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Your Pill Against Boredom During Long Range Flights

Long range flights: Some love them, some hate them

We’ve all had them, and usually in an hour we find ourselves with empty plates on our tray, and bored. Here are some tips (rather, a plan) to make them more enjoyable.

Try to Sleep

With our hectic lifestyles we barely have any time to sleep, and with all the new TV shows, we’d rather watch another hour of who killed/kissed who rather than sleep. So why not catch up? You’re probably so tired you’ll just fall asleep in any position right now.

Grab a pillow, ask the steward for a blanket, start counting sheep and restore yourself. Also, once you get to your destination, you can resume watching your TV show peacefully.

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Watch Movies or Tv Series Marathon

OK, so sleep failed, and if two hours of sleep are enough, then you’ll resume watching said TV show that keeps you up at night. Make sure you either have a portable DVD player or download the movie onto your tablet, phone or laptop (or whatever has a screen). Picture this: you’ve got about 8 hours of no one calling your mobile and you can watch whatever you want.

You might as well seize the opportunity! And there is always that one movie you’d never watch elsewhere, but because it’s there you do it. Or you decide on re-watching Lion King. Both are good. Also, no one will know if you decide to see said movie to see what’s the fuss about or if you just re-watch old episodes of Friends. You know you want to.

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Read Magazines or Books

Unless you’re not into reading right now. Choose some new author or a light read which you’re sure you’ll chuck out by the end of the flight, or on the other end go read something big which you need some hours to fully process and understand, and have a long inner discussion with yourself on how you feel about it.

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Talk to Your neighbor (if you are into talking to strangers)

It depends on the kind of person you are: if you’re talkative, then turn to said neighbor (always remembering it’s a two-way street - said neighbor might hate it and will try to avoid you, which in case find someone else) and discuss anything you want. By anything, I mean anything. You’ve got 8 (or more) hours to bond with your BFF (best flight friend).

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Play with your Phone or Bring Travel-sized Board Games

Download something on your phone/iPad/whatever which has games and have fun! Try to pass Plants vs Zombies 2 without buying power ups, that’ll keep you hooked for hours. Bring a deck of cards, or puzzles, check whatever games are available, and have a déjà-vu while playing solitaire again.

You’ve seen them in bookstores, the tiny magnet-based Monopoly which looks cute, and try it playing with your in-flight neighbor and perhaps you’ll end up winning in Monopoly, who knows. Just make sure you have photo evidence of your triumph and Instagram it once you’ve landed. Make yourself a challenge, once the plane lands, then stop playing.

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Get Work Done

Do you have anything due? If yes, forget about all 7 points before. WORK. And then you can do much more fun stuff when you’re on land. Use this time 35,000 feet above the nearest city, and if you’re neighbor is talkative leave the chit-chat for later. You might never see your BFF (best flight friend) again when you’re off the plane, but I’m nearly sure your work will bite you back if it’s not finished.

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Stretch or Exercise

You can freak out people and go for a jog in the aisle. Ignoring the weird looks you may get, blood clots can pose a great threat to your health, and you can easily avoid them by walking around the aisle and doing some stretching (which feels heavenly after sitting for hours). Even if it’s just a walk to the loo, take your time and walk around, check what people are reading or watching (from afar - don’t be creepy).

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If you’re lucky, use the Wi-Fi!

Now in the United States, some flights provide you with wi-fi and mobile connection. If you got lucky and your airline is on your side, you already know what to do - connect to the wi-fi and browse the hours away. If that’s the case, most tips above can be ignored (except for 8. and 9.) You can also use the wi-fi to review the last details of your trip on Trekeffect.

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I hope that with these tips, long flights will go from boring to joyful. Don’t forget to use Trekeffect to plan your trip the way you want it, and share it with everyone traveling with you. Trekeffect wishes you a very pleasant and safe flight!

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