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Why UMF Will Drive Your Parents Nuts  

Ultra Music Festival is a supremely uniqueglitzy and frenzied spectaclethat you must experience in 2015. Billed as the biggest electronic music festival in the US, this buzzing event is ultimately a marathon of heart-pounding beats, showcasing some of the world’s top DJs. Trust me, it is a crazy one-of-a-kind music festival that you have never seen or experienced before.

Yet, for all the excitement the Ultra Music Festival brings, it is something that your mom and dad may not be fond of. Here are some reasons why the UMF 2015 could drive your parents nuts.

An endless medley of crazy things

Over the years, the Ultra Music Festival in Miami has seen a bevy of crazily fun things. From tree-hugging girls to epic stage dives, expect to see plenty of wild stuff at Miami’s Ultra Music Festival.

Don’t believe me? Spend a couple of minutes watching this video, so you can get a preview of the eccentricities that may happen during this zesty 3-day outdoor music festival.

By the way, the girl in this video isn’t under the influence of alcohol or drugs. As far as I know, this young and pretty chick just has a thing for trees.

So, for dudes planning a trip to Miami for the festival, I highly recommend that you dress up like a tree for this year’s big Ultra event. Who knows? Maybe, another wild and crazy chick, who obviously loves trees, would caress you and give you some loving.

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Extremely insane outfits

There won’t be a shortage of quirky people wearing extraordinary outfits and costumes at the Ultra Music Festival in 2015.

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Nudity is the norm

Don’t be surprised to meet people covering their private parts with pasties only.  In fact, some would even dance naked! Indeed, it is party where the likes of Chelsea Handler and Nicki Minaj are fairly normal.

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A lot of booze

Expect a lot of beers and other alcoholic drinks at the Ultra Music Festival 2015 in Miami, Florida.

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A dynamic international party

Dancing in the midst of sea of hippie party animals from over 70 counties is a mind-blowing experience that you will remember for years to come.  Your mom and dad, however, won’t like the idea of you dancing, and bumping into sweaty strangers. Plus, no parent wants to his or her children get hit by stage divers.

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UMF lets you meet insanely weird new friends

The Ultra Music Festival 2015 will feature a weird, magical and gorgeous mixture of characters, who hail from other parts of the country and the world. As a participant of this event, you will definitely meet a bunch of fabulous festival buddies that will give you a blast of a lifetime.

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EDM may not be their cup of tea

EDM (electronic dance music) is an upbeat and ear-piercing genre of music that may piss off your parents. Although it’s not as loud and boisterous as death metal music, EDM is a style of music that they might not appreciate. Let’s face it, they prefer music that are a bit calmer, smoother and more relaxing like jazz, slow rock, oldies, blues and alternative music.  They need a soft kind of music to help them unwind and relax.

When it comes to EDM festivals, nothing is as big and extensive as the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. As a matter of fact, it is often deemed as the focal point of electronic dance music in the world. And for this year, the organizers of this annual outdoor festival are planning to make it even bigger, wilder and more thrilling.

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The UMF is a chance to discover upcoming talents in the EDM world

The Ultra Music Festival in Miami is more than just a household festival for the world’s biggest DJs.  The way I see it, it is also a colorful event that takes pride in presenting up-and-coming talents.

Last year, the festival’s spectators were treated to the blasting electronic music from rising acts like Michael Brun, Martin Garrix, Dyro and Blasterjaxx. Of course, they were also lucky enough to witness and dance to the electrifying music from UMF legends, such as Tiesto, Armin van Buuren and Carl Cox.  Indeed, the Ultra Music Festival in Miami is a wonderful hodgepodge of rising stars and EDM icons.

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A stellar phase 1 lineup

The Ultra Music Festival 2015 in Miami started to pick up steam as early as December 14, releasing a photo flyer of the phase 1 lineup. As expected, this year’s phase 1 lineup will feature globally renowned acts like Skrillex, Hardwell, Tiesto, A State of Trance, Armin van Buuren and David Guetta.  As you start to dig dipper into the flyer, however, you will also notice names like Kygo, Trippy Turtle, Peter Robinson and Odesza.

