25 Incredibly Exciting Things To Do In Grand Canyon

January 17, 2018

The Grand Canyon, with its magnificent steep rock formations and massive expanse of ridges and gorges, is truly a mesmerizing natural wonder that will awestruck even the most skeptical travelers.  Heralded as one of the world’s greatest tourist attractions, this UNESCO World Heritage site draws millions of travelers from all corners of the world every year, thanks to its sheer imperial beauty and striking panoramas. No matter how many photographs you've seen and write-ups you have read about it, nothing prepares you for the breathtaking sight of this iconic globally renowned marvel.

Most visitors come to the Grand Canyon to spend a few minutes gazing on its jaw-dropping beauty. As the great Theodore Roosevelt once said, the Grand Canyon is one great sight that every American should see. But the truth is, there is more to this massive canyon than its awe-inspiring sight. From trekking to flight-seeing, this American wonder has a world of fun and adventure to offer to its visitors.

Wondering what to do in Grand Canyon? Don't know what are the best places to visit in Grand Canyon? Fear not, as we, with our experiences and expert opinions from other travelers, have listed down the tops things to do in Grand Canyon.

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Breathtaking things to do in Grand Canyon

1. White-water rafting

Are you an adrenaline junkie looking for a heavy dose of adventure in the Grand Canyon? Experience the ultimate outdoor adventure in this destination by taking a thrilling white-water rafting excursion on the Colorado River. Accompanied by a group of professional tour guides, this multi-day rafting adventure will not only let you experience Colorado’s exhilarating white-water rapids, but it also loaded with marvelous sights of ancient Indian ruins and the side canyons.

2. An epic aerial tour above the Grand Canyon

Get a splendid bird’s eye view of this splendid natural phenomenon with a zestful helicopter tour. As you take this incredible aerial escapade, you’ll be able to soar high above the rim, and get expansive panoramas that would range for literally hundreds of miles. Afterwards, the helicopter will be gently dipping below the canyon rim, giving you a close-up look of the stunning rock formations that are over a million years old.  Of course, this tour comes with a guide who’ll share some interesting facts about the canyon.

3. A mule trip

If hiking is not your cup of tea, you can still venture into the great Grand Canyon, and absorb its wonderful vistas by taking a guided mule trip. With this outdoor tour, you get to wander around the canyon for more than six hours on the back of a strong mule. Not bad, right?

4. Biking

The canyon has miles of biking trails and rim side roads that provide striking vistas. For most travelers, biking at the Grand Canyon is an adventurous, fun and exhilarating way to for people of all fitness levels and ages to see the region’s otherworldly landscapes and rock formations.

5. Camping

Add an extra element of fun and romance to your Grand Canyon trip by camping in any of the region’s campgrounds together with your loved one or family. There are a few campgrounds located both at the South and North Rims, such as North Rim Campground, Jacob Lake Campground, Trailer Village, Mather Campground and Desert View Campground.

Scenic hiking trails in Grand Canyon

6. South Kaibab Trail

Trekking the South Kaibab Trail is by far a must-try experience for every visitor in the great Grand Canyon. As far as I’m concerned, trekking this trail is one the best ways to experience the breathtaking grandeur of this place. With this outstanding scenery, the South Kaibab Trail will surely take your breath away.  Plus, the trail can be quite a challenging hiking experience, even for seasoned trekkers.

7. Bright Angel Trail

A climb to the Bright Angel Trail, the most popular trekking trail in the Grand Canyon, will leave you in utter amazement. Being at canyon’s bottom, and looking up will make you realize how creative and beautiful Mother Nature can be. As for the climb itself, it is a bit hard, but if you pace yourself and make a stop at the Indian Gardens, you’ll do just fine.A word of advice, take this trekking adventure at a slower pace, so you can get a greater appreciation of how truly beautiful the Grand Canyon is. With this trekking escape, you will have a better feel for all the colors and textures that make up this canyon.

8. Shoshone Point Hike

Don’t have enough time for a lengthy trek? The Shoshone Point Hike, a moderately easy 2-mile hike, is a lovely divine trekking experience that will take you through a dense forest, and give you unforgettable vistas of the canyon.

