12 Ultimate Destinations In The US In 2015

January 21, 2015

Travelling around places is one of the greatest adventures of life.  The United States, tagged as the Land of the Free, has all the elements to make your travels even more fun and exciting, from the spectacles of nature’s wonders to the relentless beats of city hustles. Here are 12 of the places you should visit in the US this 2015.

12. San Antonio, Texas

A major player in the State of Texas, the city of San Antonio is often viewed one of the fastest growing cities in terms of economy. With that, it is undeniable that this city is one of the top most visited tourist destination in the US. They have a lot to offer from historical sites (The Alamo) to amusement parks (SeaWorld Oceanarium); name it they have it.

Top attractions in San Antonio

  • 1
    Majestic Theater
  • 2
    San Antonio Missions National Historical Park
  • 3
    Morgan’s Wonderland

11. Chicago, Illinois

Oftentimes, people would ask: “Is Chicago worth going to in the US?”. I’d say, let million of tourists who visit the city every year tell you that. Of course, the Windy City is, and will always be a place worth visiting. It has plenty of impressive display, including historical sites, breathtaking infrastructures and iconic cultural institutions. What’s more, you can enjoy roaming outdoors, as the city has something the best nature has to offer.

Top attractions in Chicago

  • 1
    Art Institute of Chicago
  • 2
    Lyric Opera of Chicago
  • 3
    Cloud Gate

10. Savannah, Georgia

Flourishing population of oak trees, classic architectural buildings like historic churches and forts, and hospitable people are only some of the things that make Savannah a congenial US holiday destination. The remnants of its beautiful past are still vibrant up until today. With its grandeur and historic beauties, it is no wonder throngs of people every year plan a trip to this US destination.

Top attractions in Savannah

9. St. Augustine, Florida

Famous for housing some of the largest vacation resort in the world such as Walt Disney World Resort, Florida is consistently a top-notch travel destination not just in the US, but in the entire world. Amusement theme parks are all over the state, but what’s interesting is that Florida is the home of the oldest existing city in the country.

The city of St. Augustine in the northeast part of the state has become a major tourist destination, thanks primarily to its unique historical character. In here, you can explore faces of the different era that the place underwent: from the time immemorial to the Spanish then the British and then the current era.

Top attractions in St. Augustine

  • 1
    St. Augustine Wild Reserve
  • 2
    The Ximenez-Fatio House
  • 3
    Flagler College

8. Charleston, South Carolina

Named after King Charles II of England, Charleston is the epitome of an old world in a modern day setting in the US. This very old city in South Carolina, US is known for its affluent history, well-preserved classical architecture, renowned fine-dining restaurants and very polite and heart-warming people. Charleston was regarded as “America’s Most Friendly City” by Travel + Leisure in 2011. And because of its beguiling old sophisticated charm, it was chosen as the venue of the annual Spoleto Festival.

Top attractions in Charleston

7. Newport, Rhode Island

Famous for its picturesque shorelines, ocean views and a long stretch cliff walk, Newport is one of the most beautiful and stunning places in the US. This seaside city is also best known as the playground for wealthy American socialites including the Astors and the Vanderbilts. Newport is also considered the yachting capital of the world due to its proximity to the open sea.

Top attractions in Newport

  • 1
    The Breakers
  • 2
    Ocean Drive
  • 3
    The Elms

6. Sedona, Arizona

Everyone loves a little bit of Arizona, US. And if you haven’t been here ever, this year must be the time. Come and join many of the vagabonds who go on a journey to Sedona, a city in Arizona notable for stunning red sandstone formation. They are also famous for these so-called “vortexes” which became popular for spiritual reasons.

Top attractions in Sedona

  • 1
    Red Rock Scenic Byway (SR 179)
  • 2
    Cathedral Rock
  • 3
    Oak Creek Canyon

5. Fairbanks, Alaska

Have you heard about the famous aurora borealis or commonly known as the Northern Lights? Whether you may have heard it the first time or not, this spectacular changing of illuminating colors of the pole ward horizon is a common sighting in the peaceful home rule city of Fairbanks which is one of the main highlights of tourism in Alaska aside from their popular winter sport events during winter season.

Top attractions in Fairbanks

  • 1
    Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum
  • 2
    Morris Thompson Cultural & Visitors Center
  • 3
    McKinley Explorer

4. New York, New York, US

As cliché as Alicia Keys’ song goes, New York City is truly a concrete jungle where dreams are made of. Being the most visited city in the US, New York is more than just being a center for global economic power, as it’s also a fantastic place to spend your holidays. Wander around the busy streets in Manhattan, meander through the Central Park, take the Staten Island Ferry, walk the Brooklyn Bridge and never forget to visit the prodigious Empire State Building.

Top attractions in New York, New York, US

  • 1
    Manhattan Skyline
  • 2
    The Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • 3
    Central Park

3. Portland, Maine

Oftentimes, this city is called “The Other Portland” since there’s another city of the same name in Oregon. This quaint city in Maine has become a popular spot for people who want to enjoy the seafood goodness, pre-civil war history lectures in the US, and peaceful beach experience. The endless variety of restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques will surely have you coming back for more.

Top attractions in Portland

  • 1
    Casco Bay Islands
  • 2
    Hadlock Field
  • 3
    Portland Museum of Art

2. Glacier County, Montana

Montana, the land of breathtaking unspoiled landscapes and vast blue skies, is without a doubt one of the most sought destinations in the US. And one of the main attractions is the mesmerizing calm waters of St. Mary Lake in Glacier National Park. If you want to enjoy utmost tranquility in the West, Glacier County is your best bet.

Top attractions in Glacier County

  • 1
    Hidden Lake
  • 2
    Kootenai Falls Swinging Bridge
  • 3
    Flathead Lake

1. San Diego, California, US

The thing about San Diego is that it’s a US holiday destination perfect for everyone. It’s mainly because this evolving city in California offers every kind of activity imaginable: from world-renowned tourist attractions to cool and exciting outdoor recreations to growing arts and culture community. What you might not know about San Diego is the list of world’s best breweries located in the city. So there is definitely an increase of beer connoisseurs visiting this beach-side community.

Top attractions in San Diego

  • 1
    USS Midway Museum
  • 2
    Fort Rosecrans Cemetery
  • 3
    Torrey Pines State Reserve

All of these 12 heavenly US destinations are worth a stop. So, for an authentic wilderness and concrete jungle excitement and a truly different take of the US, visit these amazing destinations this 2015. Cheers!

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