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Winter: Packing The Right Clothes

Packing for a trip is always vacation’s first obstacle. It takes practice, preparation, and patience to put together the perfect suitcase. But during winter packing when you add in parkas, boots, and mittens? This art form just went to a whole new level.

When packing for your winter getaway, consider a few things:

Where are you going? Pretty obvious, but you wouldn’t want to bring your Bermuda shorts to Switzerland or head to Seattle without an umbrella. And consider the fashion of your destination. Your favorite jacket could be all the rage in California, but might not fit in in Iceland. Take a look at the forecast as your plan your trip and especially as it gets closer so you are prepared for whatever weather comes your way.

What will you be doing? If you plan on spending long days walking around the city, your brand new stiff leather boots probably aren’t the smartest choice. But if you’re headed on a ski vacation and only bring a pea coat and no ski jacket, you could be in for an interesting vacation.

Some pieces that should always be in your suitcase, no matter the activities? A good hat—think thin, waterproof and warm. Keeping the heat in through your head will keep you warm during any activity. Don’t forget good socks and gloves to keep your toes and fingers warm and comfortable for the entire day. And no mater what your itinerary entails, bring your sunglasses and sunscreen—winter sun can be especially hard on your skin.

How long will you be gone? Always plan an extra outfit, just in case. Also consider if you will have access to laundry—that could cut down the number of clothes you need to bring. Although winter clothes tend to be bulkier, they also layer better and let’s be honest, you’ll be wearing a coat over everything so what’s underneath might not matter as much.

Plan your outfits ahead of time and plan pieces that will go together multiple times. A cardigan for a night out, a day around town, and a casual morning coffee run. It helps to keep things in the same color scheme so that everything in your suitcase can be interchangeable. If you’re feeling especially organized, take pictures of your outfits before you go to make getting dressed on your trip a breeze.

Once you’ve decided what you need, how do you make it all fit without needing your own personal assistant to haul around four suitcases? Here are a few pointers:

  • Wear your bulkiest items on the plane to save suitcase space. The boots might not be as convenient through airport security, but they save valuable suitcase space. And your jacket can double as a blanket on the inevitably cold flight.
  • Use space saving bags. You know them for compressing items with a vacuum in your house, but travel size bags are smaller and don’t require a vacuum. Just stuff in your sweater and scarves, then roll it up and the air goes out. Talk about a space saving technique!
  • Learn to fold your clothes effectively. Take a few minutes to acquaint yourself with this YouTube video (by Martha Stewart, of course!) on how to fold your clothes the right way. It will free up some room in your suitcase and allow you to bring some of your favorite pieces.
  • With a little practice and preparation, you will be warm and stylish in any winter destination! Now you can head to Trekeffect and plan the perfect winter getaway!

    -Michelle Kaiser

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