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23 Mesmerizing And Exciting Places To Travel In Spring

Spring is arguably the best time to travel

Traveling in spring? While a lot of travel junkies argue that winter and summer are the best times to travel, there are tons of irritable perks to traveling in spring, with gorgeous flowers in full bloom and its big blue skies. For one, airfare and hotels are a little cheaper during this season, making spring a great time to appease your wanderlust.

Furthermore, the weather is neither too cold nor too hot, and most places to travel in spring are blissfully devoid of visitors. On top of it all off, there are so many places to travel in spring that look wholeheartedly stunning and Instagram-worthy.

Don’t know where to go in spring? If you’re planning on getting away, as you travel across the world, make sure carry a multi-functional bag. And here are our top picks and a quick tips for anyone headed to these places to visit in spring:

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

They don’t call Amsterdam as one of the most beautiful places to travel in spring for nothing. After all, the city comes into in life during this season, with bars and cafes spreading out over its cobbled streets. Know the ins and outs of Amsterdam in a fascinating canal boat ride or pay a visit to the beloved Keukenhof where tulips and other flowers bloom in breathtaking colors from March to May.

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2. Vancouver, Canada

From Grouse Mountain to Stanley Park, the natural attractions in Vancouver are, hands down, its biggest tourist draws in spring. In addition, springtime travelers may participate in fun-filled events, such as the Vancouver International Children’s Festival and the International Dance Festival. And, did we mention that spring is an excellent time to bag bargains on hotels in Vancouver?

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3. Kyoto, Japan

In Kyoto, you may enjoy mouthwatering Japanese cuisine, geisha culture and striking architectural creations at any time of the year. But, it is in springtime when you’ll see the majestic sakura trees in full bloom in the historical heart of Japan. Billed as one of the world’s most eye-catching places to travel in spring, Kyoto will be wondrously covered in pink in these months, making Japan’s ancient capital the ultimate destination for a romantic escapade.

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4. San Diego, USA

Looking for family-friendly places to travel in spring? Nicknamed as “America’s Finest City”, San Diego teems with child-friendly attractions, such as the Old Town Model Railroad Depot and San Diego Zoo. What’s more, the city boasts surf-worthy swells, sun-drenched beaches and a warm spring climate.

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5. Madrid, Spain

With great bargains for hotels and flights, it’s easy to see why people label Madrid as one of the finest places to travel in spring. Add in pleasant and favorable temperatures, and you’ve got a splendid haven with an endless array of incredible of delights and sights to explore, including a vibrant nightlife scene, alfresco dining, stunning architecture and world-class museums.

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6. New Orleans, USA

The zesty and kaleidoscopic isn’t the only reason NOLA has made it to our list of places to travel in spring. As a matter of fact, the capital of Louisiana is just as captivating after its electric annual gala. Spend some time taking in the faded splendor of the backstreets of the French Quarter, before making your way to Frenchmen Street for a lovely night of cocktails and live jazz.

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7. Sydney, Australia

Headed to the “land down under” for a spring vacation? From the Australian National Maritime Museum to the Sydney Aquarium, the Harbor City offers a medley of fun and insightful activities for all ages in spring. To make your trip memorable, make your way to Sydney Tower Eye, and experience a high-altitude adventure like no other.

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8. Austin, Texas, USA

The biggest event of the year in Austin takes place every spring, bringing in a plethora of action for both tourists and locals. SXSW is a film festival, music festival and media conference wrapped into one mind-blowing event spanning more than a week. Besides its scintillating events, there are also superb attractions, restaurants and parks to visit in the capital of Texas.

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9. Rome, Italy

For years, Rome has been one of the favorites and go-to places to travel in spring. Great weather aside, the city has sumptuous culinary riches that will absolutely blow your taste buds away. Of course, the city has tons of landmarks and treasures that give you an insight into its glorious past, such as the Colosseum, Saint Peter’s Basilica, The Pantheon, Roman Forum and the Trevi Fountain. And, though it’s not well-known for its flowers, spring in Rome means you’ll catch tons of fragrant and dazzling floral blooms, like the azalea flowers on the Spanish steps and Via Margutta wisteria.

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10. Los Angeles, California, USA

Known for its glitzy and glamorous film industry, Tinseltown has a ton more to offer than its Hollywood landmarks and fabulous A-listers. Often labeled as one of America’s best places to travel in spring, Los Angeles beckons art enthusiasts, families and beach bums who are yearning to see Venice Beach and Santa Monica Beach.

