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How To Make Money Writing My Own Travel Blog

Struggling to earn money as a travel blogger? Think you’ve reached a plateau with your earnings? Luckily for you, we’ve got a plethora of insightful tips and relevant information to help you legitimately make money through travel blogging. Although writing a travel blog isn’t exactly a get-rich-quick scheme, it can give you a substantial amount of money and a steady income flow, once you’ve mastered these tip-offs.

Learn to love your craft

Building a travel blog just to make a little cash? If you’re not really passionate about traveling and writing in the first place, then you’re largely wasting your effort and time. The art of travel blogging isn’t simply formulaic or scientific. Without a deep-rooted passion and love for your craft, you’ll likely face a tide of upset and frustrations.

Use Google Analytics

Keep track of your efforts, as you continue to build your site by installing Google Analytics on your travel blog. Not only will it let you monitor your blog’s visits, but it can also help you determine effectively where your site’s traffic is coming from. Plus, it shows the geography, age and even interests of your audience, which will come in handy when building a sales copy or selling products on your blog. With all the information you can accumulate on GA, you can create topics or sell items that fit perfectly to the needs, wants and interests of your readers.

Engage your audience

Wondering why your travel blog has yet to earn a cent despite all your efforts and hard work? Before you start monetizing your blog, your readers have to be engaged. That means you already know your audience quite well. Even if have more than 40,000 page views a day, you still won’t earn a dollar when your readers don’t give a damn about your brand. When it comes to monetizing a travel blog, your numbers and stats are exactly your bread and butter.

Monetize your travel blog with CPM or CPC ads

One of the most common and effective ways to make money in travel blogging is to place ads on your site. There are a couple of popular kinds of ads that you may infuse to your travel blog:
  • - CPM ads: Known as “cost per 1,000 impressions”, these are advertorials that pay a fixed amount of cash based on how many users view your ad.
  • - CPC/PPC ads: Pay per click, or also labeled as cost per clicks, ads are normally banners placed in your blog’s sidebar or content. Every time a blog visitor clicks on the ad, you’ll be paid for that click.
Google Adsense is, by far, the most sought-after and famous network for these types of online ads. With Google Adsense, there’s literally no need for you to be in direct contact with the advertisers. You just have to put the banner on your travel blog, and Google will choose the ads that are relevant to your content. In addition to Adsense, there are countless other options and similar programs available, like Media.Net, Infolinks and Chitika.

Affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing, you – as a travel blogger – have to promote someone else’s service or product to your readers. Using your unique affiliate link, you’ll link to that service or product on your travel blog. And, when someone clicks on that affiliate link and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a commission. There are over a thousand of affiliate programs you can join. Here’s a short list of the affiliate programs that can help you make money through travel blogging.
  • - Amazon Influencer program
  • - Bluehost
  • - Genesis
  • - Amazon Associates
  • - LinkShare
  • - ClickBank

Sell your own products

Whether you’re a blogging rookie or veteran, you shouldn’t solely focus on ads on your travel blog. While ads and affiliate marketing can be pretty effective (and you should continue rolling with them), it’s not the only way to earn money from a blog. The thing is, creating your original products may result in consistent sales, at a potentially higher rate than what you get from affiliate marketing. If you’re only earning with affiliate marketing or ads, consider adding a few digital products to your online sales strategy as well. Here are some digital products that you may sell on your travel blog.
  • - eBook
  • - Online classes
  • - eCourses
  • - Themes, plugins and apps
  • - Membership sites
  • - Premium Content
  • - Live online workshops or classes
Likewise, you can sell physical products on your site, such as:
  • - Travel related manufactured products
  • - Handmade products
  • - Books
  • - In-person special events, classes or conferences
After creating a blog, you’ll essentially become a writer. Your travel blog, then, becomes your portfolio, so use it to your advantage. Today, there are plenty of sites, blogs and magazines looking for writers to help them with their content. Contact them! Alternatively, you may go to freelance writing ports, such as Problogger.com and Freelancewriting.com, to find the right writing gig for you. Once someone on these sites hires you and likes your writing style, they might even hire you or contact you in the near future. If you have some spare time and in need for extra cash, this one is definitely a great option.

Paid marketing campaign

Tourism Boards and travel industries may hire you to market their destinations, services or attractions. As matter of fact, they might even make you their brand ambassador, especially if you are a well-known traveler. Of course, marketing those things means you’ll score free trips and earn some cash.  On average, bloggers earn $ 500 to 1,500 per blog post, for this kind of opportunity.

Create a smashing media kit

Want to work with the top brands in the travel industry? Then, build a media kit, and make sure that it can be spotted easily on your travel blog. A truly terrific media kit should be professional-looking, simple and full of all your site’s stats like monthly traffic. Furthermore, it should highlight some of your accomplishments as a travel blogger, including getting featured on a famous travel magazine or a TV show. In a nutshell, your media kit should be a tool to lure advertisers and brands to sponsor your trips or pay you for posting their products on your site.

Have a dedicated “work with me” landing page

Make it easy for brands and people to get in touch with you. Also, always reply to them, even if you’re turning down their offer. And, don’t forget to get a professional-looking email add (not yourname@gmail.com).


Do everything and anything in your power to get your name in the blogging sphere and meet the big-time brands in the travel industry. Email your media kit to PR companies, and go to blogging conferences, such as Traverse and TBEX. And, don’t forget to engage with the top travel brands on social media by tagging them and using their official hashtags.

Join networks for bloggers

Create a profile on online networks that help brands discover bloggers to work with. Here are some online networks that we recommend to aspiring professional travel bloggers.

Create killer content

Lastly, focus on writing an awesome killer content. After all, your travel blog is basically your portfolio for making money and selling your services. You may find tons of shortcut tricks and tricks online, teaching you how to easily make money with your travel blog. But, keep in mind that as with life, there’s no shortcut to a successful travel blog. Sure, those tricks may get you some money, but they are mostly short-term solutions. If you want to make your travel blog a long-term, income-generating project, create an amazing content, and become an authority site. Initially, you won’t make a lot of money on your authority site, but in the long run, it has the potential to generate a whole lot more money than the shortcut hacks and techniques.

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