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26 Coolest And Safest Places To Travel Alone In The US

Traveling alone is, hands down, an enriching and empowering experience that can give you an epic and life-changing adventure. Free from the buffer and chaos of a travel buddy, there’s a heightened immediacy to seeing majestic landscapes and experiencing new cultures. And, in the US, you’ll find an endless array of options for your solo escapades, such as trekking through the wilderness to hunting artsy treasures in museum-filled cities. From artsy enclaves and cities to picture-perfect national parks, here are our picks for the top places to travel alone in the US.

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1. San Diego, California 

San Diego perfectly blends So-Cal’s laid-back atmosphere with the colorful culture and generous hospitality of Mexico. From the stunning West Coast sunsets to the surf culture and mild weather, it’s the ultimate destination to spend a week wandering around solo, making it a great option for those looking for superb places to travel alone in the US. And, thanks to the airport’s new bridge, it’s now even easier to travel down to Tijuana where you can catch the renaissance of the border town.

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2. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod, though known as a family-friendly beach destination, is also well-suited for those traveling alone. Not only is it downright gorgeous, but it’s also easy to get around and extremely safe. As you travel solo in Cape Cod, you’ll get plenty of time to reflect, while soaking up the striking sunset on a sandy beach.

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3. Nashville, Tennessee

Surveyed as America’s friendliest city, Nashville is perfectly suited to a traveling party of one. Safety and friendliness aside, the city also has free shuttles operating on a couple of routes in the downtown area, making it a great place to travel solo. What’s more, Music City is full of venues and honky-tonk bars where you may catch live shows. For country music connoisseurs, don’t forget to check out both the Johnny Cash Museum and the Country Music Hall of Fame.

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4. Sante Fe, New Mexico

When a city claims the top spot for peace and quiet in America, it’s simply natural to include it to our list of the best and safest cities to travel alone in the US. Great shopping, antiques, cleanliness, and moderate weather make it an even more appealing destination for those who prefer to travel alone.

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5. San Francisco, California

The spirit of San Francisco can be summed up in a couple of words – be yourself. Billed as one of the coolest places to travel alone in the US, this is a wonderfully diverse destination that embraces solo travelers, offering free festivals and summer concerts. Furthermore, there are plenty of restaurants in San Francisco with inviting bars and tasty cuisines. To top it all off, it has a bunch of iconic and world-famous sights, including Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island and Lombard Street.

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6. Austin, Texas

Festivals are normally a special occasion, in some cities and places to travel alone in the US. But in Austin, Texas, they are a way of life. The upbeat and colorful capital Texas is an absolute music, with one of the country’s greatest concert calendars. The catchy tunes of the city are matched by its juicy and mouthwatering barbecue, making it one of the best places to travel alone in the US for foodies. Not to mention, it has a wide variety of solo-friendly diversions and activities, from splashing in swimming holes like Barton Springs to walking leisurely on sun-speckled parks.

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7. Honolulu, Hawaii

Surprised? Just because it’s known for its romantic vibe and honeymooners, it doesn’t mean Honolulu is a perfect fit for single travelers. With its easygoing feel and low crime rates, it is hands down one of the best and most beautiful places to travel alone in the US. As an added bonus, it offers an array of activities to solo voyagers, like relaxing on the beach, visiting Pearl Harbor and hiking up Diamond Head.

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8. Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston may be a little small, as compared to other cities and places to travel alone in the US.  But, its food and cultural offerings can rival those of most big cities in America. Safe and relaxing, Charleston often ranks among the country’s friendliest cities, which is why it has made its way to our list of the best places to travel alone in the US. Of course, the town also has a tasty cuisine and eye-catching architecture that would unleash your inner shutterbug.

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9. Beaufort, South Carolina

The best solo experiences, sometimes, aren’t in the big American cities, but in small unheralded towns, such as Beaufort, South Carolina. A charming Southern microcosm, Beaufort will sweep you away with its breezy seaside, moody antebellum mansions and vine-draped historic district. To make things even better, it’s incredible and amiable too.

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10. Boulder, Colorado

Think you’re a certified solo adventurist? Then, make sure to include Boulder, Colorado to your bucket list of places to travel alone in the US. Nestled on the foothills of the famed Rocky Mountains, this outdoorsy town brims with year-round activities that you can enjoy as a solo traveler, from cycling to skiing. And, when nighttime comes, the fun still continues, with its vibrant nightlife scene.

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11. Chicago, Illinois

Looking for cool urban places to travel alone in the US? Why not pay a visit to the Windy City – Chicago? Engaging and fun, there are plenty of interesting things to do in Chicago, ranging from a beautiful lake fronts and impressive architecture to a grand theater and great museum. For an unforgettable solo trip in Chicago, rent a bike, explore the city on your own, and cruise along the 18-mile long Chicago Lake front trail. And, don’t forget to savor the extremely tasty pizzas of Chicago.

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12. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia is culturally rich with a ton to offer for culture vultures and history buffs. In addition, it has a plethora of enticing attractions that will keep you occupied for the entire trip. You may start your trip finding the beloved Liberty Bell at the Independence National History Park. After running up the “Rocky Steps”, wander around the Philadelphia Museum of Art, and browse through the incredible collection of exhibits crafted by different local artists.

