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How To Experience Amsterdam Without Spending A Fortune

Whether you are party animal, history buff or someone who wants to enjoy the laid-back ambiance of a beautiful European city, there is something special and interesting that awaits you in the City of Amsterdam. Aptly named as “the Venice of the North”, Amsterdam is a colorful and beautiful destination known for a lot of things, such as it urban flair, 17th century buildings, beautiful canals and buzzing nightlife scene. An art lover’s delight, the capital city of the Netherlands also is speckled with eye-caching world-class art museums and galleries, such as the Museum het Rembrandthuis and Stedelijk Museum.

A trip to Amsterdam, however, could mean spending a great deal of Euros, especially if you splurge on extravagant nightlife, Michelin-star restaurants and five-star hotels. As with other European cities, Amsterdam can be rather expensive place to enjoy a vacation. Thankfully, we at Trekeffect have come up with a list of tips on how you can enjoy Amsterdam without spending a fortune.

Ideal time to visit

Economically speaking, the best time to visit Amsterdam is between the months November and March. During these months, hotel rates are a bit cheaper than the other times of the year. Likewise, try visiting this city on weekdays, when canal-front bed –and-breakfasts and hostels have better availability and lower rates.

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Means of transportation

Avoid taking taxi cabs, as their rates are quite unreasonable, especially on shorter journeys. For the first two kilometers, a taxi cab would charge you with a fee worth 7 Euros. From the Schiphol airport to the city’s central location, a taxi cab ride costs at least 40 Euros.As an alternative, . For 9.5 Euros only, a bike rental allows you to explore the city for an entire day. Not only is it cheap, but it allows you discover some of Amsterdam’s hidden gems. Besides, the city of Amsterdam is often considered a true biker’s city. As you rent a bike, though, plan your route beforehand with a road trip planner.

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Communication tools

When reaching out to your friends and family back home, take advantage of the free communication apps on your Blackberry, Android or iPhone via a free WiFi connection. In this case, the best apps you can use are eBuddyXMS, Viber, Whatsapp, and . With these apps, you will be able to send free texts and make free calls with just a Wifi connection.You can find free Wifi access for your at several cafes around the city. If, however, you don’t have a tablet or smartphone, use the free computers at the city’s public library, which is located near the central station.

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Invest in a card

Do love museums? Then, invest in an Iamsterdam City Card or a Museum Card. With these cards, you get free admission or discounted rates to several museums in Amsterdam and the rest of Netherlands, including the famous Anne Frank House, Rijksmuseum, Olympic Stadium, Palace on Dam Square, and a whole lot more. Plus, these cards offer a ton of freebies as well as discounts to many different attractions in the city.

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Take a free walking tour

Experience the true essence of Amsterdam by taking a free walking tour around the city. In Amsterdam, there are a lot of young generous and savvy tourist guides who would show travelers the Anne Frank House, the Red Light District the other best sights of the city, on a whiz-bang three-hour walkabout. While these guides are offered to everyone for free, their tour guides do accept tips from its participants.

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Free entertainment

From the free lunchtime concerts at Concertegebouw to the free Tuesday performances at the National Opera & Ballet, there is no shortage of free concerts and entertainment in this sought-after European destination.

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