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7 Most Underrated European Destinations

When travelers think of a European vacation, the likes of London, Rome, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona usually come to mind.

These capitals, Of course, are the epitome of a perfect European getaway, with their mouthwatering gastronomic staples, intriguing culture, unparalleled history, and breathtaking architectures. But, Europe also has a wealth of other wonderful destinations and cities that tend to go under the radar of the regular tourist.Done visiting all the tourist classics and favorites in this beautiful continent?
Perhaps, it’s time for you to open your Europe trip planner, and head off to any of these underrated European destinations:

1. Split, Croatia

Split is an exuberant and buzzing seaside town with a perfect balance of modernity of tradition. Not only is it teeming with historic spectacles, but this Croatian city also has heaps of colorful shops, restaurants and bars. On top of it all, Split has a unique and delicate setting, with awe-inspiring coastal mountains acting as a splendid backdrop to Adriatic’s turquoise waters.

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2. Warsaw, Poland

Nicknamed as the “Phoenix City”, Poland’s capital indeed has experienced its fair share of makeovers. Warsaw was practically decimated during the Second World War, but since then, it has been reinventing itself as a flourishing and dynamic metropolis. As a tourist in this Polish city, you may take a leisurely stroll around the Old Town Square and the imperial Royal Castle, browse trendy shops neat the Palace of Culture and Science.To get a taste of its local culture, make your way to the bustling Praga District, which is known for its underground theaters, art galleries and electrifying bars.

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3. Dresden, Germany

Located on the banks of the majestic Elbe River, Dresden is a green and lush city teeming with parks, gardens and forests. What’s more, this German city is rich with artistic and cultural history. In fact, Wilhelm Wagner, a great and famous operatic composer, debuted a plethora of his works here in the 1800s.

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4. Appenzell, Switzerland

Appenzell may be one of least explored areas in Switzerland, but it is truly a charming and laid-back destination that you must include to your Europe trip planner. After all, it is majestically nestled at the foot of the glorious Alpstein mountain range, making it an idyllic haven for people who want to enjoy a pre-Alpine mountain ambiance. Plus, it boasts delicious cheese, high quality beers, quirky locals, and gripping traditions that date back hundreds of years ago.

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5. Torun, Poland

Do you love taking pictures of gothic architecture? Then, make sure to include Torun, a breathtaking walled Gothic town, to your list of destinations in your Europe trip planner.   Founded in the 13 century by the Teutonic Knights, this stunning wall Gothic town has plenty of activities, culture and historic wonders to offer, such as the Ratusz Straromiejski, and Stare Miastro, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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6. Korcula, Croatia

With its rich culture and magnificent scenery, it is no wonder more and more travelers are drawn to the allure of Croatia’s Korcula. Billed as the “Black ”, Korcula is a dense wooded island blessed with pristine bays and beaches as well as lush green hills that are perfect for trekking.

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7. Bolgheri, Italy

If you want to see and experience Italy’s rural beauty, plan a sojourn to Bolgheri using your Europe trip planner. One of the most enchanting villages in Tuscany, Bolgheri delights you with its winding pathways, blossoming vineyards and rolling green hills. Furthermore, a visit here allows you to savor a variety of internationally-famous vintage wines from the area.

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These destinations may not be as storied and popular as most of Europe’s zippy capitals. Yet, a stopover to any of these overlooked European gems will give you a blissful experience like no other.Heading for Europe? Plan your trip to one of the destinations listed above using Trekeffeck!

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