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13. Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Searching for not-so mainstream places to travel alone in the US? Pack your bags, and make your way to the country’s third oldest city – Portsmouth. Settled in the early 1600s, this hidden gem will wow you with its European-like pubs, fine food and outstanding harbor views.  What’s more, this colonial New England town combines big-city amenities with the best of the countryside.

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14. Portland, Oregon

Portland seems it’s hard-wired for solo travelers. Known as one of the friendliest places to travel alone in the US, Portland is supremely safe and charming, with genuinely friendly locals all around the city. As a matter of fact, Portland’s overall atmosphere is quite warm and the locals here are so welcoming towards travelers and tourists. To make things even better, there are countless of fun things to do in Portland, such as hiking in the surrounding thick forest trails, and visiting its gardens. And, if you’re traveling alone to Portland by car, you may also take a picturesque drive along the Oregon Coast Highway.

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15. Boston, Massachusetts

Want a sure-fire bet? Visit Boston! After all, Boston has been ranked as one of the safest, friendliest and most walkable places to travel alone in the US. As you visit the city, you can easily and safely navigate the city all by yourself. Moreover, the city is by far the perfect destination for American history buffs, loaded with historic sites, like The Freedom Trail, Boston Common, Fenway Park and Public Garden.

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16. New York, New York

No list of the best places to travel alone in the US is complete without the inclusion of New York City. Although the Big Apple is a bit crowded, the metropolis is amazingly a welcoming hub for solo travelers as well. Remember, it is home to some of the world’s top shopping centers and art museums as well as boasts sleek hotels with trendy bars that draw locals and worldly travelers. Additionally, it has more options for drinks and food than you can fit into a long solo trip.

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17. Yosemite National Park, California

With its breathtaking panoramas, majestic waterfalls and granite cliffs, it’s easy to see why people call it one of the most iconic national parks and top places to travel alone in the US.

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18. Seattle, Washington

Amazon and Starbucks made the right call, when they pick Seattle their home base. They went straight to the “Emerald City” to enjoy the best of both worlds – awe-inspiring nature and chic city dwellings. Not far from the city, you may easily get to San Juan Islands and Snoqualmie Falls. Inside the city, there are dozens of cozy coffee houses, sleek shops and cool music venues. And best of all, there’s no need to rent a car, to get around the city.

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19. Washington, D.C.

Museums are definitely best visited alone, and in Washington, D.C., you’ll find over 20 treasure troves to choose from. And, the best part is, most of them can be enjoyed for free, meaning you can spend as little or much time in each museum as you wish. In addition, the district boasts a thriving food scene and exciting neighborhoods like Shaw.

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20. Atlanta, Georgia

There’s arguably no better way to travel alone in the US than to hit one of the celebrated cities for singles in the country – Atlanta. Deemed as one of the top places to travel alone in the US, the city has a booming nightlife scene that includes countless of solo-friendly options, from the meet-and-greet events for singles at the cocktail lounges to trivia nights at East Atlanta’s bars. Furthermore, the sights of the city are made for exploring solo, including the High Museum of Art and Piedmont Park.

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21. Los Angeles, California

Dreaming of seeing your favorite Hollywood starlet? Ever wondered what it feels like to be a celebrity living in Tinseltown? Explore one of the most glamorous places to travel alone in the US, for its fabulous beaches, the comfort of boutique hotels and the chance to go on a shopping spree on Rodeo Drive.

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22. The Appalachian Trail

You’ll be extremely tried, blistered and sore from walking a seemingly endless trail without help. But trust me, you’ll be rewarded with the pride and joy of covering one of the world’s most legendary terrains as well as meeting a ton of friends along the way. And, technically, this 2,200-mile trail shouldn’t be on the list of places to travel alone in the US since it has no specific location, covering 14 states. Still, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience that can give the solo adventure of a lifetime.

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23. Key West, Florida

Key West is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the coolest and safest places to travel alone in the US. For years, Key West has been luring flocks of solo travelers, with its gorgeous sunshine and palm trees. And, while it is definitely a city, it feels more like a walkable and charming town that fosters a sense of community wherein you feel well looked after. Even better, there are plenty of museums in Key West that you can drop by at your own leisure, such as the Hemingway Home.

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24. Sedona, Arizona

Want to relax in one of the most visually appealing places to travel alone in the US? Gazing on the eye-catching red rocks of Sedona, while they glow under the setting sun, is totally an unforgettable experience, and even more so, when you are alone. For me, the magnificent stillness of the area is best savored without any chatter from a companion. Aside from its mesmerizing natural scenery, Sedona is said to have a healing energy vortex as well, which is well-known to help promote spiritual development.

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25. Park City, Utah

Traveling in winter, and looking for awesome places to travel alone in the US? You can’t go wrong with Park City, Utah! Whether you’re exploring the charming downtown or hitting the slopes, there’s no shortage of things to do in Park City. Plus, it’s just an hour away from the Salt Lake City airport, making it one of the most accessible places to travel alone in the US, if you are looking to escape to the mountains.

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26. Savannah, Georgia

In Savannah, you may fill your solo vacation days, taking a riverboat ride, admiring stunning historic homes and walking on cobblestone streets. Sounds like a fine recipe for a soothing escape, right? Guess what? Savannah is also officially one of the friendliest cities and places to travel alone in the US, meaning you’ll always feel welcome here.

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