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7 Most Spell-binding Sights In Dresden, Germany

There are very few cities and destinations in Europe that are as striking and adorable as Dresden, the capital city of Germany’s Saxony. One of the most underrated tourist destinations in Europe, Dresden is simply a gorgeous light-spirited German city drenched with spectacular vistas and historic architectural masterpieces. From stately buildings to baroque churches with towering spires, this utterly beautiful hub flaunts a deluge of buildings that will leave its visitors and onlookers in a state of amazement. What’s more, the city offers a pile of treasuries to please the eyes of those who have a taste for history and art.

1. Grosser Garten

The fittingly named Great Garden (Grosser Garten) is a green baroque-style park with a fascinating oblong shape. Opened as a public park in 1814, the Grosser Garten boasts avenues and pathways that are symmetrically arranged. → Click here to book your stay in Dresden, Germany!

2. Residenzschloss

Located right at the heart of Dresden, the Residenzschloss, or also known as the Royal Palace, is a fortress-like architecture that served as a residence to the mighty Saxon rulers from the 1400s to 1918.  Praised for its gripping Renaissance Revival architectural style, the royal palace is also known for its terrific collection of artifacts and exhibits. → Click here to book your stay in Dresden, Germany!

3. Procession of Princes

A trip to the city of Dresden is best enjoyed with a visit to the Procession of Princes.  A massive street mural, the Procession of Princes is a 394-foot porcelain art wall that portrays some of the most popular rulers of Saxony. As you visit this large fresco, make sure to take photos of it, and store them safely in your memory card or flash drive. → Click here to book your stay in Dresden, Germany!

4. Semperoper

Designed by the architect Gottfried Semper, the Semperoper is a glamorous architectural jewel with a charming mash-up of Baroque, Corinthian and Renaissance architectural styles. Known as one of the greatest opera houses in Europe, this grand engineering wonder is best seen at night, when its lights would highlight its imperial architectural beauty. Also, did I mention that it has opulent decorations inside? → Click here to book your stay in Dresden, Germany!

5. Zwinger Palace

The straddling Zwinger Palace is truly one of the most dazzling baroque edifices in all of Germany. Tagged as one of the most famous tourist hot spots in Dresden, this ravishing site showcases a ton of sensational sights, such as its lovely gardens, eye-catching pavilions, and remarkable art collections. In my book, the Zwinger Palace is one of the cant-miss places to visit in Dresden. → Click here to book your stay in Dresden, Germany!

6. Kunsthofpassage

Take a leisurely walk along Kunsthofpassage’s pathways, and feast your eyes on an array of psychedelic facades adorned with refreshing and eccentric artistic designs, such as the Court of Animals and Court of the Elements. → Click here to book your stay in Dresden, Germany!

7. Frauenkirche

Deemed as the most celebrated landmark in the city of Dresden, the Frauenkirche is a domed architectural eyeful that has graced the city’s skyline for over a hundred of years. Although church was bombed and completely destroyed during the Second World War, it literally rose from its ashes, to restore its former grandeur. Originally built as a Roman Catholic church, the Frauenkirche is now considered the ultimate paradigm of sacred Protestant architecture, thanks to its remarkable design and colossal dome (one of the largest domes in the continent).  By the way, the church has a viewing platform where you can enjoy panoramic views of the city. → Click here to book your stay in Dresden, Germany!

The top museums in Dresden

What are the best museums in this German city? Take a look at these suggestions:
  • Gemaldegalerie Alte Meister
  • Green Vault
  • Dresden Municipal Gallery and Art Collection
  • Military History Museum
  • Asisi Panometer Dresden
  • Transport Museum
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