11 Secrets To Become A Professional Travel Blogger

April 2, 2018

Travel blogging is, hands down, one of the most adventurous, intriguing and exciting ways to make a living, these days. Not only does it entail a plethora of exciting possibilities, but it can also lead to a world of pleasant surprises.  You’ll get to visit new continents, countries and cities, and get paid writing about your trips online.  With all the perks and upsides of being a pro travel blogger, it’s no wonder people deem it as an absolute dream career.

But, travel blogging is not all sunshine, fun and glamour. The reality is, there are a few drawbacks and complexities to travel blogging, which some newbies discover the hard way. And, as with any dream, you must work hard to get it, to make your professional travel blogging aspirations into a reality.

Want to become a bona fide travel blogger? Truthfully, there’s no shortcut to building a success blog, but there are some secrets, tips and words of advice that can help you become a pro travel blogging jedi.  Here are some juicy hints that will help you transform yourself into a professional travel blogger.

1. Create informative and relevant content for your travel blog

Writing a creative and colorful diary, featuring your trips and adventures, for your friends and family is pretty easy. But, let’s face it, other than your buddies and loved ones, nobody really cares about your travel stories. If you want others and strangers to check out your travel blog, you have to provide something useful that will come in handy for their trips.

Make your travel blog helpful and useful to others by sharing food recommendations, budget travel tips as well as details on where to stay and what to do. Furthermore, add an element of fun to your blog by infusing humor, beautiful flowing narrative, video entertainment and photography inspiration.

And yes, you must follow your passion at all times, when travel blogging. Otherwise, you’re not going to enjoy you are doing.  To be a successful blogger, you have to follow what you love to do, while also providing something of great value to your readers.

Don’t know what to share? Wondering what most people who travel are searching for online? Do a little research scouring online forums like Quora and Reddit, to find out what kind of information do travelers search for, when reading travel blogs.

2. Be adventurous and do something interesting  

Want your blog to get noticed? Believe me, people today don’t just want to read about travel bloggers walking around famous cities and soaking up the sights. They, however, want to read about people who experience places and trips that are unusual, challenging, fascinating and unusual. So, you’ll have to do unfamiliar and extraordinary activities to get your content noticed, such as kayaking in Greenland, hiking in Vietnam, or skydiving in New Zealand.

The more mind-blowing and unique your adventures are, the more likely they are going to get noticed and shared with a large audience.

3. Read and master your craft

Change is the only constant thing in this world. In today’s ever-changing trends, you need to spend a great deal of time reading, to figure out which topics, titles and info can spark the interests of other readers. Furthermore, reading topics, like self-development, business, strategy and marketing, help develop your skills in travel blogging. Truth be told, running a blog is quite like running a business, and if you don’t expand your knowledge and learn constantly, you are going to fall behind.

4. Think outside the box

It’s easy to imitate what others are doing, especially the successful travel bloggers. But, guess what? Copying others won’t make you a successful, professional travel blogger. Today, there are millions of blogs sharing information and pictures on famous cities, attractions and landmarks. If you are in it for the long haul, and serious in becoming a pro travel blogger, you have to stand out. And obviously, you’ll never stand out above the rest if you do what everybody in the blogging sphere is doing.

5. Increase your presence on social media

Social media is truly a potent tool and an effective way to generate a great following for you travel blog. After all, people love to connect with you and other bloggers on a virtual level by reading short blips of your adventures and looking at your snaps. At least once a day, post something of social platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Successful travel bloggers, normally, log in morning and night, to retain a constant presence online.

6. Learn the art of SEO

Mastering the art of Search Engine Optimization or SEO can take a while, and quite frankly, can’t be covered in one paragraph or a full blog post. It takes patience and effort, to learn it, and get the results that you want for your travel blog. Schedule regular sessions on SEO, and implement the lessons you’ve learned on your blog. That way, you’ll bring more readers to your blog, and increase your odds of becoming a successful travel blogger.

7. Create your own products

Online businesses sell a variety of products, and so should you. From mugs and shirts to online courses, affiliate marketing and e-Books, there are tons of ways to give your readers a chance to support your travel blog. Offering something for your audience allows you to be independent from brand deals and sponsors, and not compete with other pro travel blogging specialists on press trips. In addition, you may offer services like tour guidance and travel planning consultation to earn money from your blog.

8. Subscribe to Trekeffect

With Trekeffect, you’ll get to share your travel itineraries to its marketplace, and earn commissions once someone buys them. To make things even better, Trekeffect has a blogging platform where you can share your ideas, and promote your travel blog to thousands of readers across the world.

9. Guest posting

Traveling year-round is rather expensive and time-consuming. If you can’t keep up with the demands of traveling constantly, find a few people who can spell you and help you. Invite other travel bloggers, to share tips and their travel experiences on your site, so you can keep your blog’s content fresh, even if you don’t have the time and money to travel. Alternatively, you may submit guest posts on other blogs and websites, to improve your search engine rankings and get some exposure.

10. Keep hustling

When it comes to travel blogging, nobody is going to hand you anything. You’ll have to work hard to earn everything, and you’ll never stop working for it. And, things don’t go easy too, as you get closer to the summit or your target of becoming a pro travel blogger. As a matter of fact, you may bump into bashers and haters, when you're on the top, earning some cash from your travel blog.

11. Be patient and persistent

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and your travel blog won’t build a great audience overnight either. Try to maintain realistic expectations about your travel blog, and don’t expect big things for your first 12 months in blogging. Don’t rush things, and slowly build something that may last for a long time. Remember, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, but so many people give up early before they can get a glimpse of it.

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