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11. London, United Kingdom

There’s technically not a bad time to visit London. But, favorable springtime temperatures mean hitting outdoor sights, like Kensington gardens and Hyde Park, will be so much more exciting and enjoyable. To steer clear of the tourist crowds, try to visit London in early spring.

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12. Cancun, Mexico

Wild beach parties, enchanting historic sites and luxurious seaside resorts – Cancun has a fine recipe for an unforgettable spring break. For years, Cancun has been one of America’s most sought-after places to travel in spring, thanks to its electric festivities and attractions.

And, when traveling to Cancun in spring, you'll have to look as stunning as a celebrity. And, the best way to look like a stunner in Cancun is to wear an elegant and eye-catching swimsuit.

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13. Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

Lined beautifully with resorts, Atlantic City is a fascinating spring break playground for both kids and adults. From a boardwalk and beach to upscale spas and casinos, this resort city in the Atlantic Coast has a little bit of everything for everybody.

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14. Essaouira, Morocco

Are you an active traveler who’s looking for thrilling places to travel in spring? Why not enjoy a spring weekend break in Essaouira? With its high winds and favorable temperatures, it surely is the prime location for kitesurfing and windsurfing along the Atlantic coast in Morocco. If, however, you’re not drawn to its waters, you can still have a blast here, sipping on mint tea, strolling past the blue-shuttered and whitewashed houses as well as nipping into its art galleries.

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15. Tokyo, Japan

No list of the best places to travel in spring is complete without the inclusion of Japan’s energetic capital. Although it’s famous for its state-of-the-start technology and skyscrapers, Tokyo also has nature spots that look completely exquisite in spring. From Meguro River to Ueno Park, the city has dozens of places where you can gaze on its lovely cherry blossoms.

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16. Florence, Italy

Nothing beats sightseeing throughout Florence in spring. Thanks to a favorable springtime climate, you’ll have a sweet time exploring some of world’s finest masterpieces in Florence, including Leonardo da Vinci’s canvasses, the frescoes of Giotto and David by Michelangelo. Not to mention, it has a thriving nightlife scene and is loaded with restaurants offer sumptuous Italian classics.

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17. Miami, USA

Want to visit Miami on a shoestring budget? Even though there’s no bad time to hit Miami’s shores, springtime brings lower prices than the peak winter months. And, that’s why Miami is a great option for travelers looking for budget-friendly places to travel in spring.

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18. Paris, France

Into classic travel options? When it comes to places to travel in spring, very few cities in the world are as elegant and romantic as Paris. When springtime sets in, the romantic atmosphere of the “City of Lights” rises up, with the picture-perfect cherry trees dotting its parks and neighborhoods. For great views of cherry blossoms in Paris, head to Parc du Charm de Mars, and feast your eyes on the vibrant pinks.

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19. New York, USA

Think New York is all about towering skyscrapers and concrete jungles? Guess what? There are plenty of places in New York like Central Park that dazzle and bloom stunningly in spring with enchanting blossoms and flowers.

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20. Israel

For a once-in-a-lifetime experience in spring, visit Jerusalem and celebrate Easter together with thousands of other pilgrims. Start your Holy Week in Jerusalem by descending the Mount of Olives on Palm Sunday. Afterwards, retrace the path of Jesus Christ on Good Friday down the Via Dolorosa. And, don’t forget to check out the yearly miracle of Holy Fire on Holy Saturday at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

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21. Grand Canyon National Park, USA

Words can’t do justice to the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon – one of the world’s most fascinating natural wonders and places to travel in spring. For me, it’s a year-round destination, but visiting it in spring means scoring discounted rates on lodging and airfare. Free from the sea of tourists, visiting it in spring means you’ll also have easy access to the scenic lookout points along the park’s South Rim.

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22. Yosemite National Park, USA

Yosemite National Park, with its scenic trails, craggy peaks, breathtaking waterfalls and towering sequoia trees, is the perfect outdoor playground for travelers. And, it’s especially eye-catching come springtime, with thundering cascades of fragrant wildflowers and snow-melt.

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23. Malta

Malta is also known as the 'prettiest' season when nature is at its finest. With friendly smiles all around, spring time is longed for by many locals, especially after the winter months. The weather reaches a perfect balance between the chilly winter season and the blazing hot Maltese summer.

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To make sure you enjoy your spring vacation, and discover the other lovely places in these marvelous destinations, start planning your trip with Trekeffect!

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