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Traveling on a shoestring budget? Wondering how to score cheap flights to your next trip? Guess what? You can search cheap flights through AirTreks, and save a ton of money when you plan a trip.

Find cheap flights from a massive flight search engine with ease.

Get excellent details about flight amenities (Wi-Fi, legroom, TV, etc.)

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We’ve all been on this route – determined to score cheap flights, but sadly ending up just glued to the computer screen for a few hours with nothing. With the continually fluctuating rates and endless search engines, finding cheap flights can be rather overwhelming. We feel your pain, and that’s why we’ve come up with a bunch of travel hacks and solutions for those who are looking for amazingly affordable flights.

1. Book early morning or late night flights

Most folks don’t like to travel early in the morning or late at night. And, that means there are plenty of cheap flights at these times. Whether you’re traveling alone or with a group, booking late-night or early morning flights will help you save some cash for your trips.

2. Use AirTreks “Travel Planner” feature

Not a picky traveler? Open-minded, flexible and willing to fly anywhere? Why not use AirTreks “Travel Planner” feature? With this one-of-a-kind flight search tool, you’re going to find tons of cheap flights that perfectly fit to your budget. On their planner, they help you quickly map out your trip in seconds.

And, who knows? It may be your ticket to planning out the trip of a lifetime through their personal customer service.  

3. Book 7 weeks in advance

They say the earliest bird always catch worm. And, when it comes to flights, you’ll definitely get the best deals if you book early. According to the data compiled by Airline Reporting Corporation, passengers pay the cheapest rates (around 10 percent below the typical price) when they buy tickets 50 days or 7 weeks before their flight.

4. Stalk airline companies on social media

One of the easiest and most effective ways to bag cheap flights is to stalk airlines, like an obsessed lover or admirer. Make it a point to bookmark their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts, for incredible deals and cheap flights, especially during the low seasons. Additionally, following them will give you a lowdown whenever they are offering bargained airfare deals.

5. Befriend budget airlines

Travel search engines, for the most part, push budget airline carriers to the bottom. But, you’d be foolish to overlook these airline companies. Trust us, they offer significantly cheaper tickets than their premier and full-service counterparts. Just keep in mind, though, that cheap flights and promotional fares often come with a handful of compromises. But, we’re pretty sure you can live and fly without these luxuries and amenities. Otherwise, you won’t be on this site, looking for cheap flights.

6. Book connecting flights

Flying for a number of hours to a far way city? You might want to consider booking connecting flights, instead of taking a long-haul flight. Depending on the destination and airlines, you could save as much as a hundred dollars round-trip, with this travel hack.

7. The cheapest time to fly

Wondering when is the cheapest time fly? As what we’ve discovered in our research, the cheapest time of the year to travel is normally:

  - January to mid-May
  - September to early December

When’s the most expensive time to travel? According to our research, the most expensive time to travel is:

 - New Year’s Eve
 - Christmas
 - Peak summer from mid-June to mid-August 

8. Take last-minute trips

Airline companies are known to cut airline ticket prices, when they can’t fill their airlines for an upcoming weekend trip. On Tuesdays, they send emails offering cheap flights to their frequent fliers or people who’ve signed up for their alerts.

9. Fly two different airlines

Oftentimes, it’s worth it to mix and match airlines. Most airline companies nowadays sell one-way cheap flights, meaning one may be cheaper for the outbound flight, while the other one works much better for the return trip. As a matter of fact, you may even fly to one airport and depart from another hub.

10. Fly for free

Who needs cheap flights when you can fly for free? Yep, there are legit travel hacks that let you fly to a destination without having to pay a decent. And the easiest way to fly for free is through credit card points. Don’t have one? Just sign up for travel rewards credit card, and keep collecting points to earn free or cheap flights.

I totally love Trekeffect! Not only is it filled with valuable travel tips, but it also lets you score amazingly cheap flights. In fact, I used Trekeffect to bag cheap flights during my solo backpacking adventure in Asia. Even though I’m not rich, I still managed to see the world’s most spectacular wonders, thanks to Trekeffect. And, the best part is, you can sign up for Trekeffect for free.


When it comes to providing quality travel information, there’s by far no website better than Trekeffect. For the past couple of years, I’ve used Trekeffect to get tips and information for my trips all over the world. To make things even better, they have a flight search engine that offers travelers a chance to get remarkable cheap flights. To me, it’s the one-stop site for those who love to travel.


You don’t need to spend a fortune to experience a fabulous and epic trip. That’s what I’ve learned ever since I started using Trekeffect. From their informative blog to their hotel booking tool, there are plenty of ways to save money on your trip with Trekefffect. As an added bonus, they have a flight search engine feature where you can find tons of cheap flights to literally anywhere in the world


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