able to take a sip of coffee regardless of his or her location and for this, a thermal flask would come in very handy.

→ Indulge with these amazing and affordable travel essentials!

12. Solar-powered collapsible light

Sometimes, travelers get caught up in places where there’s power outage or where there isn’t any electricity to begin with. A compact, collapsible solar-powered light would come in handy. After all, not being prepared for any circumstance there may be is an immortal sin a traveler doesn’t wanna commit.

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13. Travel cord roll

Imagine how many minutes of one’s precious travel time is wasted just by untangling the wires of one’s chargers! Here’s a game-changer: a travel cord roll! Small, yet very useful, and will definitely make sure those cords are organized and tangle-free.

→ Go wild with your style for your unforgettable adventure!

14. Notebooks/journals/ travel stub diary

It’s a great feeling to be able to write what you see and what you feel at the moment. Though this can be done through gadgets, there’s nothing more soothing than scribbling one’s travel epiphanies using pen and paper. A good travel journal would be a one fine gift.

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15. Book

There can be a lot of downtime when one travels. Up in the air during flights, in the middle of the sea during boat rides, or waiting for the bus – these are but some instances of those downtimes. And these are where a good book is a lifesaver! Every good traveler should bring a book when they go on a trip. Besides, who would ever go wrong with giving a book for a gift, right?

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16. Clip-on lenses for phone

Sometimes, traveling doesn’t permit one to bring so much. In the absence of dSLRs, clip-on lenses will turn phones into cameras nearly as great as professional ones. Tiny, easy to store and carry, these will give a twist to one’s phone camera and will make sure snaps from the trip are Instagram-worthy.

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17. Compact travel and touch-up iron

Packing sometimes causes one’s clothes to be crumpled. With a compact travel and touch-up iron, any traveler won’t have trouble giving a quick fix to his or her clothes. Some designs are even suitable for ironing out collars.

→ This fabulous collection can offer you a lifetime experiences!

18. Noise-cancelling headphones

Let’s admit it – traveling sometimes involves sitting beside a man who snores so loudly, or being seated a few seats away from a baby who can’t seem to shut up. Noise-cancelling headphones would be a great gift to any traveler! It will not only save one from noisy passengers, it will also allow one to be alone and serene, even when he or she is in the middle of Chinatown.

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19. Power bank

Sometimes, gadgets can’t keep up with man’s energy and fall short of battery power. Power banks will allow any traveler to charge gadgets anywhere without needing an outlet or electricity. As travelers are always on the go, so should gadget chargers be.

→ Complete your get-up and get ready to set your journey!

20. Camera

Whether it’s action, mirrorless, dSLR, compact, or instant, a camera is one of the best gifts for a traveler. This will allow one to immortalize memories, to paint a good picture to friends and family who weren’t on the trip, and to keep snaps as memorabilia for one hell of a trip!There you have it! Twenty things and gifts that will make any traveler all giddy! If you choose to give anything else other than what is on the list, don’t worry! Travelers are one, if not the most appreciative persons there is in the planet. Even one’s presence is enough to make them happy.

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So, let the packing of the gifts and travel planning begin to the next place on your bucket list, and let your mind absorb the stress-free aura and creativity from your travel. But, don’t forget to plan your trip with Trekeffect!

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