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Budapest Beyond Its Glorious Medieval Past

International voyagers and out-of-towners, for the most part, travel to the city of Budapest just to get a taste of its glorious past, and catch a glimpse of its romanticized medieval wonders, such as the Royal Palace, Gellert Gill, as well as the narrow cobbled streets and old edifices of the Castle District.After all, it is a historic city that was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, for the architectural and cultural significance of the Andrassy Avenue, Buda Castle Quarter and the Danube Banks. Nicknamed aptly as the “Paris of the East”, Budapest also boasts an old world charm and a scenic ambiance that would surely delight culture vultures and history junkies.But, there is more to Budapest than its luring medieval history and legendary attractions. Known as one of the most enjoyable and delightful cities in Europe, Hungary’s capital is teeming with spectacular new age marvels and attractions that can keep you hooked and entertained for a week or more. While these modern treasures don’t usually get featured in travel guides and blogs, they are nonetheless just as interesting and appealing as some of the city’s hyped vintage tourist magnets.Not overly fond of medieval relics and buildings? Before you make an itinerary to this beautiful city, please consider these amazing suggestions and options.

Adrenaline Rush

The Celeritas Shooting Club is truly a breath of fresh air to the city’s tourism scene. A total adrenaline rush, a session to this sought-after shooting club will literally start with a bang. As visitor in this club, you will be able to learn or hone your skills in shooting with a good range of loud and genuine heavy blasters, including desert eagles, pump action shot guns, and AK-47s.

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Solve a challenging real-life puzzle

Get your creative juices flowing, and solve puzzling mysteries at Claustrophilia. Here, guests get to see the renowned and exciting point & click games come into reality. As a participant in their games, you will have to search for real items, use and combine them, and find logical ways to solve the puzzle. Sounds fun, right? Then, make sure to include this sojourn, as you make an itinerary to this Europe hub.

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A stainless ultramodern eyeful

Very few ultramodern buildings in Hungary can rival the sheer grandeur and awe-inspiring beauty of the ING headquarters. Labeled as the most stunning contemporary architectural gem in Budapest, this masterpiece lures bystanders and photography enthusiasts with its eccentric design and creative stainless steel patterns.

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A gleaming engineered masterpiece

Standing proudly right at the heart of the city, the Vorosmarty 1 is a glistening engineering spectacle that you should include to your list, as you make an itinerary to the city of Budapest. Surrounded by classic Hungarian delights and neo-gothic architectural treasures, the Vorosmarty 1 is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that resembles a simple and sleek glass box. Located at Vorosmarty Square, this amazing man-made wonder is also a shopper’s paradise, hosting a ton of chic shops and boutiques.

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Delve into the world of science

Drop by the Palace of Wonders, and discover the amazing world of science through a string of fascinating exhibits and thrilling interactive games, such as the Magic Funnel, Coriolis’ Room, Bernoulli Disc and Bermuda Cylinder.

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From state-of-the-art engineering wonders to exciting real-life games, this European destination indeed has a plethora of modern marvels to offer to its visitors. To discover more of Budapest’s hidden jewels and contemporary tourist offering, make an itinerary now with Trekeffect!

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