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Top 6 Things To Do In Adelaide

Famous for its neat casual, cultured and sophisticated persona

The city of Adelaide is simply an adorable treasure pile of outdoor activity, gastronomy, fine arts and shopping. Nestled in the midst of Australia’s finest wine regions, Adelaide also serves as a gateway to some of the country’s hidden treasures. While the city lacks the buzz and energy of Melbourne and Sydney, it is nevertheless an idyllic utopia that would give its tourists a slice of heaven on earth. After all, it is a city known for its grandeur, flourishing opal industry and strong European influence.

The city is quite serene and laid-back, when compared to the other bigger cities and capitals in the country. Yet, amazingly, South Australia’s capital offers a dazzling array of things to do that would surely delight all kinds of travelers. As a matter of fact, the city has a plethora of intriguing attractions that can keep you hooked for days or even weeks.

To help you pick your activities in this picturesque Australian destination, we at Trekeffect have put together a list of the city’s best sights and most fascinating attractions. Without further ado, here are the top things to do in Adelaide:

1. Get a taste of Australia’s wildlife

Get up close and personal with Australia’s charming native wildlife by swinging by the Cleland Conservation Park. A 35-hectare open bush land, this conservation park gives you a one-of-kind opportunity to cuddle and feed the famous native animals of the continent, such as Emus, wallabies, kangaroos and koalas. What’s more, the place has a very gorgeous natural backdrop, thanks to its local terrain and beautiful hills.

Finding the park, though, can be a tall order, especially if you don’t have a route finder or a travel itinerary planner. Still, it is a fascinating attraction definitely worth visiting.

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2. Sample delectable wines

With easy access to more than 200 cellars doors, the city of Adelaide has become a gateway to the premier wine regions in the country. As a tourist in this blissful city, you may experience a scintillating wine tour as well as savor fine wines from one of Australia’s several famous wine regions like McLaren Vale, Clare Valley and Barossa Valley. But if you are interested in visiting all the wine regions near the city, make sure to plan your route with a trip builder.

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3. Explore the unique and magical landscapes of the continent

Discovering the region’s mystical ancient natural wonders is an absolute must for anyone visiting this city. With a visit to South Australia’s capital, you get to marvel at the unique landscapes and magnificent natural formations in the Admirals Arch, River Murray and Flinders Ranges.

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4. Marvel at a collection of exquisite modern art pieces

Spend a few hours in the parquetry-floored and vaulted gallery that showcases majestic masterpieces from the biggest names in the Australia’s art scene. As a guest in the Art Gallery of South Australia, you get to lay eyes on a wide collection of permanent exhibits that include contemporary European, Islamic, Asian, Aboriginal and Australian art.

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5. Discover Jetty Road’s delights

With a relaxing beachside atmosphere and an eclectic array of restaurants, the Jetty Road
has become the main shopping and dining district in South Australia. From sought-after pizza points to international cuisines, Jetty Road boasts a variety of culinary delights that beckon all sorts of foodies. Furthermore, it is a great vantage point for viewing spectacular sunsets as well as a lively entertainment center teeming with talented street performers.

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6. Shopping spree

Blessed with a cluster of diverse shopping centers, the City Adelaide is truly a paradise for shoppers and lavish travelers. Here, shoppers get to shop premium quality products from a handful of shopping districts, including the King William Road, The Parade, Rundle Mall, East End, Norwood, Burnside Village, Glenelgg and a whole lot more. For budget-conscious travelers, the city also has open air markets that offer gourmet foods, antiques and clothing at very affordable rates.

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To discover more of the city’s attractions and wonders, plan a trip to Adelaide with Trekeffect!

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