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We make travel planning extremely simple

Trekeffect makes trip planning extremely simple. We help you plan your trips faster than ever before with our awesome travel planning tool.

Not sure where to go next? Wish to know which countries are best suited for your upcoming vacation? Good news! We can help you narrow down your wish list of travel destinations and countries to visit with our awesome recommendations. Choose a destination and start packing your bags!

Our purpose is to help you succeed

We are dedicated to make your travel planning as easy as possible, fun and appealing. With Trekeffect you know what you can do when you arrive at your destinations. You can plan trips in real time with your friends and family. It is an interesting and easy to navigate platform that’s available for both computers or smartphones that helps you do group travel planning.

Enjoy having a team of people working with you

Easily research and collaborate in the trip planning process online without spending so much time searching on the web for travel information. Our platform ensures that your journey would be smooth and provides you with a lot of different ways to discover new travel information that you can't find anywhere else.  

Our team consists of action-driven, proactive, and efficient members from the US, Sweden, and Korea. They all are well-travelled and understands the requirements of travelers.

Earn money through Trekeffect

Short on cash for your next big adventure? Trekeffect is the only online marketplace that allows you to build travel itineraries and sell them to other people. After placing your itinerary on the market, we will evaluate your trek. Once approved, you can promote it by sharing it on your social media channels and integrate or link your Trekeffect travel itinerary to your site or blog. Ultimately, you’ll get a rewarding commission, every time someone buys your travel itinerary.

Why travelers love to buy from us

If you hate taking the time to plan a trip, we've got you covered. You can easily buy a travel plan in our marketplace, complete your booking arrangements and pack your bags. Simple as that!

We are accountable to our clients and are easily approachable. When you need help to plan trips online, we are always there to provide you with advice on any travel related questions you have.

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