9. Rim Trail

Speaking of easy hikes, Rim Trail is a 3-hour paved hike ideal for folks who want to take a leisurely walk along the abyss while enjoying the beautiful view.

10. Inner Canyon

Exploring the Inner Canyon is a rare chance for you to get up and close personal with the canyon’s unique flora, wildlife and different rock layers.

Stunning places to visit in Grand Canyon 

 11. Sunset views at the Bright Angel Point

Be mesmerized by the glorious sunset of the canyon at the Bright Angel Point.

12. Take in the magnificent views of Grand Canyon at Hopi Point

A photographer’s paradise, Hopi Point offers you some of the greatest and most awesome sights of the Grand Canyon. Here, you get to feast your eyes on the colorful formations that are within the canyon. Not to mention, it is a great vantage point to take pictures of the beautiful sunset in the canyon.

13. Enjoy the scenic views from the Grand Canyon South Rim

The scenic view from the Grand Canyon South Rim is simply overwhelming. Trust me, you can’t get enough of the view from this part of the canyon.

14. Soak in the canyon’s beautiful backdrop at Lipan Point

Linger in Lipan Point, and soak in the surreal scenery of the great Grand Canyon. As with Hopi Point and Bright Angel Point, it is also a terrific vantage point to enjoy the region’s legendary sunset.

15. Take pleasure at the grand views at Grandview Point

Swing by Grandview Point by sunrise, and be astonished by its fabulous mise en scene.

16. Yavapai Observation Station, a great lookout of the canyon

Besides its picturesque panoramas, the Yavapai Observation Station also boasts a museum wherein visitors get to know more about the canyon’s geology.

Other cool things to do in the Grand Canyon

 17. Star gazing

Spend an evening with your family or special someone in the park, and gaze on the beautiful stars high above you.

18. Visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk

Don’t let the naysayers fool you! For me, Grand Canyon Skywalk is definitely a spectacle you must see and experience before you die. The Grand Canyon Skywalk may be a controversial addition to the canyon’s natural surroundings, but it is nevertheless a sensational engineering wonder that lures thousands of tourists every year. A semi-circular bridge built with translucent glass floors, the Grand Canyon Skywalk is an extraordinary vantage point that will give you a thrill of lifetime.

19. Participate in interpretative programs

The region’s National Park Service Rangers offer an array of programs like bird watching excursions and nature walks to the canyon’s visitors.

20. Swing by Planes of Fame Air Museum

From flashy military jets to crop dusters, the Planes of Fame Air Museum exhibits and preserves a wide array of historic planes, many of which are still function. By the way, the museum also hosts other cool events, such as their annual air show.

21. Experience Havasu Falls

Lauded as one of the gorgeous sights in Grand Canyon by travelers, the Havasu Falls is a serene desert oasis, with gushing falls and crystal azure waterways that create a surreal feel to the dry backdrop of the canyon.

22. Take pictures of the historic buildings in Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is dotted with eye-catching historic buildings, such as the Colter’s Desert View Watchtower, Lookout Studio, Kolb brother’s photography studio and Hopi House.

23. A glimpse of the canyon’s past

On the lookout for terrific museums in Grand Canyon? Drop by the Tusayan Museum, and feast your eyes on an interesting collection of Pueblo Indian artifacts that include arrowheads, pottery and household items.

24. The Grand Canyon Railway

Hop on the train, and step back in time to the earlier parts of the 20th century. Cowboy characters, strolling musicians and a few hard-nosed train robbers will set the scene for a memorable day of family fun, in this nostalgic train ride. Believe me, it's by far one of the best things to do in Grand Canyon for children as well as those who are kids at heart. 

25. Visit a drive-through zoo

Are you a wildlife lover who's looking for epic things to do in Grand Canyon? Then, get a chance to see a variety of charming animals from the comfort of your vehicle, with Bearizona, a one-of-a-kind drive-through zoo. In this drive-through wildlife sanctuary, you get to gaze on a plethora of animals, including javelinas, raccoon, lynx, bison, bears and red fox.

Want to experience an unforgettable trip to the great Grand Canyon? Then, grab a copy of this Grand Canyon travel itinerary, and immerse yourself into its fantastic collection of attractions and delights. Adios!

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