Live Headliners

  • 1RAC
  • 2Porter Robinson
  • 3Odesza
  • 4Netsky
  • 5Kygo
  • 6Krewella
  • 7Kiesza
  • 8Gorgon City
  • 9Die Antwoord
  • 10Clean Bandit
  • 11Bassnectar

DJ Headliners

  • 1Tiesto
  • 2Tales of Us
  • 3Steve Aoki
  • 4Steve Angello
  • 5Skrillex
  • 6Nicky Romero
  • 7Martine Garrix
  • 8Marco Corola
  • 9Maceo Plex
  • 10Loco Dice
  • 11Jamie Jones
  • 12Hardwell
  • 13Eric Prydz
  • 14Dixon
  • 15Deep Dish
  • 16David Guetta
  • 17Carl Cox
  • 18Axwell x Ingrosso
  • 19Avicii
  • 20Armin van Buuren
  • 21Alesso
  • 22Afrojack
  • 23Adam Beyer

Additional Lineup

  • 1Zeds Dead
  • 2Yousef
  • 3Yellow Claw
  • 4W&W
  • 5VINAI
  • 6Viceton
  • 7Umek
  • 8Trippy Turtle
  • 9Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaures DJ Set
  • 10Andrew Rayel
  • 11Andrew Bayer
  • 12Andhim
  • 13Alvaro
  • 14Agoria
  • 1512th Planet
  • 16Many more

Just recently, the organizers of the Ultra Music Festival in Miami have released the Phase 2 lineup. I suggest that you check out their website, for more updates.

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Reports of accidents and injuries from the previous years  

Despite all the glitz and bangs of the Ultra Music Festival 2015, there are still a lot party goers in the United States who are thinking of skipping this annual bonanza. For the most part, these people are concerned with the safety of this event. And honestly, I can’t blame them for having second thoughts.

In the previous years, there have been a lot of reports involving crimes and accidents during the Ultra Music Festival. As a matter of fact, Miami’s city commissioners even once considered ousting the event, due to the numerous incidents and injuries that happened in the event.

But on the bright side, this year will be quite different from the previous years, as far as safety is concerned. Unlike the previous years, the event’s organizers are putting extra measures in their security, to reduce criminal incidents. What’s more, it will have a larger undercover and police presence, to further enhance their security measures.

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Miami Vice

Miami is a city well-known for its high-octane nightlife scene. From cozy lounges and high-energy nightclubs, has a load of nightspots for night-owls who want to experience a scintillating night of partying.

Want to get a taste of Miami’s ultra electric nightlife circuit? Looking for the perfect party outside the fences of UMF? You might want to take a look at these suggestions.

The best nightlife venues in Miami

  • 1Club Space
  • 2LIV Miami
  • 3Treehouse
  • 4Story Nightclub

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They can’t attend it

Your parents, like other human beings, need some time to party and get away from all their work, paperwork and chores. And the best way to do that is to attend the UMF.

Unfortunately, most of them don’t have the luxury of time, with all the work and commitments they have. This, in turn, will drive them nuts.

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How to persuade your parents to let you go to Ultra Music Festival

Looking for a positive thing to say to your parents, so they can allow you to come to the festival? Actually, you don’t need your parent’s permission to attend the Ultra Music Festival. It is, after all, a premium event for those who are 18 years an above. But, if your 18 years old or older, and still living with your parents, then the excuses mentioned below may come in handy for you.

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Tons of amazing lights and fireworks

The Ultra Music Festival in 2015 will not only give you an earful of live and loud electronic dance music, but it can be a visual overload as well. As you attend this annual outdoor music festival, your eyes will be treated to an incredible display of fireworks and cool lighting effects.  Not to mention, there will be prismatic confetti falling everywhere.

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The Ultra Music Festival is a flourishing global phenomenon

Founded in 1999 by the late Alex Omes and his then partner Russell Faibisch, the Ultra Music Festival is now a global sensation that has expanded to the other parts of the world, including Tokyo, Bogota, Cape Town, Hvar, Santiago, Seoul, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo and Ibiza. But in my book, the best way to experience this booming sensation is through its birthplace, Miami, Florida.

