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5 Amazing Things To Do In Melbourne

Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, is an arty, stylish and zesty hub full of life and crowd pullers. Billed as the cultural capital of Australia, this dynamic cosmopolitan city will delight its visitors with its fantastic collection of lush gardens, large parks, theaters, galleries, museums, shopping centers, and striking Victorian-era architectural jewels Known as “Australia’s events capital”, this buzzing city is also home to some of the most prestigious festivals and sporting events in the region, such as the Australian Open and Melbourne Cup. Not to mention, the city boasts a handful of colorful zoos where you can catch a glimpse of Australia’s unique and intriguing wildlife. From sightseeing to enjoying sumptuous culinary goodies, there are tons of fascinating things to do in this cultural capital. As you plan a trip to Melbourne using vacation trip planner, make sure to take note of these words of advice.

1. Enjoy the magnificent panoramic sights of the city

Start your trip to this Australian city with a blast by enjoying panoramic vistas of the city at the Eureka Skydeck, the highest viewing platform in the entire Southern Hemisphere.  Located right at the heart of the city, the Skydeck can also serve as great base point for any visit to Melbourne, as it lets you determine where you will be heading. For thrill-seekers who wish to take the panoramas a step further, you may experience “The Edge”, which is a spine-tingling foray that takes you over the edge while standing in a glass box. → Click here to book your stay in Melbourne!

2. Discover the wildlife attractions of Melbourne

Melbourne has a plethora of aquariums and zoos that can keep you and your children entertained for a few days. The city offers a wide range of wildlife attractions, covering exotic animals from abroad to the best local Australian species. Some of the best wildlife attractions in the city include:
  • Melbourne Aquarium – An award-winning aquarium that lets you get up close and personal with the Antarctic penguins. Likewise, it is hosts to other wonderful and bizarre sea creatures. Best of all, it features the shark xtreme dive experience, which allows you to touch the marvelous predators of the ocean.
  • Werribee Open Range Zoo - A 225-hectare open savannah that serves as a home to some of the most popular African animals.
  • Healesville Sanctuary - A facility dotted with Australia’s iconic wildlife, including dingoes, emus, kangaroos and koalas.
  • Melbourne Zoo – A zoo that shelters over 300 animal species, including meerkats, lions, elephants and gorillas.
  • → Click here to book your stay in Melbourne!

    3. Street art hunting

    The city is famous all over the country for its eye-catching and diverse street art. Of course, these brilliant works of art are free for you to view. One of the most popular sites for street art in the city is Hosier Lane, a pedestrian cobbled laneway nestled in the midst of Melbourne. As a visitor in this site, expect to see heaps of tourist wielding their cameras, and cellular phones. Aside from Hosier Lane, you may also hunt for kaleidoscopic street art in other sites, including the Canada lane and Centre Place. → Click here to book your stay in Melbourne!

    4. Hot air balloon ride

    Tourists who want to get unforgettable cityscape sights should take an exciting hot air balloon ride over the city. In this aerial journey, you get to take in the city’s majestic beauty, as well as enjoy bird’s eye view of its buildings and landmarks. A helpful tip: Make sure to take pictures of the overhead sights of the city, and save them in a good, sturdy and reliable flash drive or external hard drive. → Click here to book your stay in Melbourne!

    5. A ride at the City Circle Tram

    Hopping aboard the City Circle tram is an absolute must for anyone visiting Melbourne. Not only is it free, but is also gives you a beautiful overview of the top tourist attractions in the city. → Click here to book your stay in Melbourne! Discover more of Melbourne’s top and most celebrated attractions by planning a trip to this destination with Trekeffect! Better yet, download a copy of our well constructed and detailed Melbourne travel itinerary, for a hassle-free trip planning experience! [get_treks_content_sc id= 22589]

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