18 Reasons Why Travelers Are More Likely To Be Successful

August 5, 2015

Want to be successful in your life and career? Then, be one of the free-spirited travelers who blithely see and explore the world! Although they aren’t as wealthy as Bruce Wayne and Tony Starks, travelers definitely have what it takes to be successful in their life and career.

Traveling the world, as we all know, is an enthralling adventure that guarantees to bring you bliss. From treating your gusto with toothsome goodies to delving into new and interesting foreign cultures, there’s literally a plethora of pleasures and thrills that can be offered by traveling. But, there is more to traveling than the euphoric moments and unforgettable experiences.  In fact, frequents travelers – those who are always on the move – may learn life skills and develop key traits that can help them become successful in life by just exploring the world.

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18 Reasons Why Travelers Are More Likely To Be Successful

1. They are more open to learning

When you travel to foreign lands and exotic places, you get to hear new sounds, sample new dishes and see new things. You will, then, become more curious about the people and places you visit. And soon, you will find yourself willing to learn and discover new things. As a matter of fact, you could become a globetrotter who’s pursing actively new knowledge.

2. Travelers know how to flourish outside their comfort zone

Traveling takes people outside their comfort zone, opening a ton of new experiences and worlds. Faced with new encounters and scenarios, these people are compelled to learn potent coping strategies that will help them survive and manage their fear of the unknown.

3. Travelers are confident in their ability to achieve anything

Traveling lets people experience a myriad of amazing things that will take their level of confidence up a few notches. Whether you’re dining with a gorgeous Parisian bachelorette, skydiving or trekking steep trails, nearly every experience in your trip will make you more confident in your ability to achieve anything.

4. They know how to keep their emotions in check

From delayed flights to wrong turns, there are a few little irritations along the way that could make your travel escapade a stressful experience. But, guess what? Travelers, especially the seasoned ones, know how to cope with these circumstances without losing their composure. They keep their emotions in check, even in the most stressful moments of their trips, and they always stay calm under pressure.

5. They are creative thinkers

Let’s face it, you can’t squeeze everything in one luggage, and bring all your creature comforts, as you travel and see the world. That’s why you need to be more resourceful during your travels. Also as a traveler,  you must learn how to do things with what you have. This, in turn, will enhance your ability to think creatively, allowing you to find solutions that are outside the box.

6. They invite novelty

Have you ever met a traveler who shies away from new challenges?  Frequent travelers, in general, embrace changes and welcome challenges. With their experience in traveling and their ability to think outside the box, they can come up with a variety of creative ways to adapt to changes. Not to mention, they know how to use their resources wisely, to resolve any issues they encounter along the way. Of course, all of these traits lie at the very heart of achieving success, and inspiring creativity and innovation.

7. They are proficient when it comes to time management

Even if they are traveling at a leisurely pace, frequent travelers always keep an eye on the clock, deciding on which spots to see with the time that they have, and still make it to their next transport connection on time.  And by the way, being able to make the best and most of your time is by far an essential skill in the world of business.

8. Travelers face fear, and conquer it

When you travel often, you put yourself in many places and situations, where there’s no turning back. And in these uncomfortable instances, you will learn how to face to your fears, and still do what has to be done.  To me, this will teach you to take action, amidst the fear or in times when you are extremely nervous. Keep in mind that the key to a successful career or life is to take action.

9. Travelers identify and seize opportunities

People who travel regularly have a wider breadth of knowledge and experience about the world we’re living in. Since they have more exposure to different cultures and customs, travelers get a chance to learn better and new ways of doing things. This knowledge will eventually help them identify opportunities to innovate and improve at home as well as in the other places they visit.

10. Traveling improves overall health

Accumulation of stress increases your risk of developing almost all sorts of diseases. Poor health and disease affect your ability to maintain consistently your professional and personal goals. Fortunately, though, traveling can reduce stress as well as help improve your overall health by boosting your metabolism and decreasing anxiety levels. In addition, traveling boosts positivity, promotes creativity, and provides a time to recharge –helping increase your productivity in the long run.

11. They are less judgmental and more accepting

People, in the different regions of the world, have their own unique ways of handling and doing things. And as you travel and see the world, you are opening your eyes to these differences and learning to appreciate their beauty. This will make you less judgmental and more accepting.

12. Travelers can make good decisions fast

When you’re on the road, you have to make decisions on your own, and make them really fast. After all, the bus at the station is not going to wait until you have made a decision as to whether or not you are going to be on it. The ability to make quick and good decisions may come in handy in your business or professional life too.

13. They spend their money wisely

They may not be wealthy, but they are truly exceptional, when it comes to budgeting. Since running out of money means starvation or being stranded for a few days, traveling has taught them how to spend wisely and how to stretch their budget as far as they can.

14. Travelers are top-notch networkers

In your trips, you will meet dozens of people worldwide, and build a new contact list that can be pretty useful in your work or business. Likewise, meeting fresh faces regularly can help boost your skills in networking.

15. They are great communicators

From hand gestures to body movements, traveling teaches people a handful of creative ways to overcome barriers in language.

16. Travelers are world-class negotiators

Travelers are truly the best, as far as negotiating. With their knowledge, wits and charm, these people can easily get discounted deals in flea markets or even convince crafty cab drivers to take them to places that are a bit far-off from the city center.

17. They are happy

Did you know that traveling can make people happy? Yes folks, people who travel often smile more than everyone else, simply because they regularly discover new places, eat delicious food, see breathtaking sights and meet different people.

18. Travelers know the importance of listening

Listening is an undervalued life skill that millions of people across the planet struggle with. Learning to listen carefully and focus to what others are saying is very essential to your life and career. Remember, achieving success is about building strong relationships, and frankly, you can’t build a strong and healthy relationship without understanding people.

Frequent travelers have developed this important communication skill through their travels. From getting advice for accommodations from other travelers to asking locals for directions, these people in fact use this skill all the time.

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