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A world of fun awaits you in Miami

Aside from the Ultra Music Festival, a visit to Miami, from March 27 to 29, 2015, is also an opportunity for you to experience Miami’s eclectic collection of tourist attractions. Whether you are a beach lover or someone who loves wildlife, there is something special in store for you in Miami.

Top tourist attractions in Miami

  • 1Miami Beach
  • 2South Beach
  • 3Art Deco District
  • 4Ocean Drive
  • 5Everglades
  • 6Miami Museum of Science
  • 7Seaquarium
  • 8Zoo Miami
  • 9Jungle Island
  • 10Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

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An opportunity to wind up in its official aftermovie

Attend the Ultra Music Festival 2015, and get a chance to be a part of the amazingly crisp short film of the event, which will take about six months to release.

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It’s the best dance music festival in 2015

With its dazzling performances and wild outdoor parties, the Ultra Music Festival 2015 could be very well your best and most exciting weekend this year.

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An Ultra Music Festival 2015 survival guide

As with other outdoor music festivals, the UMF 2015 in Miami can be quite a headache, especially if you haven’t made the right preparations. Thankfully, we have a quick guide to help you survive this crowded and remarkable musical feast.

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Invest in a Camelbak

Hydration is by far very essential in a music festival as immense as this one. Keep in mind that you will be dancing under the scorching Miami sun for over 12 hours. And obviously, you will be sweating like Lebron James, when was playing against the San Antonio Spurs during game 2 in the NBA 2014 NBA Finals.

But the thing is, no one wants to hold a couple of water bottles of more, while twerking or dancing. It’s just distracting. That’s why investing in a Camelbak can be very beneficial for you during this scenario.  And besides, you can use this piece of equipment for your future trips and outdoor adventures.

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Do you really love electronic music?

Don’t go to Miami, and participate in the Ultra Music Festival 2015 for the sake of taking breathtaking pictures and posting them on your social accounts. Frankly, you won’t survive a day if you only came to this city, and join this event, to take terrific photographs. It’s great to take pictures, but people come here to experience the thrill of dancing to live electronic music.

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Be in good shape

You need a great deal of energy to survive this event. Take note that you will be shaking your booty for more than 10 hours a day for three consecutive days.

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Consider buying a 3-day pass

Only interested in seeing certain EDM acts? Then, purchase a three-day pass, and sell the individual days to other party goers.

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Go with a group of buddies

I wouldn’t recommend anyone going solo on this outdoor music festival. While traveling solo can be fun and exciting, it makes you vulnerable to scams and con artists. Not to mention, it is kind of boring experiencing the event on your own (unless you’re Bruce Wayne).

Going to the Ultra Music Festival 2015 with a bunch of friends makes everything interesting and downright fun. Furthermore, it lets you develop a deeper bond with your buddies.

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Create your own schedule

With hundreds of EDM acts performing among a number of stages, having tons of conflicting set schedules is a guarantee at the Ultra Music Festival 2015. For casual festival goers, these conflicts can create a great deal of stress and hassle.

To prevent this, it is best that you take a look at the schedule beforehand. Also, make sure to anticipate any potential delays in the set-times. Afterwards, create a schedule that is best suited to preferences and travel itinerary.

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Be nice to everyone

Whenever you are going to a big musical festival, you must understand that people come for a variety reasons. Not everybody’s experience at the Ultra Music Festival 2015 will be the same as yours. After all, people have different preferences, especially when it comes to music, dance moves and fashion choices. UMF is the ultimate electronic dance celebration, and a place where everybody gets to freely express themselves. Moreover, it is a spectacle in which everybody should feel loved and accepted.

The most important of word of advice we can give to you, is to have fun while trying to be nice to everyone. Party hard, but make sure not to offend anyone. Believe me, you don’t want to stir up trouble in an outdoor festival as big and crowded as this one. A world of pain could come your way if you can’t control your temper and attitude.

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So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tickets now, and experience the world’s biggest and most energetic outdoor electronic music festival. See you there!

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