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Top 10 US Destinations

United States is the fourth largest country in the world

The United States of America, USA for short, or commonly known as the United States (U.S. or US) or America, is a country consisting of 50 states. It is a pretty big place with a cluster of amazing tourist attractions. However, planning a holiday vacation in the US can be a tall order for any ambitious traveler. But luckily for you and other tourists out there, this online travel guide has a list of the best and most popular destinations in this great and fascination region of the world!

To enjoy an unforgettable trip to “the land of the free”, make sure to consider these some of the most popular and wonderful US destinations:

1. New York City

You have probably known the city of New York from songs, televisions and blockbuster films. But, try visiting this US destination in person, and you will discover a bustling and restless metropolis that is abundant in shopping, restaurants, history, sports and culture. After you have visited the city’s most celebrated landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, try stepping off the city’s beaten path in a myriad of directions, such as a tour of Brooklyn pizzerias, and upper Manhattan’s museum of medieval Cloisters.

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2. San Diego

The city of San Diego is the true epitome of California’s laid-back culture, thanks to its charming locals, astounding culinary scene, and intriguing attractions. As a tourist in San Diego, you get to breathe fresh air from the ocean, enjoy free entertainment, as well as gobble down on a spicy Mexican treats like fresh fish tacos.

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3. Yellowstone

With far-reaching hiking trails, lovely hot springs, kaleidoscopic pools and steaming geysers, Yellowstone truly has become a paradise for backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts. Home to the world famous Old Faithful, Yellowstone is a breathtaking 2.2-million-acre national park blessed with a wealth of natural wonders, such as the Mammoth Hot Springs and Yellowstone Lake. Although this destination does not have a vibrant nightlife or an eclectic shopping scene, it still attracts over three million tourists every year.

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4. Las Vegas

Whether you are a foodie or a high roller, there is something for you to enjoy in Las Vegas. As tourist in this US destination, you get to savor exquisite dishes from the country’s top chefs as well as try your luck at any of its premier world-class casinos. Furthermore, a visit here allows you to experience quality entertainment and watch spectacular cultural shows.

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5. Honolulu

A picturesque tropical paradise, Honolulu is an intoxicating Hawaiian destination that will amaze you in a variety of ways. From its historic buildings like the Ali’olani Hale to its powdery white sand beaches, Honolulu has a ton of interesting and eye-catching tourist attractions.

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6. Los Angeles

Hollywood allures tourists who are longing for a touch of Tinseltown’s charm and glamour. Here, you get to touch the TCL Chinese Theatre’s famous prints as well as take a tour at its massive and state-of-the-art movie studies. What’s more, a visit here gives you a chance to see your favorite celebrities at one of the city’s trendiest nightspots.

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7. Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island is one of the country’s most underdeveloped destinations. Still, it is a scintillating haven with a dazzling array of wildlife, breathtaking sights and natural attractions, such as majestic sunrises, beautiful old oaks, skittering armadillos, gorgeous butterflies, small fiddler crabs, wild turkeys, feral horses, windswept dunes and pristine beaches.

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8. Grand Canyon

Arizona’s Grand Canyon National Park is arguably the greatest natural wonder in North America. A lofty mystical beauty, the Grand Canyon is known for its impressive size, precipitous trails, colorful mesas and glorious cliffs.

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9. Central Coast

Foreign travelers, for the most part, consider Central Coast as a flyover between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Little do they know, this destination has a surreal scenic coast that will give them a taste of paradise on Earth. Here, tourists get to experience its pleasant laid-back ambiance as well as get a load its rare wildlife, hidden covers, cliff lookouts, and the famous Hwy 1, which is one the most iconic roads in the country.

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10. Orlando

If you are traveling with your family, then Orlando is the ideal US destination for you. Known as the world’s largest family entertainment center, Orlando boasts a handful of massive family entertainment complexes, such as Wet and Wild, Sea World, Universal Studios, and Disney World.

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