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The Most Beautiful Sights In Krakow

The Most Fascinating And Eye-Catching Sights Of Krakow

Krakow is not only the second biggest city in Poland, but it is by far the country’s main tourist draw as well. As Poland’s visual and historic gem, the city of Krakow is a treasure pile of exquisite Renaissance and Gothic architecture. In spite of the German invasion during the Second World War, the city has miraculously retained a chunk of its man-made wonders and treasures. As a matter of fact, no other Polish destination can boast a wide collection of artworks and historic monuments as this city.
From 13th century market squares to medieval castles, tourists who are fond of sightseeing will be mesmerized by the beautiful sights available on this Polish city. Indeed, a trip to Krakow is a sightseeing adventure that creates a ton of pleasant memories.

Main Square

The Main Square, the city’s marketplace, is a great place to start a sightseeing trip in Krakow. From market stalls and food vendors to friendly pigeons, the square is full of life and activity. Not to mention, it has a vast collection of restaurants, bars, and cafes, making it a perfect to observe the local culture and atmosphere.

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Wawel Castle

For most tourists, a visit to the Wawel Castle is the visual highlight of their trip in Krakow. Built in the later stages of the 16th century, the castle features an intriguing blend of different architectural styles. As for its interior architecture, it is just as impressive as it exterior design. Furthermore, this gothic castle is brimming with woodwork, hand-crafted furniture and vintage artworks.

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The Wawel Cathedral

Wandering around the cathedral is a great way to discover the history of Poland. As a historic and religious site, this cathedral serves as a burial place to a great number of Polish bishops, national heroes and kings. Moreover, a lot of phenomenal artists have left a myriad of magnificent artworks in this cathedral, making it both a spiritual sanctuary and an art gallery.The highlight of this cathedral is the Holy Cross Chapel, which is located on the church’s southwestern corner. Here, tourists get a load of bewitching Byzantine 15th century frescoes and the beautiful marble sarcophagus.

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The Church of the Virgin Mary

The Church of the Virgin Mary is truly a breathtaking sight to behold in the city of Krakow. Touted as one of the most popular churches in Poland, this charming sacred site is a Gothic architectural gem that features a couple of spectacular towers. Built in 1666, the church’s taller tower is an ostentatious spire that has a lavish crown made of gold.The church’s interiors are equally as impressive as its exterior architecture. Inside the church, tourists get to experience its luxurious feel as well as catch a glimpse of several alluring decorations, paintings statues, furniture, and altar pieces carved intricately in lime wood.

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Wieliczka Salt Mine

The Wieliczka salt mine is, without a doubt, a true epitome of human creativity. Established in 13th century, the Wieliczka salt mine is one of the oldest salt mines in the world that is still operating. Drawing millions of tourists every year, the mine is famous for its intriguing attractions. Here, tourists to get to three chapels, and a bunch of statues that are all carved out of rock salt by its miners. The main attraction of the site, however, is the Saint Kinga’s Chapel, an underground cathedral that is also made of salt.

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Florian Gate

The Florian Gate is one of the most underrated attractions in the city of Krakow. Basically, it is an eye-catching historic gateway that was fabricated around 1300. As a defensive wall, it is certainly one of the few surviving monuments of its kind in the European region. Likewise, it is probably the most beautiful and largest one.

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Do these magnificent sights captivate you? If so, then pack your bags, and plan your trip to Krakow with the help of Trekeffect!

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