10 Life Lessons You’ll Learn From Travel

September 29, 2015

Most of us, at some point in our lives, have had the irresistible urge to traveland see new places, whether internationally or domestically. As a matter of fact, some of you might even have a bucket list or a checklist of places that you want to visit.  Maybe, you have dreamed of conquering the steep icy glaciers of New Zealand, lazing on a pristine beach in the Maldives, or dancing with a bunch of gorgeous young folks in a Parisian club.  No matter what your reasons for traveling are, it’s safe to say that travel can bring bliss to everyone in a lot of different ways.

But, there is so much more to traveling than all the incredible pictures, crazy stories and amazing memories that it brings. Indeed, there are a number of invaluable lessons in life that you can learn by just traveling frequently.

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1. It’s better to collect memories than things

Who says there’s no such thing as forever? Although it’s true that travel experiences don’t last forever, the memories you’ve collected from your trips will surely last for more than a lifetime. Even if you don’t snap of a jillion of photographs or collect dozens memorabilia during your trips, traveling lets you build great and fond memories that you will treasure until your last breath. What’s more, some of the stories about your journeys could even be passed on to your children and the next generations.

Material things, on the other hand, don’t really last for a very  long time. Even your most glittering piece of jewelry won’t last forever.  And with today’s progressive and ever-changing technology, some of your fancy gadgets and cool state-of-the-art equipment could become obsolete in a year or even less.

Think you’re current smartphone or laptop is the best and most innovative thing ever engineered? Trust me, you will have a completely different perspective about your current gadget or toy, a couple of months from now.

2. Good Samaritans are everywhere

People nowadays are sold on the idea that the world is a dangerous place full of con artists and scammers. From local newspapers to international TV shows, we are constantly bombarded with negative stories about humanity and the world in general, making us a bit scared to travel to foreign lands and off the beaten paths. But the truth is, the world isn’t as horrible and dangerous as the mainstream media would like us to think.

As you travel the world, you’ll find out that people are essentially helpful, friendly and polite. Everywhere you go, you’ll meet generous, nice and genuine folks who’ll lend you a helping hand whenever you need one.  They are always eager to help you if you’re in trouble or lost. They will go out of their way to make sure that you have a good and unforgettable stay in their country. Moreover, they are very interested to know why you chose to visit their homeland.

3. Patience

There are disruptions, cancellations or delays that are simply beyond your control, when you travel. Likewise, you are going to deal with ticketing snafus, mechanical challenges, bad weather, and long queues for customs and boarding passes. While these irritations are a hassle and downright annoying, they can help become a better and more patient person.

Frequent travelers often see these unfortunate circumstances as inevitable.  In fact, they are quite unflappable, whenever they faced these challenges.

4. You’ll find joy in getting lost

Really? As crazy and ridiculous as it may sound, getting lost in a foreign city can be a fun and unforgettable experience. There is nothing quite like being lost in the city of Rome where each street corner showcases a beautiful sculpture, or getting lost in Brussels where each neighborhood has a cluster of bakeries or bistros.

There is so much more to experience and see in a foreign city that you won’t find in travel guides and books. So, go off your travel plan, and try to get lost!

5. You’ll learn to appreciate what you have

Another valuable life lesson that you can learn from traveling frequently is appreciation. Once you’ve spent some time with less fortunate people who live in the slums with crammed rooms, you realize just how blessed and lucky you are. In addition, it will make you appreciate everything you have as well as make your worries seem small and fade away.

6. Photographs are by far the best souvenirs

What makes a photograph a great souvenir? First of all, photographs are totally free, and they can tell beautiful stories that words never can. Moreover, they won’t take up any space to carry around, and are great for nostalgia’s sake.

7. Embrace spontaneity

Things don’t always go as planned, when you’re traveling and exploring the world. But guess what? These unforeseen and unplanned events will enhance your ability to stand on your feet, improvise, and roll with the punches. As you travel more often, you’ll also realize that you can gain a lot more personal benefit from the unexpected than you can from the meticulously pre-planned.

8. Always be open to trying new things

When traveling, we tend to experiment and try new activities, spices and dishes. And, for the most part, we discover that we extremely like and enjoy them. If you could bring this kind of curiosity about new stuff into your life at home, you will definitely have more diverse experiences in eating and cooking. More importantly, it can help become a more open-minded person.

We usually go to a restaurant, and order favorite dish because we already know that our taste buds are going to enjoy it. Also, we tend to buy our clothes at a particular store or boutique because it is our style. These are the patterns in your life that very often go unnoticed. But, have you ever thought of all the things in life that you would miss if you never try anything new?

9. Life is short

From the thunderous waterfalls of Africa to the grand engineering marvels of North America, the world is oozing with mesmerizing sights, awe-inspiring experiences and mouthwatering cuisines that will put you into a state of euphoria. Sadly, though, most people can’t see or experience half of them in a lifetime.

Traveling not just opens your eyes to the realities of life, but it will also make you realize how big our our world is, and how short life can be. Let’s face it, a major loss, setback or accident can happen at any time, which can hamper you from finding your true happiness. Our time on earth is short, and we should not delay our happiness and dream to travel the world!

10. Traveling is truly the only priceless thing in the world

Would I be happy if I buy myself a new Mercedes Benz or a Porsche? Absolutely! But eventually, it will wear off, and lose its charm. Traveling is, as far as I’m concerned, the only investment that you won’t regret.  The sheer amount of life lessons you can learn from traveling are endless, and engulfing yourself into a new culture is certainly the perfect mixture of inspiring, chaotic and thrilling.

Traveling develops a lot of essential skills too!

Traveling the world can be beneficial to your professional life in a lot of different ways.  Not only will it boost your confidence, but it can also improve your health as well as enhance your organization and social skills. Additionally, it can help you become a better negotiation and more prolific in creative thinking.

Don’t be afraid to travel! 

Traveling isn’t as costly and difficult as most of us peg it to be. Every day, people get up, and step outside their front door, to travel across the world. As a matter of fact, some of them even survive and flourish, as a solo traveler. With the continuous growth of modern technology and the tourism industry, traveling has become very doable and achievable, even for busy folks. If you really want to travel, you only have to get to that bus, train or plane, and everything else will just workout itself.

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