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by Ashley Thompson

14 Reasons To Visit Indonesia

Locations / October 22, 2016

As the world’s largest island country in the world, Indonesia offers a wide selection of places to visit and cultural treasures to experience. The intercontinental country has more than seventeen thousand islands sprawled…

A Fun-Filled 5-Day Escapade In Tokyo
5 Days, 17 Places, 40.3 Miles
Price: $10.00
San Diego 5 Day Adventure
5 Days, 19 Places, 40.3 Miles
Price: $20.00
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by Pam Baroro

10 Types Of People You’ll Meet On A Hike

Travel Inspiration / October 7, 2016

Savoring the view at the top of a mountain is always a rewarding experience after a long hike but even the journey itself is already an interesting part. Not only does it mean…

Czech Out Prague
3 Days, 15 Places, 40.3 Miles
Price: $8.00
The Lion City
3 Days, 10 Places, 40.3 Miles
Price: $6.00
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by Aldrich Infantado

10 Reasons Why Travel Is The Best Form Of Education

Travel Inspiration / September 29, 2016

People travel for a lot of different reasons. Some would backpack their way across a continent for self-discovery and for personal growth, while others hit the road to experience life through a whole…

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