How To Create A Fabulous Blog/Picture Album On Trekeffect

June 6, 2018

Ever daydreamed of becoming a bona fide travel blogger, but don’t know where to start? Want to get the lowdown on the info and tools to build a successful travel blog? Guess what? You can effortlessly, easily and conveniently transform yourself into an income-generating travel blogger with Trekeffect! Tech whiz or not, Trekeffect can help achieve your dreams of becoming a well-known who gets paid to travel the world.  Read on to discover this new feature from our travel app.

How To Create A Fabulous Blog/Picture Album On Trekeffect

Why I created this feature on Trekeffect

For the past few years, travel blogging has given me the freedom to travel and appease my undying sense of wanderlust.  Thanks to my award-winning blog, I’ve funded a ton of my adventures abroad, and even gained some sponsorship deals from an array of brands. Furthermore, I’ve been featured in many travel magazines, newspapers and blogs, like Divine Magazine, Mapping Megan, Australian Times and Crunchbase.

But, travel blogging isn’t as easy and seamless as it looks. From perplexing technologies to driving traffic to your site, there are hundreds of challenges along the way to becoming a great travel blogger. Not to mention, it can be quite frustrating, especially if you don’t see any results from your hard-work.

Trust me, I know the pains of a struggling travel blogger. And, that’s why I’ve created a travel blogging platform that will make things a whole lot easier on your end.

Not only is it pretty easy to use, but it has tons of other perks as well. Plus, you can also use it as photo album, if you’re really not into writing and blogging.

Here are some of the benefits of using the brand-new Trekeffect travel blogging platform.

  • * Get featured on our homepage (massive traffic) - years of work and building it up!
  • * Have your content shared on our social media - that has THOUSANDS of followers. By joining Trekeffect, you are literally hiring your own personal influencer every month - without the extra cost! (Influencers charge anywhere from $50 to $5,000+ per EACH post!)
  • * Free advertising for quality content - if you want to drive paid ads to your own content you’ll pay anywhere from $500 to thousands per month!
  • * Build your brand in the travel industry - stand out from other bloggers - -WITHOUT having to pay a brand rep to help you gain visibility! (Brand reps can be quite expensive as well, anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000+)
  • * Earn passive income month over month - literally make $100, $500, $1000, $2000, and MORE every month!

Want to know how to use this travel blogging platform? Check out these steps, so you can make your first photo album or blog with Trekeffect as easy as Sunday morning.

Login to your Trekeffect account

Open, and click “sign in”. Then, log into Trekeffect using your email address, Google account or Facebook account. If you don’t have an account yet, make sure to sign up via Google, Facebook or email.

How To Create A Fabulous Blog/Picture Album On Trekeffect

“Write a Story”

You will be, then, redirected to the Trekeffect main page, Once there, click “Write A Story” on the upper right corner of the page.

How To Create A Fabulous Blog/Picture Album On Trekeffect

Start creating your photo album/blog

Create a title for your photo album or blog post. For this blog post, let’s name it as “My Hong Kong Adventure”.  And this time, I’m going to use Trekeffect stories as my photo album.

How To Create A Fabulous Blog/Picture Album On Trekeffect

Click the content body of your blog (the one with the “type something” text). After clicking it, you’ll have a few options, including adding images, videos and even links.

To add a photo, just click the “insert image” icon (3rd on the right).

How To Create A Fabulous Blog/Picture Album On Trekeffect

You can either drag your image to the post or click it, and find the picture you want to upload on your computer.

Also, the first picture you upload usually becomes your cover photo on Facebook. So, pick the best photo that you’d want to become your post’s cover image.

How To Create A Fabulous Blog/Picture Album On Trekeffect

Clearly, larger pictures will take some time to upload, so just be a little patient about it.

How To Create A Fabulous Blog/Picture Album On Trekeffect

Once uploaded, you can also resize the picture, put an image caption or even link it to a website.

Don’t forget to “Save Draft”

Make sure to save all your work, before anything bad happens, like power interruptions.

How To Create A Fabulous Blog/Picture Album On Trekeffect

Add more pictures or texts

Keep adding texts and images to your post until you’re done.

How To Create A Fabulous Blog/Picture Album On Trekeffect

Link to your Facebook profile or Instagram

If you want to gain more followers on your IG or FB, you can also create a link on your post that would lead to your social media channels. To do this, jus highlight the words you want to link, and click “insert link” (3rd icon from the left)

And don’t forget to publish it!

And, that’s how it’s done on our new blogging platform. Easy, right? If you’ve got questions, just reach out to us via email or Facebook. Adios!

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