17 Exotic Locations of Survivor Castaways

March 24, 2015

Whether you’re a Survivor fanatic or not, there is one thing that always capture our attention – the Survivor location. The name itself speaks for what the show is all about and it’s surviving in a far-off place where their physical, mental and emotional abilities are tested.

From the entertaining mix of people from different walks of life to heart-pumping challenges, Survivor is the perfect concoction of an amazing adventure of a lifetime. So drop your buffs as I take you on a journey to the map of the Survivor world; season by season.


1 Pulau Tiga, Sabah, Malaysia (Survivor: Borneo)

Without a doubt, this remote island in Malaysia was simply the perfect location for its kick-off. These islands are surrounded by pristine clear waters that are located 6 miles off from Sabah. Lush rainforest, white sand beaches and unspoiled marine life makes this island a one of a kind tropical paradise.


2 Herbert River, Goshen Station, Queensland, Australia (Survivor: The Australian Outback)

Famous for some extreme activities held here all-year round, Herbert River at Goshen Station did not fail to make the audience scream for another exciting and excruciating season of the Survivor. The contestants were tested by the harsh conditions of the Herbert River: from bushfires down to torrential rain causing their camp along the creek to be washed out. It was indeed a hell out on the river, but thanks the heavens for they have managed to survive despite that massive setback.


3 Shaba National Reserve, Kenya (Survivor: Africa)

When you’ve got a thrilling reality tv-show full of challenging games, there’s nothing more perfect than to do it in a place where the game of survival naturally happens. The Shaba National Reserve in Kenya is the place to be where people can experience a unique safari experience.


4Nuku Hiva, Marquesas Islands, French Polynesia (Survivor: Marquesas)

Gaining spotlight after the fourth season of Survivor was filmed here, Nuku Hiva in Marquesas Islands proved to be one of the toughest environment the contestants have to go through. There aren’t a lot of things going on in Nuku Hiva. There are only few people living in this island and only 4WD vehicles because of the treacherous roads here which I think is a good thing in order to preserve the refreshing beauty of the island.


5 Ko Tarutao, Thailand (Survivor: Thailand)

With mountains reaching up to 500 meters high, this rugged island indeed emanates an antediluvian feeling. It’s not surprising why the Thai government once banished criminals on this island and Survivor, picked this as the location of the fifth season of the series.


6 Rio Negro, Amazonas, Brazil (Survivor: The Amazon)

Home of hundred fish species and water vegetation, Rio Negro is deemed as the largest black water river in the world. It might be quite frightening to think that contestants were here for more than how many days knowing there are wild animals roaming around the expanse. There are also word-class Amazon lodges for people who want to relax and unwind in here.


7 Pearl Islands, Panama (Survivor: Pearl Islands & Survivor: All Stars)

A couple of decades ago, Pearl Islands were almost limited to the Panamanian elite. You must have your own ride if you want to go and stay in the exotic view of these islands. These days, however, because of progressing tourism industry brought about by the improvement of public transportation such as charter planes and boat rides, going in these islands have never been so easy. This is where the some of the most popular Survivor contestants like Rupert Boneham and Sandra Diaz-Twine, batten down the hatches.


8Efate, Vanuatu (Survivor: Vanuatu)

There are many reasons why you should go on a vacation in the fantastic archipelago of Vanuatu. Aside from the breathtaking landscapes, lush rainforests and great diving spots, Vanuatu is a lot cheaper than other known Pacific Islands. With its less dense population, Vanuatu makes a great Survivor Paradise.


9 Koror, Palau (Survivor: Palau)

Did you know that Palau is one of the newest instated island nations in the world? Not only that, this beautiful island country is also one of the nicest places to visit in the Pacific. With such jaw-dropping limestone islands, pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear blue waters and rich marine wildlife, there is no wonder the tenth installment of Survivor was filmed here.


10Aitutaki, Cook Islands, New Zealand (Survivor: Cook Islands)

If you happen to visit the Land of the Long White Cloud, then you might consider visiting the amazing Cook Islands. In Aitutaki, you can see for your eyes another authentic tropical paradise. Lots of colorful starfish were dotted through the most beautiful tropical lagoons.


11Macuata, Vanua Levu, Fiji (Survivor: Fiji)

For those who seek the harmonious mix of civilization and solitude, Macuata Island is the perfect island for you. This island is the last island listed as a fee simple estate (freehold) with a size of about 100 acres.


12 Zhelin Reservoir, Jiujang, China (Survivor: China)

The Zhelin Reservoir isn’t the only biggest earth-filled embankment dam in Asia, but also the set of the fifteenth installment of Survivor where Todd Herzog won the million dollar pot. The magnificent beauty and the serene waters of Zhelin is just irresistible.


13Wonga-Wongue Presidential Reserve, Estuaire, Gabon (Survivor: Gabon)

What makes Survivor: Gabon so special? Aside from the fact this is the second time the show was filmed in an African territory, this season was the most challenging part for Jeff and the entire Survivor production. Mainly because of it’s very remote location and unavailable access roads. However, it is still a pleasure to be in the country considered the Last Eden on earth.


14Upolu, Samoa (Survivor: Samoa, Survivor: Heroes vs Villains, Survivor: South Pacific & Survivor: One World)

In my book, two of the most exciting Survivor seasons were filmed in the lovely country of Samoa. White sand beaches, excellent fishing and diving spots, and luxurious resorts are given on this island, but what you might want to explore is what’s inside the mystic rainforests of the islands of Upolu. On the other hand, this is where Parvati Shallow showed for the second time her aggressiveness in the game and also the season where Sandra Diaz-Twine was held as the Sole Survivor for the second time.


15 Caramoan, Camarines Sur, Philippines (Survivor: Caramoan & Survivor: Philippines)

If you’re looking for a place in the Philippines that hasn’t been entirely flocked by tourists, then Caramoan is the place to be. A long stretch of beach coast, serene surroundings, and very heart-warming people are some of the things you have to expect when you get and more for you to be surprised.


16Palaui Island, Cagayan, Philippines (Survivor: Blood vs Water & Survivor: Cagayan)

In Survivor, it is definitely hard to go against with people whom you have built loyalty and trust, but what’s more excruciating is when you are battling against your loved ones. Apparently, that’s what Blood vs Water was all about. That season might be heart-wrenching, but when you’ve got an island oozing with tranquility and beauty, you can help but watch its episodes closely.


17 San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua (Survivor: Nicaragua, Survivor: Redemption Island, Survivor: San Juan del Sur & Survivor: Worlds Apart)

If you’re always up to some off-the-beaten-path locations, San Juan del Sur might offer you what you want. It has a beautiful coast, perfect waves, and very friendly people. Going here might be very challenging, but a brave heart never backs down an adventure.


Castaways attempt to outwit, outlast and outplay each other in the game of Survivor. The show is unpredictable and full of exciting twists and turns. But another entertaining part of the show is the location where the film was set. If you’re up to some exotic travel destinations and experience what it’s like to be in Survivor, make sure to include these destinations to your bucket list!


Albert Fernandez
Albert Fernandez, a registered nurse, is a backpacker by heart who enjoys putting his travel experiences into words.

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