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Calaguas Island, A Hidden Tropical Paradise In Bicol

With no shopping centers to flaunt and insufficient electrical outlets available, a visit to the relatively unknown Calaguas may spell disaster for many travelers. Tucked away in the province of Camarines Norte, Calaguas is a secluded archipelago with limited internet and cellular phone coverage, which can turn off travelers who are overly fond and enthusiastic of posting images on social networks.Yet surprisingly, this hidden exotic archipelago is getting an influx of foreign and local travelers lately. As a matter of fact, it is often tagged as the best emerging tropical destination in the Philippines.Why are people drawn to this unheard-of Filipino destination? Here are a few good why reasons why tourists, especially travel bloggers, have been talking endlessly about this archipelago.

Untamed beauty of Calaguas

While there is no electricity in Calaguas, it is the island’s untamed beauty that makes it so special to many backpackers and travelers. As a tourist in this pristine destination, there won’t be any melancholic , witty Facebook statuses and Instagram images that can distract you. Here, you get back to basics, and get a taste of a true idyllic island life. Calaguas is a rustic enclave where you will have to carry your own bucket of water and use a flashlight, when taking a shower at night. It is a place where your tablets, mobile phones and laptops are of no use. But, it is also a tropical paradise where you can get fresh all-organic buko juice picked directly from a coconut tree. With the assistance of local, you can enjoy a healthy and fresh serving of buko juice, with no additional artificial flavors and sweeteners.

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Laid-back charm

The island offers you a relaxing respite away from buzzing urban jungles of the Philippines. A vacation or visit to this destination lets you indulge in the heavenly grandeur of the island’s charm and beauty. Not only does it boast a long fine stretch of white powdery sands, but it also has crystal clear waters that provide a reflection of the beautiful blue sky above. What’s more, its island is teeming with lush plants and gorgeous tropical trees.

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Unique camping adventures

The islands do not have a lot of accommodation facilities, but there are travel agencies and tour operators that offer one-of-a-kind overnight camping experiences. As a camper in Calaguas, you will have the sky above as your roof, the gentle sea waves as your soothing lullaby, and the moons and stars as your gleaming chandeliers. Of course, you will have white sands as your bed, and its lovely sea breeze as your air-conditioner.Since the island’s facilities are very limited, you might want to bring these things with you, as you set up a camp on any of its sandy beaches

If, however, you would like to have some comfort during your visit to this destination, you may book your stay at Waling-Waling Ecovillage, an eye-catching resort that offers cabana and kubol accommodations. By the way, the resort also has electricity using a generator.

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Breathtaking sights and fascinating tales about traveling

When the sun sets, make sure to prepare your camera, and take snapshots of its majestic sunset. Also, don’t forget to join a bonfire, share stories with your fellow travelers, and gaze on the shimmering stars above you.

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Other things to do in Calaguas

  • A walk along the famous Mahabang Buhangin, a mile-long beach.
  • Trekking to the Tinago Hill
  • Scuba diving and snorkeling at the Pinagtigasan Beach
  • Island hopping

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