15 Extra Romantic Hotels In San Francisco

May 14, 2015

With its dramatic views, first-class restaurants and sparkling bay, San Francisco is truly a city made for romantic getaways! Whether you are planning your honeymoon or a solemn retreat with your loved one, this Californian hub has a plethora of delights and diversions that will add an extra dose of romance and pleasantness to your vacation. What’s more, the city flaunts of a collection of fabulous and romantic hotels.

On the lookout for the most romantic hotels in San Francisco? From its waterfront boutique hotels to the plush hotels in its downtown area, the hard-working folks at Trekeffect have listed down the 15 most romantic hotels in San Francisco.

1. Omni San Francisco Hotel

Billing itself as one of the most beautiful downtown hotels in San Francisco, Omni San Francisco Hotel delights couples and newlyweds with its classic elegance, showcasing a striking Florentine Renaissance architecture, and a marvelously grand lobby adorned with crystal chandeliers and Italian marble.

2. Hotel Rex

You don’t have to spend a fortune to experience a memorable romantic retreat with your partner in San Francisco. With Hotel Rex, you get to indulge on a romantic urban getaway filled with surprises and pleasures, for a very affordable price. And while the hotel’s rooms are a bit small, they look quite modern and elegant, and even feature beds that are supremely comfortable and posh.

3. Four Seasons Hotel San Francisco

Four Seasons Hotel, even though it is one of the most expensive hotels in San Francisco, still draws hordes of guests every month, thanks to its fantastic location, romantic feel and indulgent luxuries.

4. Fairmont Heritage Place, Ghirardelli Square

Aptly labeled as one of the finest and most lavish hotels in San Francisco, Fairmont Heritage Place is a stylish luxury hotel that lets you enjoy your vacation in a very intimate fashion. As a guest in this ritzy hotel, you will be stepping into a timeless treasure that overlooks the scenic San Francisco Bay. Furthermore, it has a medley of niceties and features that will turn moments into special memories during your honeymoon and leisure stay in this hotel.

5. St. Regis San Francisco

Very few hotels in San Francisco can rival the magnificence as well as the romantic and luxurious ambiance of St. Regis San Francisco. Deemed as the city’s ultimate luxury hotel, St. Regis San Francisco boasts a cluster of cavernous, clean and ultra cushy rooms with deluxe amenities. As a matter of fact, each bed comes with a touch-screen panel that allows its guests to control some of the room’s features, such as its television, shades and light. Plus, this panel can get you in contact with a round-the-clock butler who’ll assist you with all your needs.

6. Ritz-Carlton

Ritz-Carlton is a charming and tranquil downtown hotel that features more than 50 palatial suites and 300 guest rooms. Heralded as one of the best and most stunning hotels in San Francisco, this world-class hotel will treat your eyes with its breathtaking architectural design, sleek interior, and immaculately clean rooms.  Moreover, it has a first-rate restaurant that will please your palate with mouthwatering culinary staples.

7. Clift

Looking for a hotel with a sexy vibe and hip scene? Then, make your way to Clift, one of the trendiest hotels in San Francisco. Here, you may chill out and talk with your partner in its dimly-lit and moderately romantic bar, which is paneled dazzlingly in warm redwood and speckled with velvety red chairs and sofas. As with other leading and romantic hotels in San Francisco, Cliff also has its own restaurant, in which you can satiate your gusto with a variety Asian-Latin fusion dishes.

8. Taj Campton Place

The Taj Campton Place is a historic and romantic boutique hotel that blends modern sophistication with classic European flair. One of the oldest hotels in San Francisco, this dazzling hotel has been an intimate sanctuary for more than a hundred years, for travelers from all four corners of the world.

9. Scarlet Huntington Hotel

Nob Hill, the swankiest neighborhood in the city, is teeming with old and elegant buildings as well as grand hotels with hundreds of spacious rooms and eye-catching marble-filled lobbies. The opulent Scarlet Huntington Hotel, by contrast, is more unassuming and intimate. Yet, this 136-room hotel is just as lavish as its neighboring buildings.

As for the accommodations, the hotel has newly renovated and commodious rooms with overlooking views of either the quaint Huntington Park or the city. Plus, it has a discreet yet attentive staff that will make sure that your stay is a cozy, relaxing and romantic one. To top it all off, the hotel has a handful of amazing facilities, such as its lounge, indoor pool, and top-notch spa.

10. Fairmont San Francisco

Fairmont San Francisco’s impeccable service, spectacular vistas and splendor certainly make it a terrific option for those who are looking for a romantic and cozy place to stay in this Californian hub.

11. Donatello Hotel

With its laid-back setting, polite service, and unrivaled beauty, it is no wonder tons of guests tag Donatello Hotel as one of the most outstanding hotels in San Francisco.

12. Westin St. Francis on Union Square

No list of the best and most romantic hotels in San Francisco is complete without the inclusion of Westin St. Francis on Union Square.  Established in 1913, Westin St. Francis is a historic and celebrated luxury hotel that offers panoramic views of the square and bay.  Known as one of the largest hotels in San Francisco, this famous Californian auberge also has over a thousand deluxe suites and rooms to offer to newlyweds and couples who are looking to rekindle the romance in their relationship.

13. Argonaut Hotel

Its deluxe facilities, coupled with its unique flare and excellent location, make the Argonaut Hotel an irresistible and idyllic haven for couples who are longing for a romantic escapade in San Francisco.

14. Hotel Zetta San Francisco

Hotel Zetta San Francisco, famous for its vibrant décor, creative vibe, oversized bedrooms and high level of sophistication, offers an extraordinary retreat for couples who want to add an extra element of romance to their trip.

15. Hotel Vitale

Hotel Vitale, as one of the most romantic hotels in San Francisco, can make your trip sweet and intimate in a lot of different ways. Not only does it feature breathtaking views of the iconic Bay Bridge, but it also has spacious and paradisiacal guest rooms with classy bathrooms. Not to mention, it has an exclusive rooftop bamboo garden where couples can soak in romantically in twin tubs.

Planning to stay in any of these romantic and wondrous hotels in San Francisco? Make your San Francisco vacation even more relaxing and memorable by heeding the tips shared by this well constructed travel itinerary!

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