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The 6 Best Nightspots To Party In Doha

Let's Party!

When it comes to nightlife, Qatar may not be as dynamic, vibrant and exciting as Las Vegas, Miami, Amsterdam and other party capitals in the western world. As with other Arabian cities and destinations, this Middle Eastern country has strict laws and regulations for people wandering at night. Not to mention, most of its dwellers follow Islam, meaning they cannot consume alcohol and party with the nocturnal tourists and expatriates in Qatar. Strangely, though, Doha, which is its capital city, has a zesty nightlife circuit that guarantees to set your nights on fire.

The city of Doha has a dazzling mixture of nightlife venues where travelers can go out, and paint the town red. While these night spots aren’t as hip and lively as the bars in the Western nations, they can still give you a heavy dose of late night fun and entertainment.

Looking for a great place to chill-out or party in Qatar’s capital? Experience an epic night of partying in Doha, by swinging by any of these trendy nightlife options.

1. Crystal Club

Crystal Club is arguably the most stylish and sought-after nightspot in this modern Arabian city. Here, you can spend a fabulous night of partying with the coolest people in town, under the sparkling Baccarat chandelier. Of course, the club serves bubbly champagnes, fruity signature cocktails and other kinds of alcoholic drinks as well. To top it all off, Crystal club features the heart-pounding music from the hottest DJs in the country.

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2. Wham

With its great music, amazing venue and laid-back vibe, it is no wonder tons of expats come to relax and drink at Wahm. One of the most popular venues in the country’s nightlife scene, this nightspot is also loved for its wide selection of drinks and cocktails. What’s more, the bar has an incredible staff that provides top-notch service.

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3. Club 7

Traveling with a bunch of friends? Then, head off to Club 7, and experience a scintillating night of dancing in this trendy nightclub. Billing itself as the ultimate entertainment venue in Doha, Club 7 delights nocturnal partyholics with its animated dance floor and energetic music from the top DJs in the world.

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4. Hive Lounge

Hive Lounge has been a favorite hangout spot among tourists, expatriates and non-Islam dwellers in Doha, thanks to its uber-friendly ambiance. Here, you get to enjoy a few sips of your favorite drink and chat with your friends, while enjoying its lovely vibe. Moreover, the lounge servers creative mouthful goodies and cheeky nibbles, for those who want to please their gastronomic urges.

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5. Vintage Lounge

If live music is your cup of tea, don’t forget to drop by Vintage Lounge. Known for its spicy rhythms and beats, the lounge features captivating salsa music from the best Latin musicians in the region. To make your experience more pleasurable, the lounge also flaunts cozy chairs and sofas, where you can relax and indulge in delectable tapas and wines.

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6. Madison Piano bar

Although Madison Piano Bar is relatively new, it is fast becoming one of the most celebrated spots for night owls in the city. Luring elite socialites and lavish travelers, this bar is best known for its classy feel and sleek interior design. As you spend a night in this night spot, you will be able to laze on a red leather chair, and enjoy your drink, while listening to amazing live piano music.

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