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7 Fun Facts About Copenhagen

Copenhagen will delight your senses in a myriad of ways

Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, is lauded by its visitors as the most charming in Scandinavia, it is a blossoming tourist destination that the city of Copenhagen is truly one of the world’s coolest and most cosmopolitan cities. Known for its bustling nightlife and shopping scene, the city also boasts an enthralling blend of modern architecture and historic monuments, such as the Round Tower Observatory.

Are you planning to visit this lovely Danish destination? Then, make sure to check out these interesting facts about Copenhagen.

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1. Home to the happiest people in the world

Copenhagen is the capital of the happiest country in the world, Denmark. According to the World Happiness Report conducted by the UN in 2013, Denmark tops every country on the face of the earth, when it comes to having happy citizens. On a worldwide happiness scale from zero to ten, the country had an impressive rating of 7.6.

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2. This Danish capital is gleaming with Michelin stars

The city of Copenhagen is quite small, compared to other premier destinations in the Scandinavia region. Yet, surprisingly, the city has a stockpile of world-class restaurants, such as Royal Smushi Café, Christianshavn, Relae,Kodbyens Fiskebar, and Aanmanns Delie & Take Away. Aptly named as a foodie’s paradise, Copenhagen boasts over a dozen of Michelin stars.

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3. A wealth of art museums

There is no shortage of art galleries and museums in this beautiful Scandinavian destination. An art lover’s delight, Copenhagen offers a wide collection of art museums that include the David Collection, Danish National Gallery, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Thorsvaldsens Museum, Arken Museum of Modern Art, and a whole lot more.

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4. An eco-friendly destination

Copenhagen is a blissful Scandinavian city that takes pride in being eco-friendly. Awarded with the European Green Capital in 2014, this Danish destination has clean harbors, electric buses, and shops that sell wardrobes made from natural bamboo. What’s more, more than 60 percent of Copenhagen’s hotel rooms are endorsed as eco-friendly. By the way, the city plans on becoming the first carbon-neutral city in the world by 2025.

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5. Copenhageners love to cycle

In Copenhagener, cycling is one of the primary modes of transportation. As a matter of fact, nearly fifty percent of Copenhageners use their bicycle on a daily basis. Unlike other bustling capitals, the city of Copenhagener was built to cater for bikers and cyclists, with separate lanes for bicycles on most large roads.

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6. Stroget

The Danish capital is home to one of the world’s largest pedestrian malls, the Stroget. Linking the Norreport station, Kongens Nytorv and City Hall, this vast shopping center is speckled with design and high-end fashion boutiques.

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7. An inspiration to some of Walt Disney’s creations

The Little Mermaid, or also referred as Den Lille Havfrue, is arguably the most famous and iconic landmark in all of Copenhagen. Sculpted by Edward Eriksen in 1909, this gorgeous bronze statue was inspired from Hans Christian Andersen’s fairly tale “The Little Mermaid”. Perched on the Copenhagen Harbor Promenade, this spectacular figure is not only a major tourist magnet in the city, but it has also become a universal and enduring symbol of love. Thanks to its melancholic story and sweet grace, Walt Disney decided to produce a splendid animated film with the same name in 1989.

Tivoli is a breathtaking urban fairy-tale park that is believed to have inspired Walt Disney in his thrilling and captivating theme park creations. Established in 1843, Tivoli also holds the distinction as the second oldest amusement park in the world. Nestled in the midst of a mature garden with playgrounds and a lake, this convivial tourist hot-spot is teeming with spine-tingling roller coaster rides, amusement arcades, treat stalls, pantomime shows, and over 40 places to enjoy sumptuous food and delightful drink.

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