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Why A Vacation To Go Can Spell Disaster

Vacation to go, or also referred as dynamic packaging, has been gaining a lot of steam lately, thanks to its uncanny ability to create tailored travel packages

With a vacation to go package, a traveler gets to create and set up a personalized package through a lot of different travel service providers. This, in turn, enables the traveler to choose his or her accommodations, flights, means of transportation, and a plethora of other travel options, instead of selecting a standard travel package designed by an agency. Whether you are in the mood for a desert escapade or a big city getaway, dynamic packaging can be a great boon to you, as you plan your trip.Yet, for all the perks that can be offered by dynamic packaging, getting this kind of travel package may not be your best bet. As a matter of fact, there are a number of drawbacks involved with this kind of vacation planning.

In this guide, Trekeffect reveals some of the disadvantages of vacation to go packages.

Quality of service isn’t guaranteed

Travel companies that supply regular vacation packages recognize the importance of quality. Likewise, they know that their clients desire a high level of service and quality, when booking a travel package. As a result, they thrive in making sure that high standards are met by their tour guides, hotels and airlines. But, if a client opts to create a vacation to go package, there won’t be any guarantee of high standards from the individual travel service providers.

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Limited airline choice

As far as airline choice, packages from vacation to go are pretty limited. Unlike travel agents that offer standard vacation packages, no-frills and charter airlines don’t work with most dynamic packaging companies, which can be a major drawback as you put together cheap packages to cities and resorts.

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Fewer accommodation options

As for now, you won’t have the luxury to book more than one hotel, with dynamic packaging. With that in mind, this concept may not be a viable choice to complicated multi-stay trips like a touring holiday. Furthermore, the range of your accommodation is, for the most part, limited to mainstream resorts and hotels. With this travel planning option, you are unlikely to find hostels, B&Bs, cottages and even villas.

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With a standard vacation package, your travel agency will be able to pursue and file all the complaints that you may have with the service provided by the hotel, tour guide or airlines. On the other hand, with a dynamic packaging plan, you will have to pursue and file complaints on your own. Of course, this can be a hassle and disadvantage to you, especially if the complaint includes a monetary refund from an international hotel or airline. As you file a complaint with an international hotel or airline, you will have to deal with you have visited.

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Less protection

As you choose a standard vacation package, the travel operator will inform you as well as set up an alternative route or arrangement, whenever a problem with the tour guide, accommodations or flight arises. But with dynamic packaging, you will have less protection if anything goes wrong with your travel plan.

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Processing refunds can be a huge burden to you, when you choose to book your vacation with dynamic packaging. Unlike standard packages, in dynamic packaging, you need to request a refund from every service provider in your travel itinerary. Every service provider has its own regulations and rules regarding refunds. Not only will take a great deal of time and effort on your end, but you also end up losing a few bucks.

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