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The Worlds Weirdest Hotels

There’s no denying that a hotel can potentially make or break a trip

In a traveler’s world filled with a hostel or a Hilton on every corner, a more unique lodging in the weirdest hotels could make for the experience of a life time. For some, a hotel is merely a place to throw down your pack and rest your eyes for a few hours. For others, the resort is the hub which an entire vacation can be centered around. No matter what your rooming preference is, there are a few locals that draw a specific clientele.

But by adding an element of weirdness, stepping outside the usual rooming box, your vacation can be taken to a new extreme. Whether it’s a prison experience or sleeping in an antique train car that strikes your fancy, there’s a unique hotel experience waiting for you.

These are by far some of the weirdest hotels you can stay at:

For the Ski Bunnies

ICEHOTEL - Jukkasjärvi, Sweden

Located in Northern Sweden, the ICEHOTEL opened in 1990 as the world’s first hotel entirely erected out of ice. Everything, from the beds and the chairs to the walls and the ceilings, are artfully scultped from blocks taken out of the nearby Torne River. Due to the temperamental nature of the construction materials, stays are only available from December to April.

This also means that the ICEHOTEL must be completely reconstructed every winter. Able to house about 100 guests at a time, there is an option of either warm or cold accommodations. Choose wisely, because the Absolute IceBar can only keep you so warm for so long!

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For Those Who Come For the View

Marmara Antalya - Antalya, Turkey

This is not a hotel for those with vertigo, or who get sick on merry-go-rounds. Antalya is a beautiful coastal town along the Mediterranean, with a gorgeous backdrop of the Taurus mountain range. It’s not surprising then, that visitors to this Turkish area would expect a panoramic view. The Marmara has created the world’s first 360° rotating hotel. No longer will you have to choose between your view; now the world outside your window is constantly changing!

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For those with a Sweet Tooth

Godiva Suite - New York, NY

The Bryant Park Hotel is one of the most well known and luxurious hotels in the great city of New York. Though the building itself is not particularly unusual, it is host to quite the spectacular ‘suite’ Valentine’s Day treat. For the special lover’s holiday, the hotel teams up with chocolate giant Godiva to create the most sinfully delicious stay. The entire suite is filled with things either decorated to look like it’s made of chocolate, or are actually chocolate! The books open to pages full of truffles, the artwork is remade with chocolate chunks (such as Gustav Klimts “The Kiss”, even the arm chairs are solid cocoa goodness. In this real life Willy Wonka Factory, the most difficult decision you’ll have to make is where to start.

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For Those With Fairy Tale Dreams

La Balade Des Gnomes - Durbuy, Belgium

This hotel seems to be a world purely from the imagination that Walt Disney could only dream of. Every single room has a different theme, varying from a lunar launch to a troll’s kingdom (complete with running stream and live goldfish!). If you’re looking for something a little roomier, you can have the entire Trojan Horse to yourself. Designed for more earth-friendly folk, all building materials are natural, and are designed with simplicity in mind. So leave your adult worries at the door, and don’t be frightened if you happen upon a mermaid in your room.

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For the Sea Sick

Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht - Gangwan, South Korea

Love the sea, but can’t face the motion of the ocean? Cruises are increasingly becoming a more popular form of vacation. But for those that even a regular regiment of Dramamine can’t help, they’re a nightmare. The Sun Cruise Resort seems to be the cure all to your troubles then.

This specially designed cruise ship will never launch, as it is built on land. The rooms and facilities are all designed to replicate that of a ship, with all the comfort of solid ground. Situated on the coastal cliff in Jeongdongjin, they claim to have the best view of the sunrise in all of Korea.

Surrounded by parks, beach, and the East Sea, the world’s first on-land cruise ship does have one leg up on their marine counterparts: season is never a factor, and this hotel can be enjoyed all year round.

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