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Twin Peaks Locations: Road Trip Through WA and CA

The Twin Peaks Road Trip

What better time to visit the Twin Peaks locations? For die-hard Twin Peaks fans, 2014 marks twenty-five years: the year Laura Palmer will see Dale Cooper again. A trip to the filming locations of the long-gone series might just be the perfect way to spend a vacation. To achieve that goal, you’ll drive through communities in Washington State; there are a few locations in California as well.

In Washington State

During the Washington portion of your vacation, the perfect place for fans of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks television show to stay is the site of the Great Northern, which is also known as the Salish Lodge and Spa, in Snoqualmie, Wash.

If you’re interested in finding Big Ed’s Gas Farm, head down I-90 toward Issaquah. The gas station was located on a rural road near Preston, but you won’t see it anymore. Now, the building is a plant supply store, but that doesn’t seem to deter fans of the thriller show. The owners of the store don’t mind if visitors stop and take pictures, understanding the reason it draws tourists. Just across the street from the former gas station is the residence of characters Ed and Nadine Hurley, owners of Ed’s Gas Farm.

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Three more locations in Snoqualmie

There are three more locations in Snoqualmie. Mt. Si High School is where Twin Peaks High was located. The building is still used as a school, and is home of the Wildcats. When Donna, James and Laura went for a picnic, those scenes were shot in Snoqualmie Point Park, with the peaks in the background of many shots.

The final location in Snoqualmie is a large red railroad bridge at the intersection of SE Reirig Road and 396th Street. The imposing bridge is the scene of Ronette’s survival of the horror that occurred with the killer’s attack. Ronette survived, wandering across the bridge and into town to tell the tale.

Outside Snoqualmie, you’ll have to travel to Fall City, Washington if you’re interested in finding the headquarters for the Bookhouse Boys – a pub called The Bookhouse. You’ll also find the Falls City Road House, where interior and exterior scenes for the Twin Peaks Road House were shot in Twin Peaks and Fire Walk With Me.

In North Bend, Twede’s Café was an important location in the show- it is the site of the popular Double-R-Diner. Twin Peaks hasn’t been on the air for more than two decades, but Twede’s pays homage to its Hollywood turn with their “Twin Peaks Cherry Pie.”

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California Filming Locations

After the pilot, the production moved to Los Angeles, California, where much of the filming took place in a Van Nuys studio – City Studios. A scene found in the Twin Peaks Gold Box DVD set, and on Youtube, features a bakery called Wagon Wheel Do-Nuts, which was filmed at Monrovia Bakery in Monrovia, California.

The Glastonberry Grove scenes and the scenes at Windom Earle’s cabin, were shot in the Santa Monica Mountain National Recreation Area at the entrance to the Black Lodge. Visitors to the Glastonberry Grove location may not find a portal into another universe, but they will find a gorgeous wooded location to explore.

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Aside from enjoying its wild and rip-roaring road trips, a visit to Twin Peaks also allows you to enjoy its majestic and gorgeous destinations. So, if you are looking for an exquisite journey, plan a trip to Twin Peaks with Trekeffect!

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