11 Most Enthralling Places To Visit in Vietnam

December 10, 2018

Think Vietnam is not worth a visit? Whatever the films have taught you about this Asian country, forget it. Vietnam is peeling off its old look, drifting away from history’s heavy cloak to become a spirited and pulsating destination that can compete or even surpass its neighboring peers.  As a matter of fact, there are quite a few places to visit in Vietnam that have been listed as some of the world’s best in travel magazines and blogs.

And, make no mistake about it – Vietnam does have all the admirable hallmarks of a diverse and colorful destination. Billed as a backpacker’s paradise, the country is amazingly affordable by any standards, with a chock-full of budget-friendly Vietnam hotels, hostels and inns. Not to mention, it teems with mouth-watering treats that will surely appease your gastronomic cravings and urges. And with a fascinating blend of natural highlights, man-made wonders and cultural offerings, the country is bound to give a plethora of inspiring experiences cheerful memories.

Wondering where to go in Vietnam? Want to get the lowdown on the best things to do in Vietnam? Here’s a quick overview of some of best and most gorgeous places to visit in Vietnam.

Top 11 places to visit in Vietnam

1. Sapa

They don’t call Sapa as one of the best places to visit in Vietnam for nothing.  Famed for its lush landscapes, Sapa’s scenery is nothing short of spectacular, leaving its beholders speechless and in awe.  From its photogenic rice terraces to its towering mountains, Sapa will definitely unleash your inner shutterbug with its picturesque countryside. What’s more, it has a unique and intriguing hill tribe culture as well as a variety of trails to suit all types of hikers. For hard-core outdoor enthusiasts looking for exciting places to visit in Vietnam, Sapa has pathways leading to the nation’s highest peak – Fansipan.

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2. Dalat

With its Instagram-worthy flowers, verdant pine trees, misty valleys and cool year-round weather, it’s easy to see why French colonials and Vietnamese emperors once used Dalat, Vietnam as a summer retreat. Nowadays, it’s one of the most beloved places to visit in Vietnam, drawing locals and foreign travelers who are yearning for a relief from the tropical heat.

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3. Ha Long Bay

On the lookout for the most spectacular places to visit in Vietnam? Then, make sure to include Ha Long Bay to your travel itinerary as well as list of places to visit in Vietnam. With rocky limestone rising like gigantic dragons and aqua-green waters, Ha Long Bay resembles scenes from blockbuster fantasy movies. Inscribed as a World Heritage site in 1994, this otherworldly place boasts more than 2,000 dense jungle-covered island pitted wondrously with caves, grottoes, sinkholes and lakes. Trust me, it’s one of those places to visit in Vietnam that you don’t want to miss during your visit.

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4. Hanoi

Hanoi is the frenzied beating heart of Vietnam, and a destination that baffles its visitors as much as it enthralls them. For the first-time visitor, the motorbike craze, pollution and non-stop clamor from street vendors may seem too overwhelming and distressing. But, once they’ve adjusted to its frenetic pace, they will discover a charming Vietnamese hub with old Asia’s classic images, thanks to its unique architecture, labyrinthine streets and tiny alleyways.

A harmonious mix of East and West, Hanoi has lovely traditional Sino-Vietnamese patterns that blend perfectly with French motifs, exuding a one-of-a-kind feel. Furthermore, it offers bohemian hangouts as well as classy lounges were locals, expats and visitors gather to take in the atmosphere.

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5. Hue

Hue, one of the most historic places to visit in Vietnam, is filled to the brim with displays and relics from the reign of the Nguyen emperors in the 19th century. Located along the banks of the scenic Perfume River, the Imperial Enclosure is a magnificent place set within walls sprawling for more than 2 kilometers. As you tour the grounds, don’t forget to check out the Halls of Mandarins, the tastefully lacquered interior of the Thai Hoa Palace, the photogenic Ngo Mon Gate as well as the Dien Tho Residence. Afterwards, try to hit the dazzling medley of historic sites outside the majestic Imperial Enclosure.

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6. Hoi An

With heaps of historic buildings, Hoi An is truly one of the most atmospheric places to visit in Vietnam. As you wander around its old town quarter, you’ll get to catch sight of well-preserved and enthralling merchant houses dating back to the 15thcentury. Plus, Hoi An is speckled with small pagodas, museums and visually interesting architecture. And, by the way, did mention that it’s nicknamed as Vietnam’s culinary capital? Yes folks, when it comes to Vietnam destinations, Hoi An offers the best and tastiest authentic Vietnamese dishes.

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7. Hang Son Doong

Up for a mind-blowing adventure? Very few places to visit in Vietnam can offer as much excitement and adventure as Hang Son Doong – the world’s largest cave. At 150 meters wide, 200 meters highs and 5 kilometers long, the cave is so enormous that it has its river, weather system and jungle. Although it’s a little costly, it’s nonetheless a surreal experience that should be on everybody’s bucket list.

8. Mekong Delta

Aptly nicknamed as “the rice basket of Vietnam”, this celebrated gem draws flocks of travelers with its bird sanctuaries, quaint villages, sugar cane groves, rice paddies, fruit orchards and colorful floating markets. Known as Vietnam’s land of plenty, this Vietnamese area is one of the most productive and fertile rivers in the world. For me, a great way to see it is through a bicycle from which the laid-back pace of their daily life can be leisurely observed.

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9. Củ Chi Tunnels

Củ Chi Tunnels are absolutely a fascinating experience for all types of travelers visiting Vietnam. Not only is it an extraordinary adventure, but it will also give you a deep insight into the modern military history of Vietnam. Stretching for over 250 kilometers, these tunnels, after all, allowed the VC troops to communicate and operate in the area surrounding Saigon.

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10. Nha Trang

Yearning for a dose of Vietnam beaches? Why not include Nha Trang to your list of places to visit in Vietnam? Adorned with resorts, palm trees and a sweet promenade, Nha Trang lures tourists, divers and backpackers with its beautiful mountains, beaches and islands. Deemed as one of the best places to visit in Vietnam, this remarkable seaside resort city also flaunts amusement and water parks with roller coasters and wave pools, to provide thrills and fun for everybody.

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11. Ho Chi Minh City

No list of the best places to visit in Vietnam is complete without Ho Chi Minh City or also known as Saigon – the country’s bustling crazy commercial hub. In spite of its insane clogs of motorbikes and cars, Ho Chi Minh City remains one of the most sought-after places to visit in Vietnam, thanks to its excellent dining options, great shopping finds and electric nightlife scene. Of course, HCMC has a mishmash of diversions and attractions to delight its visitors, including Saigon Central Post Office, Ben Thanh Market, and War Remnants Museum. To top it all off, Saigon, Vietnam has the best-tasting pho in the country.

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