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8 Most Intoxicating Party Capitals In The World

It's Party Time!

Every tourist destination has its own charm and qualities that make it unique and intriguing, whether it’s the culinary offerings, history, architectural gems, natural wonders, culture or a mixture of these elements.

The best party and nightlife capitals usually have all these qualities, but they undergo a complete metamorphosis when the sun goes down. Of course, these destinations are a bit naughtier, louder and wilder than the other cities.

If you are a party animal, and you are looking for the world’s best places to party, consider traveling to any of these destinations:

Las Vegas, USA

Billed as the world’s original Sin City, Las Vegas is truly an energetic destination that lives up to its moniker. Known for its eclectic adult entertainment, the city of Las Vegas lets its visitors indulge their vices on some of the hottest casinos and clubs in the world. Here, you get to gamble your savings, dance to the scintillating music of the world’s finest DJs as well as party with hot bikini-clad models.

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Auckland, New Zealand

Auckland, a buzzing modern cosmopolitan, has the loudest and most vibrant nightlife scene in all of New Zealand. As a party capital, Auckland serves as host to a cluster of dinner clubs, bars and cafes that cater to young, hip and nocturnal tourists. In this New Zealand destination, travelers get to choose from a wide array of live shows, from the Mt. Eden’s loud sounds to Devonport’s folk music. Furthermore, it has a glittering waterfront speckled with trendy clubs and chic bars. To add an extra element of fun to your nightlife adventure in this city, try walking off the tallest structure in southern hemisphere, the Sky Tower.

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Ibiza, Spain

This list certainly is not complete without the inclusion of Ibiza, which is often touted as the world’s party capital. From beachfront clubs to hippy bars, Ibiza has a great deal of animated nightspots that blast heart-pounding house music from dusk till dawn. To get a one-of-a-kind nightlife experience in this destination, make sure to try their legendary foam parties.

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Tel Aviv, Israel

As with most Mediterranean destinations, Israel’s capital city, Tel Aviv, gets more vibrant and exciting after dark. It has an endless collection of cocktail venues, pubs and bars that would get pumped up with house and techno music. Moreover, the city has a hedonistic and relaxed vibes, and takes pride as an outdoing and gay-friendly destination.

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Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, the largest city in Hungary, has quickly gained the respect and love of many international party animals, thanks to its astounding dance scene, affordable prices and gorgeous women. As one of the world’s top party capitals, Budapest is brimming with casinos, luxury hotels and thrilling clubs.

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Miami, USA

With its world-class beaches and warm sunny weather, Miami has become a year-round party zone with eye candies and famous celebrities in abundance. Here, party goers get to soak under the tropical sun on its lovely beaches, and dance all night long to their packed and vivid mega-nightclubs. If you are fond of festivals, don’t miss the Winter Music Conference, an annual event that brings in the most popular DJs in the world.

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Berlin, Germany

Berlin arguably has the most liberal and diverse nightlife scene in Europe. If you think Amsterdam is the best party destination in Germany, then a taste of Berlin’s nightlife will surely change your opinion. With hedonistic setting and bohemian allure, it is no wonder more and more nocturnal tourists consider Berlin as the ultimate nightlife destination in Germany.

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Manchester, United Kingdom

Known as Europe’s Mecca of dance and live music, Manchester draws over 100,000 partyholics and nocturnal tourists every weekend. As expected, all these visitors come to Manchester to catch a glimpse of its intriguing dance scene as well as dance to hip-hop and techno music.

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To experience the hype and the electrifying atmosphere of these Party Capitals, start planning your visit with Trekeffect!

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