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Best LGBT bookstores

So what would the best places to find LGBT novels be?

Unfortunately not all places have the luxury of a good selection of LGBT books and some UK authors for instance do not even want to be classified as LGBT writers and remain in the general fiction section. That is their stance, but it’s sometimes far too annoying to be searching for that one book among thousands of other novels non-LGBT ones.

Gay’s the Word

The only UK gay bookstore which is located in London, is not in Soho though: 66 Marchmond Street near Russell Square train station. From the very beginning and up until today it plays a crucial part in the lives of many LGBT people in the UK who come visit to London or who can order online, as the staff is very friendly and knowledgable and will help you find the books you will need. It may be a bit pricier than Waterstone’s, but you will surely not find anything besides Sarah Waters in Waterstone’s, anyway. A lot of famous writers have read and still host reading sessions at the shop, among them were Allen Ginsberg for instance.

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Giovanni’s Room

Named after the famous novel by James Baldwin, the store is actually the oldest LGBT bookstore in the US, founded back in 1973. Giovanni’s room has many titles to choose from and it’s database is bigger than any superstore can even imagine. It’s also a known meeting place for any LGBT people. Also legend has it that if you get any of the staff members to kiss you than you will have a kissing chain from Walt to Edward Carpenter to E.M. Forster to Allen Ginsberg to Ben Boyle, one of the founders of Giovanni’s Room. Unfortunately the store is up for sale, so it’s current fate is unknown.

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Antinous, Librería Café Gay-Lésbica

If you feel that you need a break from all the bars and clubs in the full of life city of Barcelona yet still want to meet people in a nice friendly atmosphere, then this bookstore is surely for you. The bookstore is also a coffee shop where you can learn a lot and of course buy plenty of books and they will make sure you won’t leave empty handed. While it’s debatable which LGBT bookstore is best in Barcelona this one is surely a strong candidate and definitely a must visit as you can buy novels in different languages and try to spike up your Spanish as well with a great novel. Also, they give out a LGBT magazine for free called “Nois Magazine” which will tell you all about the current events in Barcelona.

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These are just a few bookstores which are worth mentioning and traveling to and thankfully there are so many more even if a lot of locations lack them, bookstores may be closing but a lot of these will move on with the support of the loving LGBT community and plan your trip around these wonderful places with Trekeffect!

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