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How Trekeffect Pro Helps Bloggers Make Money

You can’t work 24/7. Your blog can. You’ve connected with successful travel bloggers and seen their colorful, dynamic lives unfold online. They touch so many people. Their content creates value on platforms like YouTubeAirBNB and Tumblr. They make money doing what they love to do. Some make A LOT of money.

... and yours can, too.

With every travel guide you sell you earn 50% commission

Premium sellers receive commission rates as high as 70%.  Money you've earned can be withdrawn at anytime to your PayPal account.  

The BIG Picture

Trekeffect Pro empowers you to sell travel tips to other travelers all over the world and earn passive income while you sleep.

So, you can start your own travel blog on Trekeffect and build your brand right in front of our massive travel audience.  

Save years of HARD work! Literally...

"The blogging features that Trekeffect provides goes well beyond what you get with some of the cheap or free products out there. As soon as I learned I could make money selling my itineraries, I was hooked."

Chris Evans - Travel Blogger

Unlimited Publishing

As a Trekeffect author you can publish an unlimited amount of travel stories to grow your audience and engage with travelers.   

Sell Travel Guides

Earns passive income selling detailed itineraries to other places you have visited.   Creates these travel guides and bring them to life in blog posts.  

Build My Audience

We love sharing what authors on our platform write with our 257,000+ Facebook fans.  Our social media presence is one of the largest in the travel industry

Write Stories Easily

Your are just a few steps away from being setup

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    Zero technical setup.  Login to your account and start writing and sharing your travel stories instantly.
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    Unlimited amount of posts. Create as much content as you want and grow your followers and build an audience.

Sell My Travel Guides

Automatically sell your details of past trips.

Trekeffect platform gives you a built-in audience of hundreds of thousands of travel fans and the software to create a product -- travel guides -- they want to buy.

Instantly Expand Your Brand

  • Reach and engage a quarter million people on Trekeffect.
  • Have your content shared with our massive social media audience.
  • Have your content shared with an unlimited audience by other travelers on social media.

The One-Stop Travel Space

  • Quickly create unlimited itineraries.
  • Invite friends & family to help plan. 
  • Buy itineraries from other travelers.
  • Hear directly from locals and savvy travelers who know each location.
  • Share experiences with the world.

Make Money While You Travel

  • Sell itineraries in Trekeffect's thriving marketplace.
  • Easily increase or decrease your trip prices with the market.
  • Leave the technical details to us
  • Our SEO team ensures your content is easily found on Google.

What Bloggers Say About Trekeffect Pro

​When I first got started with Trekeffect, I was scared that my content wasn't going to be seen.  My fear was that it would just get buried with other posts.  By the next day, the article I had written was featured everywhere.

Elizabeth Usen

​Trekeffect has literally changed the way I think about travel blogging.  For years, I had been posting content and not getting anywhere.  What I needed was a boost and some visibility which is exactly what Trekeffect Pro does!

Chris Anderson

​I love to travel and take pictures everywhere.  Trekeffect inspires me to travel more and now knowing I can make money doing it is just simply awesome and rewarding! I was able to get setup in just a few minutes. 

Rosalyn Arquero

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