12 Most Photogenic Places In Asia You Have to Visit

July 21, 2015

You don’t call a traveler’s stuff “essentials” for nothing. All of it serves as a vital and important role in someone’s journey. One of these “stuff” is surely a camera. It can be a DSLR, a GoPro, or simply a phone camera, it doesn’t matter what you use. It is not the instrument but the subject that is important in taking a fantastic photograph. And I don’t mean good photos a-la selfie style in which more than half of your face is frozen on the frame, I meant awesome photos that will serve as a lifelong memory of the wonderful places you’ve been.

Here, we have a list of Asia’s most photogenic, camera-ready places.

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12 Most Photogenic Places in Asia You Have to Visit

1. Taj Mahal, India

The edifice that symbolizes love, Taj Mahal, is a beauty beyond compare. Because of its timeless and impeccable architecture, photographers and travelers around the world never miss a trip to this massive piece of art in Asia. Built in the mid-1600s in memory of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan’s wife, this white marble mausoleum stands elegantly within the 17-hectare garden on the right bank of Yamuna River. It is defined with incomparable arches and domes. Its white glow highlights the colors in the background—green landscape, reddish pathway and the blue sky. No wonder this is where most lenses are pointed at.

2. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

When someone mentions Cambodia, the image of Angkor Wat automatically pops up in your head, right? Well, it has been the country’s most famous landmark as it represents Cambodian real architectural style. Designed in detail during the rule of a Khmer King in the 12th century, from a funerary temple to a symbol of a new era, historians have not concluded yet what this grand structure is for. But, it is world renowned because of its elaborate setting, structure, and decoration. Trust me, no angle is a bad angle in taking a photo of this legendary place in Asia.

3. Palm Islands, Dubai

Dubai is known for its breathtaking city landscape, which has been the face of modern engineering. Palm Islands, one of the world’s engineering wonder located off the coast of Dubai, also happens to be one of the most photogenic spots in the world. Composed of two man-made islands namely Palm Jebel Ali and Palm Jumeirah, these residential and entertainment hubs are truly a breathtaking sight to behold both daytime and nighttime especially the palm-shape which is best viewed in the aerial standpoint.

4. Kyoto, Japan

If a photograph of Tokyo would capture its industrial and technological face, Kyoto would allure your vision with its countless distinct Buddhist temples. Entering the temples of Kyoto feels like travelling through time. That imagery in mind doesn’t only translate through experience but photographs as well. Especially during Autumn, the red leaves in the background perfectly complements the temples’ curves and carves.

5. Bangkok, Thailand

You can find some of the most uniquely built temples in Bangkok. Their urban areas are also beautifully infused with their distinctive culture, which is why some of the best photos in the country are captured in the heart of this capital. From Si Lom Sathon business district, to the intricately detailed Wat Arun, to the royal ceremonial structure called the Giant Swing, to the mesmerizingly golden and sacred temple of Wat Phra Kaew, Bangkok is filled with photo-worthy spots to brag about.

6. Beijing, China 

With so much history under its belt, Beijing, the cradle of the Forbidden City, is definitely a dreamland in Asia for the photo junkies as it captures not only the remnants of its past but the entire vibe of its existence. Digital or on print, some of Beijing’s top-worthy places to photograph are Tiananmen, the Altar of Heaven, the visually enthralling National Centre for the Performing Arts, and the Bird’s Nest or the Beijing National Stadium. All are historical and modern incomparable works of art.

7. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is probably the most interesting city in the world as it lies between Europe and Asia which resonates to the eclectic mix of their culture. Aside from the lovely silhouette of Istanbul’s cityscape, there are other numerous worth-capturing sites that Istanbul’s tourism is proud of. Include in your list the ever majestic work of cultural fusion that is Hagia Sophia, a Christian basilica turned imperial mosque. Another historical structure with a great visual value is the blue-tiled Sultan Ahmed Mosque.

8. Chocolate Hills, Philippines

The name may sound appetizing. However, it is a feast not meant for the taste buds but for the eyes. Located at the white-beach laden island of Bohol, the Chocolate hills are considered as a National Geological Monument of the Philippines. It is the only geological formation of its kind in the world. The color of the hill changes from green to brown during dry seasons which is why the place is fascinating to photograph. From a certain standpoint, you could get a glimpse of a part of the 1,247 hills.

9. Victory Peak, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a tight bustling city island in Asia. It is known as an entertainment, business, and shopping haven in the east. Since it is highly urbanized, its daytime compete the brightness of its nighttime which is why the Hong Kong skyline is among the most—if not the best—photographed skyline’s in the world. Captured mostly at the Victory Peak, at any time of the day, you can get that ridiculously gorgeous layout of the city’s skyscrapers within the frame of your photographs.

10. Valley of Flowers National Park, India

Where else in Asia or in the world would you see a valley covered in a spectrum of flowers? The indescribable Valley of Flowers National Park at Uttarakhand in India. Sprawled in the meadows of the valley is the endemic alpine flora that gives a range of rainbow-like colors. It is also the home to rare and endangered animals. This unique creation of nature is a favorite subject to most travel photographers because of the great combination of the rugged mountain and the soft colors.

11. Bayfront, Singapore

Singapore, through the years, has transformed itself into a sophisticated and futuristically designed nation in Asia. Specifically along the coast of Bayfront, on the sport of Marina Bay Sands resort, is panoramic view of urban perfection. The modern architectural pieces that take up the entire strip of the bay are irresistibly friendly to the lenses of the cameras. Whatever angle, whatever time of the day, an interesting and breathtaking imagery will surely be captured.

12. Halong Bay, Vietnam

This is where you find zen. The Halong Bay of Vietnam is an incredibly gorgeous natural marvel in Southeast Asia where you get to sail the waters of the bay while witnessing the contrasts and reflection of the waters, the sky, and the geological formations. The layers in the background of the place could probably not be given justice by any photo. It is just simply ethereal.

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