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Getting your blog setup is extremely simple.  Once you create your account on Trekeffect you will be able to go under the stories section and start to create content to publish your stories.   

There is no limit to how many stories you can publish if you have a Trekeffect Pro membership.  Write as many stories as you want to grow your audience.  

Start your new blog strong when we share it for you

We love sharing what authors on our platform write with our 244,000+ Facebook fans.  Our social media presence is one of the largest in the travel industry. People will read your stories!

The trick to building a successful blog is to promote content in a unified way with a community of travelers. That's how you drive massive amounts of traffic to your blog really FAST, in a place where EVERYONE wins! 

Look at what other content platforms have done for others like Youtube, AirBnB, Twitch, etc. just to name a few. People earn passive income on these platforms because it simplifies the process of gaining social proof, and it also helps you get more traffic, make more money, and increase your online visibility!

But can't I just start a "Free" Wordpress blog?​​​​

You could, but it's NOT Free:

1. You will need to pay for a domain name.

2. You will need to pay for web hosting.

3. You will need to buy themes and plugins.

4. You will likely have to pay thousands of dollars on development unless you are a programmer.


You will have to build an audience from the ground up, which takes years. Jump start your travel blog today with Trekeffect!

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