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Trekeffect is a dynamic tool that not only makes travel planning a breeze, but also lets you earn cash traveling!
Just Create a Cool Trek
Create a trek and start adding venues from that location to build the perfect itinerary of awesome places to visit.
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Create or Browse Venues
Explore or add attractions from over a million locations worldwide. Our huge database helps you save time planning so you can travel more.
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to Marketplace
Earn a ton of money from your travels when you add treks you've created to our marketplace. Watch the money roll in.
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Trek Statistics
Our state-of-the-art statistics monitoring shows your trek earnings and views. Know exactly how your treks are performing.
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Your Earnings
Enjoy the fruits of your labor by withdrawing your earnings online. Add your PayPal account and transfer the money you've made.
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  • "There is so much information about the cities I’m visiting. The collaborative travel planning features let me easily plan trips with my friends even though some of them are outside the country."
    Clara Lumen
    Travel Coordinator
  • "Trekeffect is a great resource for any traveler. Thanks to their helpful tools and tips, I have been able to travel on a very limited budget and see more places than I ever thought possible."
    Mary Goldman
    Travel Blogger
  • "Travel planning has never been so simple. The interface is easy to use and you can literally plan a trip in less than an hour. The best part about it was that it didn’t cost me a cent."
    Megan Parker