18 Reasons To Make Your Next Vacation A Yoga Retreat

June 1, 2015

Want to experience a vacation that is purely relaxing and nourishing? Then, leave the toxic trappings of your modern city life, and experience unadulterated fun and euphoria by going on a yoga retreat. Although you can stretch and strike poses at home or in a studio, going on a yoga retreat lets you indulge on a memorable vacation with a bevy of delights and perks.

With a yoga retreat, you get to experience a remarkable, magical and relaxing travel escapade that guarantees to sweep you into a blissful youthful state. Whether you want to achieve some spiritual enlightenment, soothe your weary muscles or lose a few extra pounds, a yoga retreat can be quite a fascinating journey of improvement and self-discovery.  Even if you’re not a seasoned yogi, the benefits of going on a yoga retreat are just too awesome and great for you to put off.

Ever considered going on a soothing yoga retreat but needed some motivation and a little convincing? Keep reading this guide, to learn how a yoga retreat can be beneficial to your life.

1. A good excuse to travel

Sure, you can still practice yoga in a studio down the street, but wouldn’t it be nice to spend a week in Bali admiring intricate Hindu temples, exploring exotic beaches, while practicing yoga every day?

2. A vacation in a beautiful location

Speaking of which, a yoga retreat will take you to a beautiful secluded place with stunning natural scenery. Whether you are taking a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, Ibiza or New York, expect to see some spectacular vistas during your meditative respite.

3. Embrace Mother Nature’s arms

With a yoga retreat, you will have tons of opportunities marvel at Mother Nature’s grandiose creations and masterpieces. Of course, nature can help calm your mind as well as bring a sense of peace to your spirit. Trust me, a brush stroll or a few minutes of sitting in a verandah while listening to the chirping birds can do wonders to your senses.

4. A path to a life free from drugs and artificial bliss

Does your medicine cabinet look like a small pharmacy? Perhaps, it is time for you to go on a yoga retreat. Recent studies of people with obsessive-compulsive disorder, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and asthma have shown that practicing yoga helped them reduce their dosage of medications and even get rid of them entirely.  And while it isn’t a magic pill that will make you healthy in a jiffy, a yoga retreat can be your launching pad to a beautiful life free from medications.

What are the benefits of consuming fewer medications? Not only will you be spending less money, but you are also less likely to suffer from drug interactions and side-effects.

5. A fun-filled sabbatical

From snorkeling to jungle trekking and ziplining, there are plenty of adventures and fun-filled activities that you can enjoy, during your yoga retreat. After all, most yoga retreats offer optional trips and executions in its nearby areas.   Arizona’s Oak Creek Canyon, for instance, allows its guests to take meditative treks through the red-rock country and breathtaking canyon of Sedona.

6. A journey of self-discovery

It is, as far as I’m concerned, an opportunity for you to learn more about yourself as well as develop a new perspective in life. You will have plenty of time to meditate and reflect on your current problems, coming decisions, family and life. With a yoga retreat, you get to break the mold of your daily life, and usher yourself into a space that is conducive for your personal growth.

7. A reboot

Whether you just had an awful break up, despise your work or just feel unsatisfied with your life, there are certain times in your life wherein you feel a need for a reboot and a getaway. Fortunately, a yoga retreat can refresh your jaded soul and provide nourishment to your mind, spirit and body. There is just something about traveling and yoga that can help re-center and reboot people’s lives.

When you combine yoga and traveling together, you’ve got one sure-fire fine recipe for a soothing retreat.  And after spending a yoga retreat for a week or two, you may come back feeling rejuvenated, and ready to make changes for anything in your life that needs resetting.

8. Digital detoxification

People, nowadays, are bombarded constantly with Twitter updates, emails, texts as well as Facebook memes and relationship statuses. Though it’s nice to live in a world where you can get information and news in a heartbeat, technology can oftentimes become too overwhelming. Frankly, it’s just hard to relax and unwind when we have round-the-clock access to your smartphones and the internet.

But with a yoga retreat, you get to literally unplug all your electronic gadgets, and fully recharge your senses. It will, at first, feel a little awkward and strange to be away from the digital world, but it really gives you peace of mind, and a respite that is far more soothing than a getaway on a beach or a big city.

9. You will be immensely pampered

Have you ever felt like a trapped hamster running aimlessly in a wheel? Life, for most us, is an endless parade of paperwork, tasks, bills and chores. No matter how we work hard, errands and problems just keep on coming, causing severe stress and wearing our senses.

For a chance to completely relax and get away from the buzz in your busy daily routine, pamper yourself with yoga retreat every now and then. In addition to the relaxing yoga classes, most yoga retreats offer other body treatment like acupuncture and massage, which will deepen your relaxation and allow you to pamper yourself even more.

10. A yoga retreat gives you peace of mind

Do you have sleeping problems? Looking for a potent natural relief for anxiety?  According to the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, practicing yoga quells you mind’s fluctuation. In other words, a yoga retreat can help you discover the techniques to slow down the mental loops of desire, fear, anger, regret and frustration, which can cause anxiety and stress.

11. A yoga retreat will help you sculpt a sexy body

To be honest, a week of yoga won’t make you lose a ton of pounds, let alone look as fit and sexy as Bar Refaeli, Kaley Cuoco, Adam Levine or any other yogi celebrities. Let’s face it, it takes a great deal of time, dedication and effort to sculpt a sexy and healthy body. A yoga retreat, however, will inspire you to live a healthier, better and more active lifestyle, which in turn can help you build a sizzling body that you’ve always wanted.

12. Healthy yet tasty vegetarian meals

A yoga retreat lets you nourish your body with healthy vegetarian meals using fresh local produce and homegrown vegetables. And by the way, just because you’re healthy nutritious a vegetarian dish, it doesn’t mean it won’t taste good. Yoga retreats, for the most part, have pro chefs that will make sure that their vegetarian goodies will taste good.

13. Eat well without lifting a finger

Getting proper nutrition is pretty easy, when you are on a yoga retreat. With a yoga retreat, there is no need for you to find recipes, buy groceries, cook food, or do some cleaning. Basically, all you have to do is to show up on the table, and eat the food they serve to you.

14. Spend time with a group of like-minded people

A yoga retreat allows you to hook you up with a bunch of people who share similar beliefs, hobbies, passions and sometimes professions. Every friend you make on your yoga retreat can become ultimately a good friend for the rest of your life.

15. Stay in a Zen-like paradise with positive vibes

With a yoga retreat, you will be staying in a laid-back paradise with a spiritual and healing energy that continuously surrounds you. What’s more, you will be surrounded by a bunch of people with similar attitudes and goals, further enhancing your Zen-like experience.

16. You don’t have to be a yoga expert

Don’t have any experience in practicing yoga? Don’t worry, as a yoga retreat can be your blastoff to a healthier and better way of life. From beginners to seasoned yogis, these retreats practically cater to all levels in yoga and fitness.

17. Deepen your yoga practice

Weekly sessions help keep your body strong and healthy, but a yoga retreat can take your practice to a whole new level. With this ultra relaxing vacation, you will have an ample amount of space and time, to go a bit deeper into your yoga practice. You can explore the more complicated poses, experience the subtle perks of mediation and breathtaking exercises, or even learn a different type of yoga.

18. A yoga retreat breaks the barriers you’ve set

Most people carry around past pain, traumas and childhood memories, causing serious stress that usually roots itself in their subconscious and manifests on its own in fear and negativity. A yoga retreat can help people create a space in which their sub-conscious and conscious thought patterns conform, allowing them to bust through the blockages and barriers that they have set.

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