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Your first blog post about your experience in East Asia was so fun to publish! You felt oh-so-empowered speaking to your readers in your unique voice, from your unique perspective.

And your trip -- from Sri Lanka to Vietnam to Taiwan to Hong Kong -- changed you forever!


Your readers loved, liked, and commented on your post!

But... you had imagined a bigger audience. How long DOES it take for a travel blogger to build a big audience?

Your time is now.

BIG audience doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Getting hundreds of fans probably won’t take too long. But thousands or even hundreds of thousands?


That may take a while.

Many bloggers say building a big audience takes YEARS. Many bloggers give up before they get there.

At Trekeffect, you can have a big audience… now.

Trekeffect Pro Gives Your Travel Blog an Audience of 244,000+ Enthusiastic Travelers

We have spent the past 10 years building a travel audience that is literally waiting in line to BUY your travel advice.

Check out what a few of our travel bloggers are saying!

Rosalyn Arquero

"I love to travel and take pictures everywhere.  Trekeffect inspires me to travel more and now knowing I can make money doing it is just simply awesome and rewarding! It's also really easy to make the travel guides."

Chris Evans

"The blogging features that Trekeffect provides goes well beyond what you get with some of the cheap or free products out there. As soon as I learned I could make money selling my itineraries, I was hooked."

Elizabeth Usen

"When I first got started with Trekeffect, I was scared that my content wasn't going to be seen.  My fear was that it would just get buried with other posts.  By the next day, the article I had written was featured everywhere."

How Trekeffect Pro Helps Bloggers Make Money

You can’t work 24/7. Your blog can.

You’ve connected with successful travel bloggers and seen their colorful, dynamic lives unfold online. They touch so many people.

Their content creates value on platforms like YouTube, AirBNB and Tumblr. They make money doing what they love to do. Some make A LOT of money.

... and yours can, too.

Trekeffect Pro empowers you to sell travel tips to other travelers all over the world and earn passive income while you sleep.

The BIG picture

But, you might be thinking…

... that it's going to take a lot of time to create a travel guide with this app.

No worries! It only takes minutes with Trekeffect Pro.

So, you can start your own travel blog on Trekeffect and build your brand right in front of our massive travel audience.  

Save years of HARD work! Literally...

Coretta is a blogger on Trekeffect

Publishing her blog posts has never been easier.  This is an example of one of her posts live on the Trekeffect app. 

Read S​​​​tories

Write Stories


Corretta also sells travel guides with us

In addition to blogging, she earns passive income selling detailed itineraries to other places she has visited.  She creates these itineraries and brings them to life in her blog posts.  

Plan Trips

Buy Guides

Sell Guides

And at any time Coretta can check how much money she has made...

She can login to the app and watch her income grow and can transfer her earnings to her PayPal account at any time to withdraw the funds.    

Start your new blog strong when we share it

We love sharing what authors on our platform write with our 244,000+ Facebook fans.  Our social media presence is one of the largest in the travel industry. People will read your stories!

Grow Influence

Get Featured

Share Content

Travelers are looking to BUY your unique trips

Every day, more people are joining Trekeffect to sell their travel plans to other travelers from all over the world. Trekeffect is the only travel blogging tool that lets you seamlessly sell your travel plans all in one place. 

Reach People

Price Control

Full Support

But can't I just start a "Free" Wordpress blog?

You could, but it's NOT Free:

1. You will need to pay for a domain name.

2. You will need to pay for web hosting.

3. You will need to buy themes and plugins.

4. You will likely have to pay thousands of dollars on development unless you are a programmer.


You will have to build an audience from the ground up, which takes years.


No other blogging platform can help you plan trips like this!

So, the Trekeffect platform gives you a built-in audience of hundreds of thousands of travel fans and the software to create a product -- travel guides -- they want to buy.

Let’s look at some of the methods successful travel bloggers use to make money.  

Each relies on the same thing to succeed.

Startup travel bloggers do not have that thing.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Create content that helps people. Valuable content.

Imagine you write a blog post on how to find the cheapest hostels. You know how to find the cheapest hostels because you wore the once-shiny and thick soles of your shoes paper-thin finding each of them. 

In the blog post, you would link to the websites of high-quality, low-cost hostels. Your audience would benefit from your expertise. You would get paid.

But... as expert content marketer Sonia Simone of Copyblogger warns, "I don’t remember some wonderful time when audiences magically showed up any time we published something interesting." 

You need an audience.

2. Selling Products (ebooks and real books)

This is a great way to make money travel blogging.  You can let your unique brand shine through in your own words.

But first, you NEED that audience.

3. Leveraging Your Brand

Land speaking engagements at business conferences and get paid for your time. But to have a strong travel blog brand that you can actually leverage, that’s right... 

...You need an audience.

4. Paid Gigs

Guess what? Successful blogs double as career portfolios. Some of your fans are also travel bloggers. They need help developing their blogs and writing their articles and ebooks. By all means, use developing and writing expertise! BUT…

Yeah... the AUDIENCE.

Why Trekeffect Pro?

1. The AUDIENCE is already here.

2. There is a built-in way to make money immediately.

3. These tools give you, the startup blogger, a chance for immediate success.  Create AWESOME content, make money, and build your brand here.

What Trekeffect Pro gives you

Instantly Expand Your Brand

  • Reach and engage a quarter million people on Trekeffect.
  • Have your content shared with our massive social media audience.
  • Have your content shared with an unlimited audience by other travelers on social media.

The One-Stop Travel Space

  • Quickly create unlimited itineraries.
  • Invite friends and family to help plan. 
  • Buy itineraries from other travelers.
  • Hear directly from locals and savvy travelers who really know each location.
  • Share your experiences with the world.

Make Money While You Travel

  • Sell your itineraries in Trekeffect's thriving marketplace.
  • Easily increase or decrease your trip prices to keep the money flowing.

Heavy Search Engine Traffic

  • Leave the technical details to us.
  • Our expert search optimization team ensures your content is easily found across major search engines.

It's the start of something special

Welcome to your new travel blogging experience.  Enjoy an ever-increasing monthly income while doing what you love to do. 

Get instant access to Trekeffect Pro today, before we come to our senses and charge as much as our competitors! 

Trekeffect Pro

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If you cancel because you don't like the service, you will not be charged at all!  You have nothing to lose!   

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